I meant to say something about this a week ago, then forgot about it, and found it again today while looking at something else. It still seems worth commenting on.

Britain seems to be willing to let just about anyone in. The pollies don’t want to appear harsh, after all.

But that free for all welcome does not apply to the Gurkhas.

Joanna Lumley has pointed out more than once that the Gurkhas fought for Britain in several nasty places and have a genuine claim on the loyalty and goodwill of the British people.

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas looked like a ninny in comparison with the delicious and brainy Joanna.

Woolas said “They (the Gurkhas) may be a special case morally, but legally you cannot legislate on the basis. I can’t say ‘let the nice people in and the nasty people not’. We have to have a law,” he said.

While accepting the principle that “if you are prepared to die for this country you should be allowed to live here”, Mr Woolas warned it could open up retrospective cases for other Second World war veterans.

Joanna pointed out, with scathingly raised eyebrows, that there is hardly a overwhelming horde of  World War Two veterans waiting to take over Britain. And surely it is a simple matter to change whatever laws are needed to grant residency rights to anyone who has served honourably in combat in the British armed forces.

The expressions on her face in some of the photos are just delightful.