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Pessimism Rife at Copenhagen

So, good news all around.

The SMH is reporting a draft deal at Crappenhuggen.

What they are reporting is not a ‘deal’ but a draft document put together by developed nations as a possible basis for a take it or leave it offer to greedy socialist whingers leaders of developing nations.

I have no hope at all that any world leader will be brave enough to admit that the whole fiasco has been completely pointless, that we don’t know enough to know what to do, that anything we could do at this point is likely to make things worse, and so the wisest thing is to do nothing.

No, they will all want to look they have achieved something, so some agreement will be forthcoming.

There will be lots of smiles, handshakes and congratulations.

But for all the good it will do the world it might as well be lots of piles, milkshakes and flatulence.

The only thing to hope for is that this will just amount to a commitment to ‘journey forward together’ of ‘growth in our sense of commitment to one another as members of a single global community.’

And of course for the US, Australia, Canada, etc, to pay billions of dollars in bribes compensation to developing nations.


Data from Russian stations have been (with equally dodgy US surface station data) a large part of the evidence for warming.

Now that the Russian data are known to have been carefully selected – using only the 25% of stations that showed a consistent warming trend – there is no credible basis for any claim that the world has been warming at all, let alone at unusual rates.

And there is still no reason that any of the minor changes in the always changing global climate should be attributed to human activity.

Politicians who do not have the backbone to ask questions now, and to stand up to the hysteria, or who commit their countries to painfully costly and pointless plans to reduce the use of cheap fuels, will be punished mercilessly when they next face an election.

Bye Mr Rudd. Bye Mr Obama.

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  1. Dr. Dweeb

    I bloody well hope Krudd and O’Bummer get creamed at the next election – they are truly deserving of the voter’s wrath!

    This week in Copenhagen has been bloody unbearable, with the city swamped by uncountable “important” minions of states and NGOs all pursuing the greatest blackmail power grab in human history, helped along by the Europe’s most “useful idiot” nation Denmark, and its completely balless left wing written press which is almost incapable of asking a probing question and publishes verbatum the twaddle mouthed by the “Climategate” cabale of “scientists” and that meely-mouthed IPCC chaiman who is making zillions from his perversion of science.

    Its been snowing this week and it’s as cold as a “witches …”, here, so I hope the well suntanned extorters from the 3rd world enjoyed the “warmed” version of our local december weather.

    O’bummer was here today as well, and said basically nothing. A Nobel Peace Prize for being “not Bush” has not improved his grasp of reality. Why did he bother to come, because he sure had nothing to say.


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