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James Cameron Is a Brilliant Dill

I’m not sure that ‘dill’ is the right word. But I can’t think of a polite synonym.

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer don’t like James Cameron.

They accepted his challenge to global warming sceptics to a ‘high noon’ debate.

He kept changing the rules. They kept agreeing to his new conditions. Finally he pulled out completely.

Now Ann and Phelim have produced a crabby and amusing video about the depth of James Cameron’s hypocrisy on AGW.

Incidentally, I don’t mind James Cameron owning three huge houses, a ranch, a collection of dirt bikes, a humvee firetruck and a few submarines. He is a great film maker, one who loves special effects but never forgets that a good story must be character driven.

It is just the sheer, mind boggling hypocrisy of telling all us lesser folk that we have to learn to get by with less:

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  1. Ben

    So he doesn’t live in a grass hut! He just wants us to.

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