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Hawaii Islam Day To Be September 11th?

Hawaii has no Christianity Day, no Judaism Day, no Buddhism Day. But it is going to have an Islam Day.

Well, fair enough, maybe. Most major public holidays are based around Christian holy days, so I have no problem in principle with having a public holiday for major feast days of other religious groups.

If, and I think this is a reasonable if, that religious group is present in sufficient numbers for those holy days to be considered an important part of the identity of the community as a whole.

According to these figures from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, Muslims are approximately one half of one percent of the population of Hawaii:

Religious Groups in Hawaii as a Proportion of Population
Religious Groups in Hawaii as a Proportion of Population

Half of one percent might be stretching things a little. If I lived in Thailand, where there are about the same proportion of Christians as there are Muslims in Hawaii, I would not expect the government to set aside Christian feast days as public holidays.

But Hawaii wants to have an Islam Day. OK.

What day to choose? An Islamic feast day? A day commemorating some event in the life of Mohammed?

The day chosen is Gregorian date September 24th. This day corresponds to no holiday in the Islamic calendar.  But in the Julian calendar it is September 11.

For more detail, see  this article from Canada Free Press.