Variations of this image have been posted on social media many times. Yet Western countries continue to import people whose cultural values are simply incompatible with notions of equality, rule of law, freedom of religion, etc. See recent riots in France. All races are equal, but not all cultures are equal.

In addition, immigration programmes need to take account of available infrastructure including housing. Leith van Onselen at News Ltd explains why the current housing crisis in Australia is largely due to unprecedented levels of immigration.

Sensible immigration means ensuring that, except in absolute emergencies, those who come to our countries share our values and want to live according to our laws. It also means limiting numbers so that undue strain is not placed on water, road, housing medical and educational facilities.

I am a migrant. I came to Australia in 1978. I have worked or studied since then, have paid taxes, have never been on a government benefit. People who come wanting to be part of society and willing to work make a long-term positive economic and social contribution. Australia and the USA would not be the successful countries they are without their long history of welcoming immigrants.

At the same time, unreasonably high levels of immigration cause difficult to manage short term demands on services, pain to existing residents, and generate long term problems including alienation and consequent ill will, dependence on benefits, and higher crime rates.

Just be sensible!

Not all cultures are equal, Immigration must be balanced, with a preference for those who share Western values.