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Peter Wales is a 64 year old Australian, born in New Zealand.

A former Anglican clergyman, bookseller and funeral director, he formerly ran a local Post Office, plus computer repair, retail and consultancy business on Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia.

Peter has a degree in theology from Flinders University in South Australia, with major sequences in Philosophy and Biblical Studies, and has completed postgraduate studies in history and philosophy at the University of Queensland.

He has also completed some part-time studies in law, and is an A+ Certified IT Technician, a Certified Project Manager, and a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Enterprise Administrator).

Peter has a life-long interest in science and environmental issues. His training and education have given him a broad range of knowledge, and good analytical and research skills.

He reads widely – general fiction, science fiction, biography, history, politics and science, and has written published poetry and short stories. One of these, Just Desserts, has been made into a short film by a Hollywood acting school.

Peter and his wife Kathy are now semi-retired, and live in Queensland.

Email: pw at qohel dot com


  1. douglas hassall

    Dear Peter Wales – Thank You for your Quadrant online article – very good and true.

    I write a few things for Quadrant occasionally. You may be interested to also see

    some of the origins of this so-called “Antifa” movement – which was part of Trotsky’s

    tactics in the 1920s and 1930s; and also the so-called “United Front” and “United

    Front Against Fascism” which was indeed a “Front” organisation of Communists

    designed to inveigle students and the soft middle-class liberal pacifists into an

    alliance with Communist designs world-wide. Willi Muntzenberg and Egon

    Kisch (who came out here to Australia 1934-35 as a Commo agitator) were

    some of the key figures in this puppet organisation run by the Comintern.

    So Keep up the good work – Cheers, Douglas Hassall Barrister, Canberra

  2. Peter

    Thanks Douglas. I appreciate your thoughts, and the additional information. I will do some more reading about the origins of some of the “anti-fascist” groups.

  3. Gordon Charles Carter

    Dear Peter. Many thanks for your article in the April 2019 issue of ‘Quadrant’ which I have just re read prompted me to ‘google’ you and to discover that you are at American River ..a great spot! Have some of those excellent oysters for me!

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