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JBC Share Trading /JBC Stock Trading Software

JBC share trading software, JBC stockmarket tracking software, JBC stock trading software, whatever they call it, is a scam.

Hang up when they call. Run,  do not walk, to the nearest exit! Do not give JBC a cent of your money.

An email from a  friend:

I received a really nice, professional looking brochure from a group called JBC, offering a way to make a some extra income from home trading shares. Then I got a call from a guy called Christopher. It was all pretty convincing. I did a bit of research and didn’t find anything that said there was a problem. They gave me an ABN,  and have an impressive and professional looking website, so it looked like a legitimate business.

Eventually I agreed to buy, but said I would not authorise the purchase and deduction from my credit card over the phone. It was quite expensive. I asked for a tax invoice and a written guarantee. Once I had those things, and I said the invoice had to be dated in the 2009/2010 tax year, then I would either send a cheque or authorise a credit card transaction in writing.

Christopher said that there was only one license left for my state, that they were in demand, and if I wanted the license and software I would need to give my credit card details to hold it. JBC would not deduct any funds until I had the documentation and authorised the debit. That all seemed OK.

A few days later I noticed they had debited my credit card account with the full amount. A couple of days later I received the paperwork. The invoice was dated in the 2008/2009 year. I rang straight away, annoyed about the date on the invocie (which didn’t who any GST anyway) but more annoyed that they debited my account after I specifically told them not to, and they said they wouldn’t.

Christopher said he had come udner pressure from the directors because this was the last license, it was not fair to other investors to hold it, and so they had to debit my card to keep it for me. I could cancel the payment and get it reveresed, but the license would show in their system as available, and would be sold to someone else. He suggested I compete the paperwork, try the JBC software for a while, if I wasn’t happy they would refund my payment, or I could just my bank to do a chargeback.

I did this, and made a small profit in the first couple of weeks. But after that it just fell in a hole. I had about $4800 to invest in stocks. One of the companies the program told me to buy was delisted a few days later – $1200 gone. Another announced its intention to delist. $600 gone. Two others dropped to half their value a few days after the JBC program told me to buy them. After a month my $4800 was worth less than $2500.

I rang JBC to say I definitely was not happy and wanted my money back. The receptionsist said she would pass on my message. No one rang back. I sent an emal saying the same thing. No reply. A few weeks later I had rung JBC again and sent another email with no response.

I have asked my bank for a chargeback, and will complaint to consumer affairs. But even if I get the money I paid JBC for their dud trading program back, I have still lost over $2,000.

JBC advertise on Google with an ad that looks like this:
Make money with JBC. Proven Returns
Simple to use-Get the JBC Advantage

Make Money. Proven Returns. It sounds good. And their website does look impressive. But anyone can make promises, and anyone can write an impressive website. (Last time I checked, one of JBC’s ads appeared on this page, much to my amusement – please feel free to click on it – Google will pay me a few cents).

Potential buyers may be directed to a site called Sharesweek (I am not going to link to it) for an ‘independent’ review and recommendation. But Sharesweek is not a genuine publication. It is a fake website set up purely for the purpose of fooling people into buying JBC’s software.

The JBC share trading software package is a known scam. Genuine investment publications in the UK have warned about JBC for at least the last eight years. See Moneywise magazine for one example, under the heading Avoid This Investment Scam.


A reader notes that the International Stock Market Assembly is another superficially impressive fake web site, belonging to a fake organisation, which exists solely to give the JBC stock trading package an aura of credibility. I would be interested to hear from any others who have been caught in this trap. Comment or email me. If others have been caught in this scam, and are willing to provide details (not for publication) I will consider contacting the police.


  1. stewart

    I was contacted recently by a Rhodri Davies, Senior Analyst at JBC asking me to purchase their system for £7990. They also gave me links to sharesweek and stockmarketassembly websites.

    Here’s a bit more information on this company. It is based at Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6BD. It was incorporated at Companies House on 12 September 2007 and was trading previously under the name of Business Technology Ltd. The Company number is 06368862.

    Hope this helps.

  2. john

    I was recently contacted by a guy called chris, senior anylyst at jbc also asking me to purchase their package and they guarenteed a 18% return on investment. They told me they were based on foor 32 1 market street sydney 2000. I googled this addreess and found there is no company called globaljbc at this particular place. This company seems awfully fishy to me and i would advise anyone that is approached by these people BEWARE

  3. Theo

    Thanks for the information. I was contacted by a Bruce Jones – Senior Analysts (maybe they don’t have plain analysts) with a similar thread of only a limited number of licences and the packs going out today etc.
    I googled them as well and felt suspicious about their address and their suggestions to look at and , both of the sites seemed to lack substance. Now that I have found your article I feel my suspicions are justified and I won’t be buying it.

  4. Adrian

    JBC cite company no.06368862 on their publicity material. That relates to a company called JBC International Associates Limited with registered office at Berkeley Square, London. Of course their trading address may be different.
    Dunn & Bradstreet record that Scott Charles Sciberras (Australian born 26/5/1976) was appointed the sole Director on 9/4/2009, he is also noted as owning 999 shares of the 1000 in issue. There is an home address in London.
    I couldn’t find anything positive about JBC so started digging and found your website. Hopefully this may help.

  5. Martin

    I was contacted week beginning 14 Dec 09 with great investment opportunity from JBC and I was suspicious of such returns.I asked for any kind of paperwork/brochures etc they could send me on this investment.I received this within a couple of days.Its a lovely glossy brochure of 12 pages.22 Dec 09 they rang me about this and asked if I wanted to invest.I did not know the price at this time but i said no.They then went on about the investment and how it works etc ( remember I said no ).I got the price from them which was £7990 to join but it would only cost £3995 until I had made £20.000 ( twenty thousand ) return LOL for which the balance would then be payable.I googled them and found this site.Obviousley my answer is still no and I won’t invest.

  6. Kazuaki

    The Australian Busniess Number search service provides a little info, which is backed up by ASIC.
    ACN: 055 176 906
    Registration Date 18/02/1992

    ABN: 71 055 176 906
    Active from 30 Mar 2000

    While this doesn’t help with credibility, it is at least a bit more information, which seems to be being purposefully withheld.

    Apparently when you get the call, they claim to only be allowed to sell 100 copies per year, since their expert software will skew the stock market.

    I’d be interested to know if anyone who has actually purchased it has any success information.

  7. eleanor

    Hi there, Well in Jan 2010 I was contacted by a Scott Brennan who gave me the same story as above, last licence left out of limited no. etc and was contacted every day, given sites to check out etc and eventually agreed to give them $250.00 deposit, fully refundable of course, received a letter of receipt but then spoke to my broker who checked on a few sites and told me to run. I did and refused to give them any more money.
    I have since phoned weekly and got the same treatment, yes person is in,… oh sorry he is on phone… yes he will ring back in next … hours, but never does. I rang Office of Fair Trading, not interested, so what has anyone else tried.
    I just want my money back. Hope to hear back Eleanor

  8. mark

    hi does any one have a copy of the terms and conditions i need them to make a claim back from my creid card company after the soft ware stopped working on my erros keep coming up have tried to get in touch with jbc but no reply can not even get them to pick up the phone keeps ring now please help as i am 3,995.00 out of pocket

  9. mark

    hi does any one have a copy of the terms and conditions i need them to make a claim back from my credit card company after the soft ware stopped working on my computer and errors keep coming up have tried to get in touch with jbc but no reply can not even get them to pick up the phone keeps ring now please help as i am 3,995.00 out of pocket (sorry about the fist one made some errors)

  10. darren

    i am having a similar experience with a company called CFS tradingthey are selling a similar share trading software does any one know wether this is also a scam

  11. darren

    CFS sold me the product for $8579.00 i changed my mind on the purchase 2 days later, they agreed to refund my money then told me 30 days later they would not be refunding my money

  12. stef

    I’ve been contacted by a chris of cfs. He was trying to sell cfs end of day trading software. he gave me the websites which have reviews of their software but the net has no links to these sites or to cfs which means they are all probably a bit dubious. His phone number was 1300 441 355.

  13. Ben

    Same story for me. I was contacted by someone from CFS end of day trading and told all the crap listed above including 18-20% returns and the following websites: and to look at.
    He was very slick and told me there were only 10 licences left for WA
    Thankfully I did some digging and came across this blog. Tell your friends and family CFS end of day trading software is a nothing but a sleezy scam.

  14. Phil

    My story is similar to those above. I checked the Australian Business Register and ASIC to find a company called JB Capital and MYT International Services was listed as a legitimate business with the address Floor 32 1 Market St Sydney. I took this to be the company offering the deal and extracted a written money back guarantee before purchasing the package.
    I adhered to the conditions of the guarantee but failed to make a profit and when I requested a refund after the set 13 month period my paperwork was acknowledged and I was assured that after it would be checked and go through the approval process. No refund was forthcoming despite numerous follow up calls and emails from me.
    I took the case to the Consumer Tennants and Traders Tribunal who sent an order to appear to the above address only to have it returned, “Not at this address”. At the hearing set down for last week I was told the CTTT cannot proceed further until they have an actual address to which they can send an order to appear.
    Follwoing the aborted hearing I went personally to the Market St Address to be told that JBC’s tennancy was discontinued around 1st February this year (2011)with no forwarding address despite that still being their registered address 17th March.
    If anyone has a current address or is preparing to take the matter to the police as a case of fraud I would be interested to hear from you.

  15. Bigbird

    Guess im the next person on the list. yep nice brochure and speel ,talked me into leaving a deposit, $200. I then found out some info and rang my financial institution to get it stopped. Have had to get a new card .
    The address for my brochure has
    Floor 12 Australia Square.Plaza Building, 95 Pitt St Sydney 2000
    If that can help anyone.
    The bloke talking to me was BRUCE JOHNSON with an English accent

  16. Bigbird

    120 461 930
    52 120 461 930
    Type Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
    Registration Date 29/06/2006
    Next Review Date 29/06/2011
    Status Registered
    Locality of Registered Office Sydney NSW 2000
    Jurisdiction Australian Securities & Investments Commission

  17. Anthony

    Mmmm … the JBC software shares scam….definitely hurt me….same deal for me. Cost me 10k didn’t even use it as I went through an immediate marriage fallout. Checked ASIC at the time too and they said it was Sydney based, rang and seemed legit. Still have the software. Found out after separation it was a scam. Wish I had my money back as I have none after separation.

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