Make a Difference

One by Dennis Prager on the cowardice of Hollywood, and why you should go and see The Stoning Of Soraya M. And one by Christina Hoff Summers (and yes the articles are related) on the entrenched […]

That could be the headline for a story about Michael Jackson, but it isn’t. There is an interesting and moving story here of the women’s orchestra at Auschwitz. In August 1943, the Austrian musician Alma Rose […]

Whatever qualifications to be president he has or does not have, Barack Hussein Obama is not disqualified by his birth. There really is adequate proof that he was born in the US. Conservatives who continue to obsess about […]

Numbers can prove lots of things. But not in the case of supposed election fraud in Iran. Bernd Beber and Alexandra Scacco’s  Washington Post story of statistical anomalies seems at first read to prove the Iranian election […]