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Capital Group Holdings, TRP, CFS, JBC, Eurosoft Share Trading Stock Market Software Scam

Capital Group Holdings, TRP, CFS, JBC, Eurosoft Share Trading Stock Market Software Scam

These stock market trading software programmes are entirely bogus. They are all the same long standing ripoff. Every year or so the name becomes too well known and a new one is created – but the scam remains the same.

They always follow the same pattern: friendly sounding phone calls, glossy promotional materials, promises of high returns, promises of your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

It won’t work for you, and you won’t get your money back.

In every incarnation of this ripoff, you will be directed to websites showing JBC, or Capital Group Holdings, or Eurosoft has won awards from some stock market group, or business group, for the best trading software, or the best new home business. These websites and awards are entirely fake. They are created new for each version of this scam by the same people who have been running it for years. For one example see here for the TRP version of this ripoff:

If you have been ripped off, cheated, scammed, by any of these groups (in reality all the same group) now is the time to to something to bring these con men to justice.

As soon as you can, and in as much detail as you can, please contact:

Queensland Police Service
200 Roma Street
Brisbane, Qld 4000

Phone: 07 3364 6622
Fax: 07 3364 6549

Ring and talk to them, or download the report form here:

What follows below is a copy of a comment on an earlier post on the TRP, Capital Group, Eurosoft rip off written by someone who used to work for them.

These con men have ripped off, stolen, cheated, hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars from ordinary Australians.

If you know anything that could help bring them to justice, please contact the police now.

PS. I have just heard that Capital Group Holdings may be a different organisation. Either way, it is still a scam operating in exactly the same way. If you have been scammed by any of these groups, please contact the police now.

Well after reading these most recent posts I am INFURIATED that this SCAM is still going on!

I have not had a chance to read all your stories but I can confirm that ALL your fears are WARRANTED.

I know because I too used to work there, thankfully waking up to the SCAM, having a conscience and leaving earlier this year.

I actually was so enthusiastic about the job and the potential of the program. I thought it would provide me with financial freedom also.

Would you believe that the staff, including myself NEVER EVER saw the Program.

Upon making several requests to see the program, the response from the manager was….

” No you can’t see the program. Because the program sells on simplicity. If you see it, them you will only complicate your “SPEIL”.

That’s right Folks! You were all delivered a very polished 25-40min SPEIL, culminating in …..

“So any Questions? No? Well the cost of the program is $9200 would you like to put that on MasterCard or Visa?”.

As staff, we also were not allowed to purchase the program.
REASON? It was deemed as a conflict of interest or insider trading or some BS excuse.

The fact is if any of US dropped $9200 on a program that promised 30%pa and received NOTHING then the S#*T would hit the fan.

This is when alarm bells started to ring for me.

Unfortunately, the rest of the long standing staff there are driven by pure greed and just plead ignorance.

Full well knowing that they are RIPPING YOU OFF!!!

These are the facts:

1. Phil Travers & Rhys Adam are indeed the partners behind this Bogus Operation.
2. Previous Company names are JBC, CFS,ESL & OP Solutions. When they cop serious heat. They shut down the old product and rebadge it as something new. Simple!
Those whom have tried to contact customer support will have experienced this.
3. The address of ” Farrar Place Sydney” is indeed BOGUS. It is a VIRTUAL OFFICE ONLY. Secretary at reception that oversees several small offices for lease. There is No official signage. No staff at all.
We falsely stated that we were actually based and calling from that address. Definitely not the case!

There are actually two (2) offices but both are based in QLD. Surfers Paradise & Springwood.

4) Whenever we had a customer that wanted to SEE the product (i.e Come in for a demo) We would invite them to come in. However they were asked to come in immediately or within the next hour as the “Senior Analysts” were flat out and would be returning to the “TRADING FLOOR”.
If they they were not able to do this then an ONLINE DEMO could be arranged.

5. The sites : , esharesmagazine and other reviews etc are 100% FAKE WEBSITES and Reviews. We were trained not to make a big deal of the reviews. Rather use them as a throw away. “Yes! We’ve had some encouraging reviews but….”. Play it right down.
The idea is that you would then do your due diligence. Be suitably impressed by the product appearing in the “FAST 5″ alongside, ING, ANZ etc, feel rest assured and then hand over your CCD for $9200.

A Marketing Sales technique that is very effective and legal.

That is IF, the Websites & Reviews are Legit!

Simply put! ….THEY ARE NOT!!!

6) To create urgency you were no doubt fed a varied form of this…

“So we will only ever release a total of 400 programs. We released 100 in ,(years will vary) 09’10’11 & the final 100 over these past few weeks”.

Another technique that proved extremely successful.

I say successful because this well crafted SPEIL and the expertise of the staff there saw them making $1000 per sale.

Earning between $9k to $42k per month.

All from a BOGUS PROGRAM that YOU paid for.

7) Oh! Your “Money back Guarentee? Another blatant lie!
Never going to happen! It was not worth the paper you received it on. Again! Those that have tried to obtain one know what I am talking about.

I do sincerely hope that you are able to obtain a refund from your merchant though.

So what now? What are you all prepared to do?
I find it outstanding to hear that ASIC will not act appropriately. What other measures have been taken to expose these FRAUSTERS?

I can only think that “A Current Affair , Today Tonight etc be contacted as well as the Police and informed of the whereabouts of these BOGUS OPERATIONS!!!



  1. Alex

    Yeah, and like you said before, it’s not just that they are basically and it’s just their product is not as good as they think it is. They are deliberately ripping people off, and the thing that proves it is the fake awards and websites. They know their software, TRP or Eurosoft or Capital Group or whatever other name they pull out of their backsides is crap, and that’s why they have to lie about it. They are shameless hucksters and I hope they get a long time in Long Bay.

  2. Kazza G

    I just want to reiterate what Peter has said. We’re at a critical point here and it’s a case of now or never. I know for a fact that there are thousands of Australians out there who have been ripped off by these scammers. I know that you’ve been burnt by the authorities and their lack of interest/action in the past, but we all need to take one last chance and report to the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group.

    Queensland Police Service
    200 Roma Street
    Brisbane, Qld 4000

    Phone: 07 3364 6622
    Fax: 07 3364 6549

    If you’ve been scammed, no matter how long ago, please file a report and follow up by phone. You can get a report form here;

    I’d fax the completed form directly to the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group on (07) 3364 6549 then call them back in about 48 hours on (07) 3364 6622 and follow up. It’s unfortunate, but we’ve all seen how easily these things fall through the cracks. We need to be proactive about it.

    Just a point of clarification, I belive that Capital Group Holdings is a seperate scam run by a different company. They definitely need to be reported, just not in direct connection to this scam. I’ve seen people try and link the two but I believe that this is a case of disinformation, probably being spread by the scammers behind Capital Group Holdings looking to place the blame for their crimes elsewhere.

    The company behind the TRP/GTA/OWS/Eurosoft scams is called Quest Marketing. The scams which have been linked to them with 100% certainty are;


    There are definately other incarnations, I believe they were responsible for JBC, CFS, ESL & OP Solutions as well, but these scams were before my time. Through my own research the above list represents the scams which I have been able to verify with certainty as coming from Quest Marketing. As everyone knows, there are many copycats out there, the “Irish Boys” being just one of them.

    In relation to the quote from a former Quest staffer, Rhys Adam is now located in the UK. He moved there a few years ago and set up another branch of the scam as a “family business”. They sold the software under the Eurosoft brand and I assume are still doing so under one guise or another. So Phil Travers is now the sole owner of Quest Marketing.

    Also the Springwood office closed several years ago. The price has also doubled since this quote was written. Last I heard it was selling for $19,800, which is complete lunacy.

    We desperately need more of these disaffected employees on our side and reporting to the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group. I think we need to create an open, judgement free space for them to come forward. If any former Quest Markerting employees are reading this, please come forward. We need your assistance and you’re in a unique position to help us. You can contact me on Whirlpool or by email;

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