In case you still did not realise, acupuncture is a scam. It doesn’t work. Not for anything. It doesn’t reduce pain or inflammation, it doesn’t release the flow of energy in your body (much the same claim as is made by chiropractic, also a scam) and it certainly doesn’t cure anything, from addiction to cancer.

Acupuncture is a scam

Acupuncture has risks. Poking needles or anything else sharp into your skin can cause infection or allergic reactions. It is sometimes necessary, but only when there is a clear benefit, and only with careful attention to sterilisation, not necessarily the case in your shopping mall acunpuncture shop.

It costs money which could be spent elsewhere, including on treatment which actually works. And perhaps most importantly, people who rely on scam treatments and zero scientific diagnosis are more likely to delay or forego genuine, life-saving treatments.