If one million people are vaccinated with the new COVID-19 vaccine over the next year, this is what we can expect:

4500 will develop an invasive cancer. 1600 will die from cancer.

About 250 will develop Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis).

1,000 will be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

About 500 will suffer from Encephalitis (brain inflammation).

1700 will have strokes.

Almost 5,000 will die from heart disease.

In total, of that million who were vaccinated, 15,000 will be dead a year later. More than 280 every week. 40 people every day.

Do you still want to take the risk?

You should, because that is how many people will contract and die of those illnesses in any case. Every year, of every million people in peaceful, prosperous nations, about 15,000 will die, about one third of them from some form of heart disease.

Given that the vaccine will be administered first to people in vulnerable groups; older people and people with pre-existing conditions, the death rate may be even higher in that group. As it would be for people in that group in any case.

Incidentally, over any given year, for every million people, about 120 will die in motor vehicle accidents, about 40 from drowning, about 200 from poisoning, accidental or otherwise, and about 50 will be murdered. Having the COVID-19 vaccine won’t change those figures either.

So when you see alarmist headlines about someone dying two weeks after getting the vaccine, remember you could have a headline every week screeching that another person who recently had the vaccine had been stabbed, shot, strangled or poisoned. Or one hundred headlines every week about someone who was recently vaccinated getting divorced.

For every million people, about 6,000 get divorced each year. So for every million people who receive the COVID-19 vaccine in any given year over one hundred will get divorced every week.

Anti-vaxxers see these headlines and ask “How many times does this have to happen before we realise it is not a coincidence?”

That is because they have no understanding of either health or mathematics. That is not so bad. Lots of people don’t. What is bad is that they don’t want to know, but pretend they do. They prefer to read Robert Kennedy Jnr, Sherri Tenpenny, Joseph Mercola, Andrew Wakefield and other scammers, and pass on the “information” they receive from those sources without stopping and thinking, and without checking with reputable science and evidence based sources.

Is dangerous and dishonest to the point of being evil to try to convince people not to be vaccinated against childhood diseases or a dangerous virus like COVID-19 on the basis of nonsense being passed around Facebook. Anti-vaxxers suggest to people that protective actions against disease are in fact some sort of plot to depopulate the world. People who make such claims and try to stop widespread vaccination are under an absolute moral obligation to check their facts, and to read and consider sources which challenge their assumptions.

They don’t. That is what makes them dangerous.

My suggestions: Don’t engage with people who post anti-vax propaganda. That just promotes them and their posts. Report false information. Look up quality evidence and research based websites like https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/ and https://stronger.org/ and repost interesting, and more importantly, truthful, evidence based articles from there. Swamp out the pro-disease, pro-childhood illness, pro-death activists with reality.

Because health matters, and life matters.