If you are unlucky you may see posted on social media a scan of a recent article in The Australian by Adam Creighton. There is virtually nothing in that article which is accurate.

The Dr Conny Turni mentioned is not a medical doctor or researcher. She has a PhD, but no qualifications in medicine or medical research. She works in animal science.

The Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology her article was published in is not the prestigious journal of that name published by Oxford University, but a predatory open access journal.

The data available to medical science is absolutely clear. The vanishingly small risk associated with COVID-19 vaccines is vastly outweighed by the slowing of transmission and especially the vaccines’ very effective reduction in serious illness and death.

Antivaxxers like Campbell, Creighton and Turni may and no doubt will continue to push the line that vaccines are harmful. This claim is contradicted by evidence and by every medical research organisation, hospital and university.

Listen to real medical scientists instead!