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Thief Complains About Complainers

I got an email this afternoon from alleged CFS/Eurosoft scammer David O’Neil. This is what he wrote:

Dear Sirs,


I refer to the above and advise that several postings have been published on your website that are in breach of your terms and conditions and further in breach of the civil and criminal laws both in Australia and Elsewhere.

These postings contain personal details and other relevant contact details. As a result I have received threats against my life and threats to the life and safety of my wife and infant child.

This situation cannot be tolerated and I hereby demand that those personal details and page be removed immediately from your website. Should this not occur I will report the matter immediately to law enforcement agencies for prosecution and or other legal remedies.

I trust such unpleasant steps will not be necessary and look forward to your full co-operation.

Yours Faithfully,

David O’Neil.

Ha, ha.

In breach of my terms and conditions? Seriously?

Then I got this one:

I have now received another threatening phone call and my lawyers have advised the AFP (Australian Federal Police) to take over as this is a serious matter, my life and my families lives are being threatened and we are concerned for our safety. 
Please act upon this email as a matter of URGENCY.

This was my reply:

David If there are particular comments you believe identify you personally or put you in danger, then let me know which ones and I will consider removing them.

But surely you cannot be surprised if you steal from ordinary working people and they get annoyed about it.

Perhaps you could pay back the money you have stolen and get an honest job?

Like that’s going to happen.

What is really intolerable and against the law, of course, is stealing thousands of dollars from ordinary working people and pensioners.  But apparently that is not such a big deal for David.

On the other hand, threats of violence, no matter how angry a victim is, and no matter how right to be angry, are probably not helpful.

The trouble is that it is not clear what else will work. These arseholes have no conscience whatever, and they seem to be very clever at avoiding the law. They have felt no qualms about threatening and libelling me. I certainly feel no qualms about telling the truth about them.

Commenter Doug has pointed out that this same scam has recently been rebadged as OWS or Netway Solutions. Please do not fall for these cons! The awards and testimonials are fakes. The OWS website is a fake. The Shares Magazine website is a fake. OWS and Netway are the same fraud con scam ripoff as CFS, JBC and Eurosoft.

See my earlier posts and comments from readers for more information on the Eurosoft OWS Netway scams .


  1. Scammed

    It is amazing how a psychopathic liar can view himself as a victim. This peanut should realise he is simply reaping what he sowed.

    Nothing he uttered to his victims was the truth. We can assume his wife and child were invented to gain sympathy. However I do not condone threats of violence. While I understand the frustration that brings people to that point, it will not bring the scammers to justice.

    The directors put personal details on record when they registered businesses and opened bank accounts.

    There are authorities with the power to bring fraudsters to account, even where the company is no-longer registered and the account closed. The ACCC are the people with the power to deal with it properly but they have limited resources, so they must prioritise.

    Every victim should go to the ASIC website and get the details of the people who registered the company concerned. They should then go to the ACCC website and lodge a report describing the false or misleading claims made about the product they purchased. This should bring the scam to the top of the stack and attract a priority for attention. It will work best if every victim lodges a report under the same category on the ACCC website. I therefore suggest using the category “Predictive Software”, even though this may not have been the way the product was described at the time of sale.

    In addition, a class action for the recovery of the losses is possible if enough victims organise together to make it viable.

  2. Katharine Olubas

    As another victim of David O’Neil’s machinations, I suggest that everyone who wrote to the Eurosoft blog about the impact losing their money had on their lives, health and families,also write into this blog as well, so we can start to pool our information and knowledge. David O’Neil is behaving like a typical bully: things are fine as long as he and his recently invented family are living on the proceeds of our money which we earned in a morally correct manner; I hope each mouthful of food they eat sticks in their collective gullet as it’s been paid for by other peoples’ money. The minute karma prevails and David hears something unpleasant about himself, he runs to his lawyers who are also paid for with our money? And what about the lovely scheming hussy called Miz Sarah Craig who was such a strong advocate for the power of positive thinking. What other names are you using, Sarah? I hope that if your fictional mother is still alive that she finds out how her charming child is making all her money? I hope you people sleep well at night, because you need to know that we are all coming for you, so make the most of your lavish lifestyle now, as you will eventually be hoping to swap places with Schapelle Corby when we’ve finished letting you know exactly how we feel about your recent activities.

  3. alan jones is also which has an address in Arizona USA but the owner is hidden (see whois on defaults to One Wealth Management Services ABN 70152504428. You can get the name of the directors of One Wealth by paying 9$ to Asic as I did.

    I do not know the connection between Eurosoft (Technology Ltd)? and One wealth/OWS as I have not gone back into ASIC historical records, but for someone interested this might be worth doing.

    From my reading, historic (not present) Eurosoft, One Wealth and SBS might be one and the same. But I do not know this, I am only guessing and might be wrong.

    Hope this helps

  4. Phillip

    These stinking rotten low lives are at it again. For those of you who have queries about Netway Solutions, this is a program that is ‘essential’ for you to purchase so that the product, ESL, Eurosoft, OWS and earlier incarnations can function. Netway Solutions is still registered, and I would advise you to keep an eye on ASIC’s website daily to see if they are trying to de-register. This symbiotic relationship is corrupt as we all know.

  5. Bullswool

    OWS are operating out of the ANZ building in surfers paridise 1st floor they go by a different name there more info to come

  6. Phillip

    Received a phone call from a woman (NSW) today. She has been approached by OWS and said that they sounded very professional and convincing. I advised that snake oil salesmen do too! Hopefully have prevented someone from doing their dough!

  7. Kelvin

    Eurosoft have scammed me as well. Time for me to get the full money back guarantee. Yep you guessed it. Now they will not take my phone calls. Just hope the girls who answer the phones are not involved.

  8. John

    I was contacted by OWS last Friday by David and today by a Gerald who’s mobile number I have.

    I have reported them to ASIC today with relevant information including Gerald mobile phone number.

  9. ian

    What common approach can we all take to get these scum bags.It seems a class action may have a better result than each individual trying to chase them. Surely someone like the ACCC can shut them down for good. How many more complaints do they need before they do something.This scam has been going on for years it is not something new. I have just found out about this scam and feel stupid. I will write to ACCC and add my letter to the list.
    Iwould like to find out the names and addresses of the people who pocketed the money.

  10. Fay (GTA AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. ACN 167966145) are the latest black-box scammers. Company Extract lists Director/Secretary Kristopher Corbett, Unit 89, 785 Burke Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124. Born 01/07/1985, Bendigo VIC. False address given, it is a shoe shop. Not the first lie these guys have told. Names of people claiming to be from GTA: Mark Sterling, Tony Sinclair, Ian Bailey, Tom Hardy plus Sarah, Chloe and Kayla amongst others.

  11. ian

    I have contacted my bank and asked them for information about whos account my money was paid into but they won’t give me any information. Has anyone had any luck finding out this information from their bank.

  12. Mark

    These guys from GTA Pacific scammed me on 31st of July 2014 of 19350.00 All there websites are in America Texas and Arizona Scottsdale and Singapore, go to a website called type in search box their URL and it will come up with ISP and IP Address and location of website. Dogs they are. They need there Bank account blocked.

  13. Ripped-off

    I too was scammed by Eurosoft last year. Unfortunately, they caught me at an extremely vulnerable time as I was going through a divorce and struggling with a pretty severe bout of depression. I was in a really bad way at that time and when “Sarah Craig” called me (yes Katherine she got me too!) it was was like the clouds had parted and the sun was shining on me. I can not express how insidious these people are. The way they are able to gain your trust and develop a relationship very quickly is nothing short of masterful. Believe it or not I was actually convinced that she was helping ME! Doing ME a favor! I realized quite some time ago that I had been ripped off thanks to http://eurosofttrader but at first I was too embarrassed to even tell anyone what had happened to me. If I’m honest about it, I’m still very embarrassed. In the end I just fell apart. My divorce was very messy and all the things my ex had said to me felt like they had come true. That I couldn’t make it on my own, that I was stupid and a failure and an unfit parent. I was encouraged (pushed!) to get an extension on my credit card to pay for the program which made things a lot worse for me. They got me for the whole $18,900. From my children’s mouths to their pockets hey? I think it’s important for me to be honest here because this is my story and I’m sure I’m not alone in all this, but eventually I tried to take my own life. Obviously there was more going on than just the Eurosoft rip-off but it was the thing that pushed me over the edge. I just couldn’t believe that I’d been such an idiot. In the end (and after lots of therapy) I’ve decided to let it go. I reported it to ACCC but from what everyone else says that’s not going to do anything. For my own sanity I’ve had to move on. I’m heavily in debt, but I’ve managed to rebuild my life to some extent. I’m glad I’m alive but I’m still very bitter. I hope that “Sarah” enjoyed my $18,900 and I have to believe that someday she and everyone at Eurosoft will understand what they’ve done to me and others like me. But I’m not hopeful.

  14. Ripped-off

    Correction, I meant to say that http://eurosofttrader helped me realize that I was ripped off.

    If you just type in http://eurosofttrader without the other stuff on the end it takes you to one of the Eurosoft scam blogs which I DO NOT ENDORSE!

  15. The great bullswool

    I have the phone number of the guy behind GTA

  16. Phillip

    To Ripped-off. Yours is a very sad story and I’m sure you are not alone in reaching the point of despair. I also wonder about those who have not been able to find the qohel website. If you would like to get my contact details from Peter Wales I’d be happy to update you. I know these despicable creeps keep an eye on this blog and it’s safer to contact me through Peter.

  17. Andrew

    Hi Yes I have conned by these ars3holes I have contacted all gov authorites dept fair trading was helpfull the extract I have is GTA ASSOCIATES PTY. LTD
    ‘822’, 187 Kent Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000
    22/07/1959, SYDNEY, NSW
    Appointment date:
    This is the name that they have told a gov body the address in sydney lines up rbs tower 88 phillip st
    if I get anymore I will post it John I would like Gerald phone number they also use West pac
    lets pool all our info and take it to our local members and get them working for us

  18. IBO

    GTA is a scam

  19. tracy

    Well I didn’t know about this sitemail. Its been over two years now for me. I gave up when then bank said they couldnt help. I don’t know if I’ll ever get my money back. I was vulnerable at the time, I took a redundancy after going through treatment of breast cancer, it made me so sick when all I focused all my time and energy on trying to work out how the hell to get my money back, it almost ruined my marriage. I hope this stops soon, they have no heart, no morals and are nothing but pigs

  20. Andrew

    Hi All
    Has anyone got names and address of these people and is willing to give them out Yhe only way to get our money back is to pay them a visit this is the only way to stop them

  21. Andrew

    the great bullswool
    are you willing to give me the number

  22. AMY


  23. The great bullswool

    The GTA scam is the same as all the other scams except they let there guard down ASIC has the director as Cory Behrens he lives in Qld not hard to find him from New Zealand have lots of info on him

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