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Carr Confused

Soon to be Minister for Foreign Affairs Bob Carr says it is time Labor exposed Tony Abbott’s weaknesses.

He also says he will reach out to the federal opposition to try to engender a more bipartisan approach to Australian foreign policy.

Make up your mind, Bob.

With that kind of clarity and decisiveness, perhaps it is just as well he also reminded us that we should not think of him as a cure-all:

‘You don’t get saviours in politics, you just get people who are prepared to roll their sleeves up and work hard for Australia.’

Looking forward to it, Bob.

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  1. AlwaysRight

    Don’t worry, it’s just Labor playing the man as usual. I’ve never seen so much adverse focus by a government (and the left, in its myriad forms) on an opposition leader. Labor and the kind-hearted left are obviously worried.

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