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From anti-jihad site the Religion of Peace:

Ramadan 2010 Scorecard

Day 14 In the name of
The Religion
of Peace
In the name of
All Other
Terror Attacks 86 0
Dead Bodies 379 0

And this picture:

Ramadan 2007 Scorecard

 Does anyone still not think there is a problem here?

And just to make what should not need to be stated absolutely clear, I don’t have a problem with muslims. I have two I count as friends – a Turkish man and an Indonesian woman.

She is more serious about her faith than he. She fasts, prays, keeps Ramadan, does not eat pork or lobster. But when I asked her to name a few things in the Koran she found especially inspiring, she could not answer. Eventually she admitted she had never read it.

I have.

Neither of my two muslim friends, it seems to me, have any real idea what their religion teaches.

A problem with muslims? No. A problem with Islam? Yes.

And for those who insist there is no moral difference between Islam and Christianity, because of, say, the Spanish Inquisition, it might be worth remembering the number of people killed every year in the name of Allah is greater than the number of people killed after being handed over to secular authorities by the Spanish Inquisition in its entire 350 year history.

That count of jihad murders does not include the deaths that would have occurred had numerous other plots and attacks succeeded.

Even if Christianity had been as bad a thousand years ago as Islam is now (and it wasn’t) why on earth would that be a reason not to take the present threat seriously?


  1. Junaid

    George Bush and Tony Blair are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, because of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The difference is that the muslims who fought in the name of their religion didn’t lie and try to pretend they were fighting for democracy, liberty and freedom. George Bush and Tony Blair however have demonstrated that they are motivated by their respective Christian faiths.

    So using your logic, the christians have got nothing on the muslims if you want to compare body counts and violence.

    However, I don’t ascribe to that personally.. as a muslim I only know too well the false logic that is often applied by those who make a negative judgement about Islam based on the bad conduct of an insignificant minority of muslims. If you want to make a fair judgement about Islam it should be based on the teachings of Islam and from its credible sources, like the Qur’an.

    Unlike your Indonesian friend, I have read the Qur’an, more than once, and I invite you to a dialogue, discussion or debate – whichever platform you choose, to see how well your views of Islam stand up to scrutiny. If your arguments and reasoning is sound then you will come away stronger in your convictions, or perhaps you will gain a better understanding of Islam and learn something of value from it.

    My email is there, just get in touch.


  2. Alex

    You have got to be joking Junaid.

    Bush and Blair were motivated by their Christian faith? Well maybe they were. To help people less fortunate themselves, to protect the inocent from monsters like Saddam Hussein and the Taliban.

    They weren’t running round screaming “Jesus akbar” while chopping people’s heads off, blowing up hotels or raping children.

    If you want to be taken seriously, how about saying publicly that Muhammud was wrong, that there is no excuse for terrorism, that people have the right to choose their own religion, and Jews should be able to build a synagogue in Mecca.

    When you’ve done all that, get back to us.

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