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Day: April 12, 2009

Obama – Let Them Eat Pizza

Is this guy out of his mind?

Unemployment is at its highest levels for twenty years. People are being forced out their homes, soup kitchens are struggling to meet the demand.

And President Barack Obama, community organiser, wealth redistributor, has a pizza chef flown 860 miles to make 20 pizzas for he and his family and mates.

I guess it was someone else’s pizza Michelle Obama had in mind when she said that in order to get universal health care and a better education system, some people were going to have give up a piece of their pie.

Saudi Judge Upholds ‘Marriage’ Between 47 Year Old Man and 8 Year Old Girl

He didn’t have much choice, because Saudi law is based on Sharia, which in turn is based on the Quran, and on the words and example of Mohammed.

For Muslims, Mohammed is the model of a perfect man. Mohammed’s words and actions are, after the Quran, Islam’s primary guide to the will and mind of God.

Mohammed married a six year old girl, Aisha. So for any judge working under Sharia law, there can be no question – such marriages are legal, and acceptable in the eyes of God.

Mohammed refrained from having sex with Aisha until she was nine. The 47 year old in the CNN story linked above has also said he will wait until the girl reaches puberty before consummating the marriage.

So that’s all right then.  Not.

Were You There When he Rose From Out The Tomb?

Now that’s a question.

We were all there when he was crucified. Every person who has ever lived and ever will live. Our cruel words are lashes on his back, our contempt for others the spit in his face, our self-righteousness the nails in his hands.

Rolling Stone Tomb in Israel

But were you there when he rose? Because if you were, you have a choice. You can go back to fishing, or whatever your daily life was. But that is a kind of death, slow coming though it may be.

Or you can be a witness to what you have seen, what you know. You can be part of something bigger. You can share in the purpose for which all things were made. You can have real life, everlasting life.

You can be a new creation, healed, sins forgiven. You can be part of the same family as Mary Magdalene, Peter and Paul and all the faithful men and women through the ages.

You can say in your life and words: Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed!

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