Make a Difference

I have often wondered about the economic and environmental value of public transport buses lumbering through city traffic. I have lived in rural areas most of my life, and it has always annoyed me that I have […]

Dyson Freeman is probably the most important 20th Century scientist not to win a Nobel Prize, and more important than many who have. He is certainly the world’s leading theoretical phycicist. James Delingpole reports today on a […]

I noted last August that people seemed to be confused about how much carbon dioxide there was in the atmosphere. Some people thought that CO2 made up half of all the gasses in the atmosphere. One […]

A comment I posted on Tim Blair’s blog this morning: There are between three and four molecules of CO2 for every 10,000 particles of air. Anthropogenic CO2 is assumed to be about 4% of that, which comes […]

I asked three random people (well it’s about as scientific as those polls in the Courier-Mail) some simple questions. Do you believe the world is getting warmer as a result of human action? Two said yes, one […]