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Nagging Narcissism

I am not sure that this photo portrait of Barack Obama proves he is an incurable narcissist, as some other bloggers have suggested.

Obamic World View

The man is entitled to use a mirror in his own house. Having the moment captured forever and posted on the White House Flickr stream was probably not his idea.

But it was not wise. It could easily be taken as an allegory of the Obama administration, even by people who are not familiar with Magritte’s Portrait of Edward James:

The Forgotten Man

Perhaps even more disturbing is the parallel between the portrait of Obama, and Komar and Melamid’s portrait of Stalin:

Stalinist World View

Again, not Obama’s fault.

But either his advisors are simply ignorant of some of the key icons of 20th Century Western culture, or someone on his staff is making some very uncomplimentary suggestions about his personality and abilities.


  1. Ben


  2. John

    Why only pick on Obama.

    Try googling the narcissism of George Bush!

    Plus check out this reference on the “great man” Ronald Reagan

  3. James Goodall

    Ha, ha. Crticising OBama could have something to do with the fact that he is president, while Ronald Reagan is dead. Criticising Reagan is not likely to bring about any meaningful policy changes. As for George Bush, OBama blames him for just about everything, so there’s really no need for anyone else to bother.

  4. Bruce


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