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Selective Outrage

What is wrong with the world?

A pastor in a tiny church decides to burn a few copies of the Koran because he believes it is evil.

This causes international outrage and threats of violence, and these responses are considered perfectly understandable.

If Pastor Jones had decided instead to burn a few Muslim children, like these Muslims decide to burn a few Christian children, would that have been better?

Before you click to watch this video, with these monsters shouting Allahu Akbar as children burn, be warned, this is horrible.

So where is the international outrage? Where are the questions about what kind of book is considered by its readers to justify this sort of behaviour?

It is likely Youtube will remove that video as being offensive to Muslims (!). If so, I will upload the video in flv format.


  1. Alex

    I am beginning to think Pastor JOnes should just go ahead and burn those Korans and send a message. He’s got the whole world looking.

  2. Peter

    Yes, I now think so too.

    Although I was sympathetic to Jones, I also thought it was a tactical error – without some reaon to do so, there is no point in enraging further an enemy who is dangerously violent and easily aroused. People will be hurt.

    But Jones is right to ask how many times we back down, or how long we go on taking responsibility for their actions.

    The Koran is evil. It is a nasty, violence and hatred inciting book. I have said so in words. I do not have a problem with someone saying so in actions.

  3. Kym

    People are already being hurt, every day, all over the world.

    This video is absloutely disgusting. I cried when I watched it. I still feel sick.

    How can we let this go on? It is time to stadn up to these monsters.

  4. David Alexander

    Man, that is seriously fucked up. What kind of god awful shit hole religion tells people that kind of shit is OK. And if it doesn’t why aren’t all the other arabs jumping up and down and saying hey, that’s not what is says, you dipshits. This shit has to stop. Even that reverend doesn’t burn his korans it’s still international burn a koran day. I’m going to buy one just so I can burn the fucker.

  5. Alex

    Jones has definitely caved in, but I agree with david. There is a principle now. This is just the usual bullying, but they’ve got Clinton, Obama and Petraeus to do their bullying for them. JOnes may have changed his mind, but so have have I. I am going to burn a Koran and upload the video to youtube.

  6. Ben

    “If Pastor Jones had decided instead to burn a few Muslim children, like these Muslims decide to burn a few Christian children, would that have been better?” Frightening. But the question needs to be asked.

  7. Peter

    Just a couple of additional thoughts.

    First, the US military has been burning Bibles for years, so as not to offend Muslims. So let’s not have any hypocritical nonsense from US leaders or liberals anywhere about the importance of respecting sacred texts.

    Second, while I agree that comments from Clinton, Obama, etc, are expressions of ninnying dhimmitude which only serve to reinforce Jones’ point that Islam and the Koran are dangerous, I would not say the same thing about Petraeus. He is no fan of islamism, and perhaps knows the situation in Afghanistan better than anyone else. His job is to get what needs to be done, done, and to protect his troops while doing so. He is right to point out that deliberate provocation of any sort is likely to impact on his ability to do both of those things.

    Jones is also right to point out that the primary responsibility for acts of violence and terrorism lies with the people who commit them. We need to stop making excuses about ‘provocation.’

    Thirdly, on Thursday Islamists found a Sunni cleric who had formerly supported Al Qaeda, but who had changed his mind. They cut off his head and set his body on fire. In another attack, four men wearing women’s clothing entered the home of a police officer, and when they couldn’t find him, cut off his wife’s head instead.

    No international outcry/outrage/murmurs about either of those incidents.

    Finally, for those who accept President Obama’s view that burning Bibles is cool, while saying you plan to burn a Koran is a dangerously provocative desecration, there are alternatives.

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