Make a Difference

In the US in January. Too soon to blame Obama? Well maybe. This crisis is a direct result of intervention in domestic lending markets by the Carter and Clinton administrations. Bush’s attempts to get more accountability from […]

Dr Andrew Wakefield must have known the likelihood that his faked research would reduce vaccination rates and and lead to increased levels of preventable infectious childhood diseases. That is, he must have known than faking data so […]

The UN agency which oversees delivery of aid to the Palestinian Territories has suspended deliveries to Gaza after Hamas last week stole 3500 blankets and 450 food packages from a warehouse, and this week stole ten trucks containing […]

Not the biggest, but the deadliest. So far 108 people reported dead. This figure is likely to increase because some bodies are still in burnt homes and vehicles. 750 homes destroyed. Whole communities have disappeared into […]