The legacy media has a habit of getting the wrong end of the stick; taking a set of facts, some of which are interesting, and then ignoring those interesting facts in order to focus on something which fits the current (liberal) paradigm.

One example is the extraordinary ganging up on Michelle Bachmann over her calls for security screening for members of government and government advisors who have family or other links to islamism.

Congresswoman Bachmann’s concerns included Huma Abedin, a close advisor to Hilary Clinton. Abedin’s mother is a radical islamist. Huma introduced her mother to Hilary Clinton, and has never publicly distanced herself from her family’s views.

But Huma is married to a Jew – ex congressman Anthony Weiner. Perhaps an unfortunate choice. But being married to a Jew almost certainly means that Huma Abedin is not a raving islamist. There have been recent fatwas against such marriages. It certainly hasn’t won her any friends in the Islamic world:

Really disappointed, she claims she is a practicing Muslim but is married to a pathetic scum Yehudi (haram in Islam) who is caught in a internet scandal…

 Born to an Indian Muslim father Pakistani Muslim mother in Michigan lived in KSA speaks fluent Arabic…AFAIK she doesn’t speak Urdu…smh

Really disgusted by this lady.

Bachmann’s concerns about Huma Abedin are probably misplaced. But the real story is not her sensible calls for routine security screening for people with links to Islamism.

The real story is that the only recorded threats to Huma have come from muslims. But even when that fact is mentioned, it is only mentioned to push the party line about how dreadful Bachmann is.

What’s the story?