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iresolve247 and other Scammers

Two scams I have seen in the last couple of days.

First, a random caller claiming to be from Microsoft convinced my client his computer was about to crash and urgently needed to be upgraded from XP to Windows 7. Client allowed the caller to take control of his computer. Caller installed a skin to make XP look like Windows 7, and a ‘state of the art security system’ – in fact Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free. Total cost charged to my client’s credit card – just over $500.

Second, a pop-up telling a client her computer was infected with viruses and her data would be deleted if she did not take action immediately. This purported to be from Kaspersky Anti-virus support, but was not. It was from a group calling themselves iresolve247. Client rang the number given and allowed iresolve247 to take control of her computer. They did absolutely nothing, except for installing remote login software on her computer, and charged her $325.

iresolve247 (not giving them a link!) claim to be a legitimate computer support company. But any company that tells a pensioner she has a critical problem with her pc and will lose her data if she does not act immediately, then charges her $325 to do nothing, is not a legitimate computer support company. justechsupport is the same group. There may be other front pages for these same scam operators.

Do not fall for these scams! No reputable pc, software, or computer company cold calls people to offer to fix urgent problems on their pc. And anything that pops up warning you of disaster if you don’t act right this minute is also a scam. If in doubt, turn off your pc, restart and run a full virus scan. If you are still worried, take it to a reputable local technician.

Don’t be ripped off by some hairy dude in a shed in his back yard in Bombay!


  1. scott

    i fell for this but it was on a website called, they chatted saying the last person i spoke to from another company was a scam and that they would fix it and that they were the real microsoft support, even showed my a webpage saying as much, they are IResolve247

  2. Sybille

    They lead me to believe I was hacked as my nortons antivirus was not up dating . If I had of got thought to the nortons them self . There was no charge for them to correct this . But I was charged by Iresolve247 $499. and I was told that they will moniter via satelite transmission so i will never get hacked again . I am so annoyed at people like this As I am not tech minded . But after speaking to 3 different tech people in Australia the next day . they said that this is a scam And I paid money for nothing. I got my bank to reverse the payment. When Iresolve realized the money came back . they said for me to put the money back in there acc and they will give it back to me . I might not know much at the tech side of computer . BUT i am not stupid. I told him know that the bank will sort it out . Iresolve got very abusive to me . and that day I got 20 calls from them after the 1st 2 calls I answered I didnt answer the phone any more they rang my mobile and home phone. Showing again they have no business ethics . and when I rang them to ask for a accounts dept . they said they dont have one. And the address of this company goes back to a flat in Indian . I know now for a fact that I was scammed

  3. Sybille

    more on Iresolve they have closed the website Norton Antivirus | Norton Antivirus support by iResolve247 down , and opened Just Tech Support now with same phone number I have spoken to Nortons them self and they have told me they are a scam and there are more like these people out there ONLY use the company you purchased the produce from . Nortons also told me the problem I had there was no charge and they would have corrected the problem instantly

  4. sfrank

    On 3 occasions I had to contact iresolve247 as Google Chrome behaved in a very erratic manner, i.e. if I typed in say usb3 totally unrelated sited came up, telling me that my computer was infected and to ring a 1800 number (free call from Australia) to get this sorted out.
    all I can say that the company did a very good job on each occasion, and my computer is fast and there seem to be no hiccups.
    I can recommend this company unreservedly.

  5. Peter

    lol, you “had to” contact this company? No one has to contact scammers. Where do you think your problems came from in the first place, along with the helpful pop-up suggesting you call them?

  6. Steve

    I made a stupid mistake and deleted my Avast anti virus so I googled Avast and up came the websites to pick from, being not being computer savvy I clicked on the top one not realising it was an ad so I ended up with isupport247 they told me he computer had a virus and said we can fix it for $200, I paid it but they didn’t fix the problem even worse all I can use at the moment is my iPad my computer doesn’t work at all.
    I then rang Avast in Australia and they told me I must just use them to them.
    I’ve learnt to check the email address under the main heading and not to use the ads at the top

  7. Steve

    Sorry about the mistakes I didn’t check my post before I posted it, that’s what got me into trouble with my computer.

  8. Margaret Sweeney

    I have used iResolve247 service for solving certain Windows update error on my Dell computer. The technician I spoke to seemed knowledgeable to me. The thing that I was concerned with was they accessed my PC on remote. The technician however quickly solved the Update error for 199.99 and registered my computer for 1 year technical coverage. I was also given a one year Norton 360 security without any extra cost. I think I am the fortunate one not to have any issues with their service. If it is a software problem for Windows or some application on Windows they may be able to help.

  9. Peter

    $199.99 to solve a problem you could have fixed yourself for free by going here:

    Or of you couldn’t do it, something a local technician would probably have done for $50.

    Plus a year of support for problems you don’t have?

    I don’t think you were fortunate. I think you were ripped off.

  10. bernie

    rang Norton support and got iResolve247 Sounded legit and said they have reinstalled Norton but they did have me put in password for access saying they could not see it Paid c card Think i have made mistake

  11. Richard costello

    I had a problem and rang Microsoft. The phone was answered by an Indian chap who told me he knew how to fix it for me and my problem was not unusual. He took over my computer and told me that a hacker had taken control of my computer and that my Windows Security was inadequate. He installed another security and charged me $799.99. I contacted Microsoft who were in doubt that any call to them on their phone book no. could be transferred to India. In fact, even now I believe that they do not believe me. However, they handled my problems and got a credit for $399.99 from Iresolve. But now on getting my statement I find that Iresolve have charged me a further 175.08 for something. I also contacted our local computer man who said he could fix my problem for the set charge of $80.00. What next??

  12. Peter

    Richard I think you probably did not ring Microsoft, but rather Googled Microsoft, were fooled by an iresolve ad and rang them by mistake. Get the bank to reverse any iresolve charges – they are scammers pure and simple, and in future, always talk to a local computer technician first.

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