Make a Difference

Up to 221 new species of amphibian have been discovered after a survey of Madagascan forests. Some interesting photos at that link to National Geographic. The work suggests that tropical amphibian diversity has been underestimated at […]

Over a month ago I wrote about Defence Minister Fitzgibbons’s relationship with Chinese/Australian business woman Helen Liu: Fitzgibbon may genuinely have forgotten how well he knows Ms Liu, his visits to China with her, the functions he […]

It’s not much of a mystery in cosmic in terms, but I am still a little puzzled about why the Google advertising on this site is so consistently about eco-friendly plastic bags or solving the climate crisis […]

The Kangaroo Island Council has decided it will take responsiblity for local management of a government subsidised scheme to install solar panels on the roofs of homes. Even with proposed government subsidies, the installation of solar panels will not be […]

John McLean has some interesting comments on the politics of climate change in an article in yesterday’s Australian. THE notion that human activity has an alarming influence on climate is based on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate […]