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Where Would You Like To Live?

Given odd exceptions (I wouldn’t want to live in Venezuela at the moment, for example) where would you choose to live?

Where are women treated as equals, and gays and lesbians accepted and safe? Where would you feel safer? Where would your children be safer? Where can people of any race and religion participate in business and politics? In which countries are there schools, universities, hospitals, stable government, a free press?

Where Would You Like To Live?

And which countries are people trying to leave?


  1. Camilo

    Ok you started out tailnkg about religion surviving in politics. Religion doesn’t survive in politics it thrives in politics. Why do you think politicians run to TV Evangalists. Then you branched off into science and religion being seperate there are christian scientists (not the denomination) then you talked about the silent majority you think they are atheist? How old are you and where are you coming up with this?Science VS. Superstition

  2. John McLoskey

    Are you talking about the right post here Camilo? I think you have your wires crossed. Just look at the map. Where would you choose to live? That’s the point.

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