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Global Cooling

Yeah, yeah. I know. Weather is not climate. Unless it’s warm, then it is.

But the National Snow and Ice Data Center (University of Colorado) reports that Arctic summer sea ice has increased by 409,000 square miles, or 26 per cent, since 2007 (via Watts Up With That).

And compare a photo image of current Northern Hemisphere snow and ice cover with an image of the same area a year ago.

When will the world listen to science that works, as opposed to what does not work?

That is the question posed by astrophysicist and long range weather forecaster Piers Corbyn:


  1. Ben

    Hey science community. I just want to learn next month’s weather forecast – not 2054’s. Get that right – then predict away.

  2. Mark

    Ditto. Once they can tell me what the weather’s going to be next week, I might start to have a bit of faith in their ability to tell me what it’s going to be next year. Then if they get that right, a few times, so it’s not just a fluke, I might start to believe what they say about what might be happening in fifty years time.

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