Got back to find my home computer (on which I am running the beta of Windows 7, not that that has anything to do with it) is multiply infected with the bagle worm, and various other trojans. Not sure how this could have happened, but it is annoying. Bagle can email anonymously from your computer, and also attempts to download other nasty stuff.

I am using Vipre on this computer. After updating I received a couple of alerts and ran a quick scan. It is now running a deep scan. So far it has taken nearly seven hours, but has been saying 100% completed, 0 seconds remaining for the last three hours.

This seems absurdly slow, and reporting of the percentage complete is obviously wrong. I decided to try Vipre on my home computer rather than Kaspersky, which I use at work, because Kaspersky can be slow, and seems to have some issues with Outlook 2007. I will give Vipre another week or so, but so far, I am not as confident as I am with Kaspersky. I guess nothing is perfect.