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Shock – Catholic Elected Pope!

I remember the horrified tones of some commentators when the present pope was elected.

“Oh my God! This man believes the catholic faith. We are back in the dark ages. All our hopes are dashed.”

The ABC’s reaction to the election of Tony Abbott as leader of the Liberal Party is similar. The poor dears are shocked.

Australia’s conservative party has elected a conservative leader. This is not what was meant to happen. We thought we had Philby, sorry Turnbull, in place for years.

Some of the comments to the linked story also show a high degree of mental disturbance.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Bob Hawke shakes his head wisely and says Abbott won’t last.

His views are too far from the mainstream. Bob added that the government must roll out a public education scheme on the ETS as soon as possible.

You know, to convince the punters that, like, it really won’t cost all that much, we can spare $120 billion, and that it will, really, scout’s honour, make a difference to the climate, and anyway, doesn’t Kevin deserve to be the UN Secretary General?

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  1. Geewiz

    Philby/Turnbull. That cracks me up.
    Excellent article.

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