Lost Ark Fairy Lullaby Island Song of Resonance Forest Minuet Guide

To progress some parts of Lost Ark, you need the sheet music Forest Minuet.

If you are looking for Forest Minuet, you may get frustrated about timing for the entrance to the secret area on Lullaby Island. The relevant quest is called It’s OK Miss Fairy. The quests on Lullaby Island up to that point are straightforward, and there is good foraging, mining and logging to fill in time. I will assume you have already acquired the Song of Resonance from Peyto.

The key to getting into the secret area is timing. The secret area at the far East of Lullaby Island opens at 20 past the hour on even numbered hours server time for Western US servers (PST). So if you are playing in Los Angeles, make sure you are there at 6.20, or 10.20, or 12.20, etc.

If you are playing on the East coast of Australia, as I am, this means being there and ready at 20 past the hour on odd numbered hours. So if you are playing in Brisbane, be at the entrance at 1.20, or 9.20 or 7.20, etc. Once in, go right to the end, wait for the golden circle to appear on the ground, and then play the Song of Resonance, more than once if you need to.

Once you have done this three times, eg at 5.20, 7.20 and 9.20, you will be rewarded with Forest Minuet and some other useful items, including the island soul. There are also two mokoko seeds to collect inside the secret area. Return to the hidden fairy. She will send you on a short quest to nearby island Mercia. You then report back, and the game goes on…