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He is right to be angry. Why aren’t more people?

There is plenty to be angry about.

Sorry about another horrific video. This is sickening.

But when the world is appalled by the pastor of a tiny church threatening to burn a few copies of the Koran and then not doing so, and when even talking about doing so is enough to cause riots in which people are killed, and yet this kind of monstrous cruelty goes unremarked, we are in deep trouble.


  1. Faisal

    This is also insulting to Islam. You assume just becasue these people are Muslims that this comes from Islam. This is a lie. There is nothing in Qur’an or in Islam that tells people to do this. More christines do such things than Muslims.

  2. Kym

    You must be joking Faisal.
    Sadly, Some Christians do do dreadful things, although when was the last time you heard of group of presbyterians burning people alive or chopping their heads off?
    Even if they did, the differences are, they can’t claim their religious book or leader offers them any encouragement, and the whole Christian world would instantly be in an uproar if they tried.
    If Islam is a religion of peace, how come it is so constantly violent, and how come all “moderate” peasce-loving Muslims aren’t striving to stop the violence?

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