How many handshakes from Hitler are you?

When I first saw this question on an internet forum I thought it was a silly question. Then I decided it might be interesting, but thought since I am a working class regional nobody from the colonies, in my case it would be many.

Then I worked it out. I have shaken hands with former Australian Governors-General Michael Jeffrey, Quentin Bryce, and Peter Hollingworth. All of them have shaken hands with Queen Elizabeth II. She shook hands with her uncle Edward VIII, later the Duke of Windsor. He met and shook hands with Hitler. I am not suggesting there was anything wrong in his doing so. At that time, in 1937, Hitler was clearly an unsavoury character, but he had not yet invaded Sudetenland, and there was still hope for long term peace.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor on their visit to Germany in 1937

So in reality, there are three people between me and Hitler, handshake wise. If you do not have a shorter or similar route, but have shaken hands with me, there are four people between you and Hitler.