Make a Difference

After the violent insurgent activity in Southern Thailand, it is hardly surprising that Thailand is not enthusiastic about welcoming Muslim refugees. Thailand has the right to protect its borders. But the UN High Commissioner in Bangkok says […]

President Obama will keep his Blackberry. Wanting to have some privacy in communication with close friends and advisors sounds reasonable. But since it is a way to bypass the normal official communication channels, it will have to […]

Modellers remove evidence of cooling, and editors remove comments by warming sceptic. You may have seen the recent headlines suggesting that, contrary to all previous meaurements, there is now evidence to show that the Antarctic is warming as quickly […]

Palestinian deaths greatly exaggerated. Most of those dead Hamas activists. I guess the real surprise is that it is a Palestinian doctor who says so, and that it is actually being reported (even though not widely). […]

I have had some requests to remove the registration requirement for would be commentors. The options for comments are: No comments. I don’t like this idea, because in general the blogs that work best are the ones which […]