So says Piers Ackermann. And so say all of us.

A couple of excerpts:

One of candidate Kevin Rudd’s big selling points other than that he was not John Howard was his experience as an Australian diplomat.

We now know that his experience was limited and it is now blindingly apparent that he is not in the least diplomatic. In his meetings with President Obama, Rudd has behaved like a star struck schoolgirl. Waving and pushing to be included in the camera shot, he looks like a kid with a crush, but that hasn’t cut much ice with the US which is yet to appoint an ambassador to replace Robert McCallum, who left in January…

According to Zhu Feng, one of China’s most influential experts on security, Beijing is finding it hard to deal with Rudd and was more comfortable with John Howard than this prime minister…

With such inept skills, Rudd shows himself to be admirably equipped for the top UN job, which he is said to covet. Given the general dysfunctional nature of the UN, and its myriad global failures, let no-one stand in his way.

I am not sure that Julia Gillard really has left behind her student socialist ideology, but she has done some interesting things in education, and she would be a lot less embarrassing as Prime Minister than Rudd.