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Sorry about the lack of posts over the last week.

My wife Kathy has been in Western Australia to spend some time with her mother.

This means I need to run the shop by myself. It is hectic with only one person, trying to attend to people in the shop, answer the phone, get films and digital prints processed, repair computers, and give free advice to tourists all at the same time. And then there is cleaning, ordering, banking and other bookwork.

It’s a good thing us blokes are such skilled multi-taskers. But it means not much time for anything else.

It also means long days, because most of the administrative work gets left till after closing, so I get home late. Time for a couple of beers, an hour’s reading, a defrosted dinner, and then bed.

Not even time for World of Warcraft.

Incidentally, it is now confirmed the release date for Cataclysm is December 7th. I should have  copies in the shop a week later, including one copy of the collector’s edition. Yay!

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  1. Ben

    “It’s a good thing us blokes are such skilled multi-taskers.”

    Ha. Ha. Very diplomatic – and women just happen to be better multi-taskers.

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