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Michael Kroger Slams Swan

I haven’t always been a fan of Michael Kroger, or at least, I regretted the apparent division between him and Jeff Kennett, and the harm it did the Victorian Liberal party.

But boy I am a fan now.

We really do need more politicians and business people to stand up to the arrant nonsense peddled by people like Wayne Swan, who, never having run a business themselves, and having no idea how to do so, ceaselessly lecture those who do, and who therefore generate tax income, employment, and useful goods and services.

via Tim Blair:


  1. Luke Comino

    I couldn’t agree more. Wayne Swan is a fool. He is the Himey of Australian politics. He can only handle one concept at a time and he will run the line over and over again until he is programmed with a new line. During the 2007 election it was the “Blame Game” line. Then it was the “GFC” line. And now it has been the “Stimulus” line. I swear the guy has only got one brain cell that can only handle one idea at a time. How this man is the Treasurer astounds me. Would BHP employ him as its chief financial officer? The answer is no. The man has no sense of loyalty. He is only the Treasurer because Kevin Rudd made him the Treasurer and stood by him. Then when it suited him he stabbed him in the back. Luke Comino

  2. bob

    Swan didn’t just get oowned he got PWNED!

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