Posting will be light over the next week or so.

My brother-in-law Bruce died yesterday. Kathy has already flown over to Perth, and I will follow in a couple of days time.

Bruce was 56. He had been a licensed clinical psychologist, and a licensed plumber. Plumbing paid better, and you meet a nicer class of people.

Bruce and I disagreed about almost everything. He was gay, and an atheist.

He thought Obama was an inspiring leader. I wouldn’t trust Obama to run a cake stall.

He thought Michael Moore was an honest reporter, a man of the people.  I think Michael Moore is a disgusting dishonest elitist swine.

He liked Baz Lurhmann’s Australia. Enough said.

But Bruce was an honest, generous, intelligent man, who cared deeply about what happened in the world, and about the people around him.

I loved him, and I will miss him deeply.