This is just for World of Warcraft players.

And all I want to say is that for pure levelling, grinding works.

This is a partial screen shot of my level 70 death Knight, grinding a spot in Howling Fjord. Unrested – yes unrested –  XP per hour is around 195k.

Death Knight Grinding, Howling Fjord

In the olden days, a year ago, the fastest way to level was questing. But with the PUG system, I now think the fastest way is to find a good grinding spot (the one above will run you from lvl 69 to lvl 72 without problems), stay there, and constantly re-queue for dungeons.

Of course, doing quests is a large part of the fun of the game. But for pure levelling speed, it’s now grinding and instances.

One more showing rested XP, for those who were inclined to doubt:

Death Knight Grinding Rested XP