Pakistan is one of at least five Muslim countries in which the number of Muslims deliberately murdered by Islamic fundamentalists in the past year exceeds the number of Palestinian civilians killed in the Hamas conflict with Israel.  In the last 12 months, Islamists killed over thirty Muslims for every civilian casualty of Cast Lead.

Monthly Jihad Report for March 2009  Jihad Attacks: 169. Countries: 19. Religions: 5. Dead Bodies: 686. Critically Injured: 953 has announced its Dhimwit of the month for March 2009 is President Barack Obama.

One of the reasons: Backing the Swat Valley ‘Peace for Sharia’ Deal with the Taliban.   Actual peace lasted about five minutes.  That’s how long it took the Taliban to explain how Islam requires the implementation of Sharia in all parts of Pakistan.

I’m not sure ‘Backing the Swat Valley ‘Peace for Sharia’ Deal’ is a fair summary of the Obama administration’s view, but given Obama’s enthusiasm for opening discussions with terrorists and dictators, Pakistani authorities may have thought they were taking a leaf from his book.

Instead of laying down their arms as promised, the Taliban used the stand down of Pakistani forces in Swat to take over ever-larger areas. The 6,000 to 8,000 fighters even came within 60 miles of the nation’s capital this week.

Given how fragile the situation in Pakistan is, and how dangerous radical islamist control of power in that country would be, any legitimisation of islamist forces by Obama’s administration, whether disguised as negotiations, discussions, or anything else, would be disastrous.