Actually, I don’t think she’s made any. Apart from some very mild topless photos with not a nipple in view anywhere.

Miss Rhode Island – Alysha Castonguay – also had some semi-semi nude shots taken. But no one has a problem with those.

Alysha says she believes the problem is not with the barely bare photos Carrie had taken a couple of years ago, but with Carrie’s opinions.

Donald Trump, who is co-owner of the Miss Universe organisation, which includes the Miss USA pageant, is going to announce his decision tonight about whether Carrie will remain Miss California and runner-up Miss USA. He’d be dumb to fire her.

Given that Australian Erin McNaught was still allowed to compete in 2006 despite having posed topless for ‘Zoo Weekly’ in 2004, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that Alysha is right, and that Carrie is being punished for her opinions, not for past photographic indiscretions.

The Miss California directors have blasted Carrie and her views and anyone who shares them. All in the name of ‘diversity’ of course.

They are so much in favour of diversity they cannot bear anyone speaking a view which diverges from their own. Free speech is fine, diversity is great. But if you disagree with anything we say, we will publicly humiliate you and call you an idiot.

And, for heaven’s sake, it is not as if she volunteered her opinion. She was asked. By one of the hosts. As part of the pageant.