Make a Difference

I am not normally given to swearing, but honestly, for f&#%’s sake. As if you needed another one, reason number 126,475 never to go into an Anglican church again. Gay vicar, 65, to ‘marry’ Nigerian male […]

This is Shaznaz Bibi. A muslim women who was not sufficiently docile. An isolated incident? There are more photos in an article called Terrorism that’s Personal. Since 1994, a Pakistani activist who founded the Progressive Women’s Association […]

Ben-Peter Terpstra points out that it is much easier to make up your own Jesus if you have no idea who the real Jesus was. In fact, if you have never read the Bible at all, and you are […]

Like Rupert Wyndham at Climaterealists, I have had some clashes with senior clergy over social issues including climate change. However, I don’t think I have ever written to an archbishop in tones quite like this: And, dare it […]