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Australian Federal Budget 2018

I am just back from a long day at work, and too tired to think in detail about the 2018 budget.

But the Greens hate it, so that is an indication that at least some aspects of it are positive.

These might include reducing the likelihood  of “bracket creep” for low and middle income earners.

And especially good news, no increases in Newstart allowance (unemployment payments, the dole – as someone once said, the best social welfare programme is a job), no increases in funding for climate alarmism, and no increases in foreign aid. Many of the countries we have been handing money to have bigger armies than us and hate us anyway. And those on welfare will be required to pay fines out of their allowances, which will prevent the egregious build-up of massive fine debts by people who believe they will never have to pay.

But the level of overspending continues to be frightening, the so-called Gonski reforms in education are nothing of the sort, come at huge cost, and will continue the evidence-free over-bureaucratic and PC nonsense that has afflicted our schools and damaged education for more than a generation, and the outlawing of the use of legal currency, ie cash, for transactions over $10,000 suggests a troublingly excessive desire by Treasury to scrutinise private transactions. Adequate reporting measures are already in place for large cash transactions, so why outlaw them?

Maybe more over the weekend…  Have a good night everyone 🙂


  1. Russell clark

    But the Greens hate it, so that is an indication that at least some aspects of it are positive.

    That one line says everything!

  2. Alex

    The Greens are a bunch of anti-business, anti-development, anti-Australian morons, Russell, so you if you want to know what is good for Australia, you can pretty take whatever they say and the opposite will be right!

  3. Nina giancola

    I do agree but I think the Newstart allowance is too low.Its there to help through hard times and we don’t want people to decide to live on it permanently but it’s impossible to eat and pay bills on 240 dollars a week

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