Stunning and brave.

The WPGA Tour of Australasia tweeted: “Showing nerves of steel, Breanna Gill triumphed in a playoff for her first professional win at the AusWomensClassic! [GolfNSW] | feelNSW | NewSouthWales.”

She “outdrives the field by 42 yds on average.” Wow! I wonder why?

Breanna has previously won the Qantas Golf Challenge, the New Caledonia Women’s Pro-Am in 2018, and the 2019 New Zealand PWG Pro-Am.

They forgot to mention that Breanna is actually male.

The WPGA and GolfNSW shut down social media comments after women asked why this was allowed. This tweet was typical:

“That’s a man cheating to win women’s competitions. You’re a disgrace. Stop pandering to the men who claim special identities, you’re crapping all over actual women in the process. #SaveWomensSports”

US swimmer Riley Gaines wrote:
“Imagine writing off wanting sex-protected spaces and categories as “hate” or some type of “phobia.” We deserve privacy. We deserve fairness. We deserve safety. We deserve respect. When I say “we”, I mean everyone. Everyone is entitled to these things, but one group’s rights shouldn’t be valued more than the others which would, in turn, take away their rights. No one deserves to be collateral damage in making sure one person/group feels happy or included.”

Real women are being deprived of the honour of their wins, of sponsorship deals, and of prize money.

Is that fair?