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On The Dishonesty of the Mainstream Media

No blow too low!

That could well be the motto of some of Australia’s legacy media outlets.

The latest example is the claim that Tony Abbott made light of an Australian soldier’s death by saying ‘Well, shit happens.’

He did say that. But not about the soldier’s death.

The claim that he did is simply, and outrageously, dishonest. But I guess it makes a good headline.

Sometimes I wonder how some of these slimo journalists can sleep at night. Anyone who works for the fag end of Australian news organisations, Channel 7, for example:

In a 7 News exclusive, Tony Abbott has been caught on tape making an insensitive remark about one of our fallen soldiers while visiting Afghanistan.

What Channel 7 means by ‘exclusive’ is that they made it up all by themselves.

But whatever the garbage is, it won’t be exclusive for long. Other losers like Malcolm Fart, sorry Farr, national editor for making stuff up and ripping off other people’s stories at, can be relied on to repeat anything as gospel if they think it will gain a few more readers.

So what was Tony talking about? The fact that, no matter how well tactics are planned and resources allocated, in battle things will sometimes go wrong, and when they do, this does not mean anyone is to blame.

Mark Riley – the dim-witted self righteous arse at Channel 7 who made up this story – deserves a lot more than 45 seconds of silence and a stony glare.

If any integrity at all was required for a job with Australia’s mainstream media he would be out on his shiny bum.


  1. Stevan

    Well you know, someone should have drafted talking points for Tony, and helped him practice reciting them in front of a mirror, for at least 48 hours. As Opposition leader, this guy is the best present the ALP could possibly have. He’s the equivalent of Bob Hawke, without Hawke’s basic honesty, charisma, or ideals. As a Labor voter, I say keep Tony as Liberal leader for at least the next twenty years.

  2. Charmaine

    TOny Abbott doesn’t have Bob Hawke’s charisma, that’s true, but that is a pretty poor basis for voting for someone. As far as ideals and honesty go, Tony is not lacking, and certainly not in any comparison with current Labor party leadership. He will make a good prime minister.

  3. Alex

    Tony Abbott’s honesty is one of the things that makes him easy to mock. No teleprompters, no minders telling him when to show a bit more emotion.
    Contrast his graciousness to Julia Gillard, with the way she and media treat him.
    I know who I’ll be voting for.

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