I always cringe when I see people write “Doctors can’t explain…”

This just means the writer cannot imagine an explanation and assumes no one can, and hasn’t actually asked any doctors.

Ditto for young earth creationists when they say “Evolutionists can’t explain…”

No, they just haven’t asked any. That is not to say there are no questions or issues with the neo-Darwinian synthesis. But just as with vaccines and health, these are questions that will be answered by real scientists, not people passing on memes on social media.

It is right to want to be as well-informed as possible on key health and science matters. At the same time, we must always acknowledge that we who do not have advanced degrees in a specialist area of science know less than those who do, and refrain from jumping to the conclusion that medical researchers, palaeontologists, geologists, etc, are stupid or being paid off if they say something that does not accord with our previous opinion.

If you completed high school science, and have an interest in the origins and development of life, I recommend Jonathan Wells’s book Zombie Science. It is a sensible, science-based discussion of some of the problems for macro-evolution, in an easy to read lay person friendly style. Click the cover pic for link to buy.