I am horrified to see Ivermectin still being touted as a cure or preventative for COVID-19, usually in company with claims big pharma, governments, hospitals, medical practitioners, universities and research bodies all conspired to hide the evidence so that they could push vaccines on an unsuspecting populace…

It takes a special kind of mentality to believe that millions of people working independently all over the world, all of whom have previously been dedicated to wellness, health and finding cures, suddenly decided, for the sake of $, to hide the real cures for a dangerous illness.

More importantly, the facts show clearly that Ivermectin, valuable as it is in treating parasites, has no benefit in treating or preventing COVID-19.

Ivermectin – Great for worms and lice, ineffective and dangerous for COVID-19

Along with many other possible treatments, Ivermectin showed promise in early trials. Ivermectin was particularly interesting to me because Thomas Borody hoped it might work. Thomas Borody is one of the heroes of 20th century medicine, and anything he says is worth listening to.

However, larger and more rigorous trials soon made it clear that there was no benefit from Ivermectin at any stage of COVID-19 infection, and that it had no positive additional effect when combined with other complementary medications such as zinc.

There is no cover up here, except amongst anti-vaxxers. Comments on health and medical matters need to be based firmly in real science and data, not social media posts or the opinions of fringe figures such Robert Malone or Tess Lawrie. Nor is it the case that one opinion is as good as another. Opinions are worse than useless if they are not based on an accurate assessment of evidence, and in the case of misinformed opinions on medical matters, may be seriously harmful.

Science Based Medicine has a good summary of some of the anti-vax pro-ivermectin arguments, contrasted with what real-world data shows.