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JBC, MCI Star Trader, CFS, GSI and Other Scam Trading Programmes

A reader sent me a link to this video from the BBC programme Watchdog:

It is easy to feel that the people who bought this programme have themselves to blame. But that would not be fair.

JBC, CFS, MCI or whatever they are calling themselves since they last closed down and set up somewhere else under a new name, are very sophisticated. They have been doing this a long time. They provide professional looking literature, and refer people to ‘independent’ websites and magazines which have reviewed their product.

The problem is that the websites and magazines are fake, as is the software. This is a con.

I have written a number of previous posts about the JBC MCI CFS stock / share trading scam.

If you have been a victim of these conmen, please email me or comment.

I would very much like one of our Australian current affairs programmes to take a run at these swine.

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  1. Mary

    Your bank and your credit card provider need YOUR help to identify scammers.

    Sadly, if your are scammed by one of these disreputable merchants, your financial services and credit card providers may say they had no knowledge of any problems with the merchant.

    No knowledge means no action to protect consumers.

    Help to fill the information gaps – write or call your credit card provider when you have information about scammers.

    Your credit card provider will investigate and hit the merchant and the acquiring bank with some stiff fines if their investigations confirm your report.

    You won’t have your money – but the aquiring bank might just be a bit more selective about who they accept as merchants!

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