Make a Difference

St Matthew’s Anglican church in Auckland is the epitome of everything a religious group should not be – self-righteous, inconsiderate of the feelings of others, happy to belittle the beliefs of people it considers inferior. Like Christians. Outside the church […]

I forgot to mention, when talking about my islamic teacher friend, that she had also told her class about the many islamic inventions taken for granted and not acknowledged in the West. She talked about the […]

If you don’t know whether you are a Mennonite, a Muslim or a Mormon, this quiz will help you work out where you belong. I found a few of the questions had no right answer, so a couple […]

I am trying hard to imagine what the real Notre Dame, the Blessed Virgin Mary, would make of a Catholic university named in her honour, and I presume, relying on her patronage and intercession, inviting someone who publicy opposes […]