Top Gear is in trouble (again).

Richard Hammond said Mexicans were ‘lazy, feckless, and flatulent.’ James May said Mexican food looked like ‘sick with cheese on it.’

Jeremy Clarkson then claimed that the ambassador to the UK wouldn’t complain because he would be snoring in front of the television at his embassy.

But the ambassador apparently woke up at the critical moment, because he complained to the BBC that Top gear’s remarks were ‘offensive, xenophobic and humiliating … ‘ and ‘only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes and perpetuate prejudice against Mexico and its people.’

A commentor on the Daily Mail website felt obliged to offer an apology:

I apologise on behalf of the British people for the insult to Mexico. The slur by Top Gear is blatantly untrue. On the other hand the terms CORRUPT, OPPRESSIVE, caing nothing for the rampant POVERTY and in the hands of the DRUG BARONS who slaughter your people are all TRUE. Oh yes and that your police, politicians and officials have their hands so far into the drug cartels money-pot that it will take a team of surgeons to get them out. So, there you go Mr “Ambassador”, no more insults, just the PLAIN, UNVARNISHED TRUTH, while you lord it up in your expensive diplomatic five-star residence.

I’d still love Top Gear if they described Australians as a bunch of drunken convict sheep shaggers.

But then, I know that’s not true, so there would be no reason for me to get upset.