Make a Difference

Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt are both ahead of me on this one, but it is worth listing anyway. James Hansen is the NASA scientist who complained loudly and incessantly about being silenced, particularly under the evil […]

Australian researchers have found that alcohol consumption improves male sexual performance. ‘After other risk factors were excluded, weekend drinkers, high-risk drinkers and those who exceeded alcohol-intake guidelines had lower rates of erectile dysfunction than those who drank […]

A la Tim Blair, a sea kitten being cuddled in the approved PETA fashion. The non sea kitten in the photo is Amber, granddaughter of some friends. She accompanied us on a recent sea kitten cuddling […]

OK, I can see why they might be offensive. On the other hand the first described is moderately amusing, precisely because it isn’t true except as a stereotype of white Australians. The second is perhaps a natural over-reaction to unpleasant complaining […]

A patronising headline, but I agree. Victoria is possibly the worst run state in Australia, with chronic underfunding of essential infrastructure such as roads and water storage, a police force (sorry, service) which has been progressivley […]

You’re called to save the life of a teenage boy suffering a seizure. You can’t, or in any case, you don’t. Then when you find out who his family is, you try to blackmail them. Allegedly.