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JBC Global, CFS Live, ESL Trader Stock – Share Trading Scams

I have written a couple of times about the JBC stock trading – stock market – share price prediction scam.

Nearly two years later, and after many complaints to regulatory authorities, they still seem to be in business.

JBC Global, CFS Live, and anything associated with them, are an outright fraud.

Some of the names given by its ‘senior analysts’ (telephone con agents) are: Paul Harvey, Chris Wallace, Mike Boyd, Bruce Jones, Scott Brennan, David Moore, Adrian Mathews, Gareth Hughes, Philip Duiker, Chris Davis, Danny Cook.

It is likely that these names are invented, as is the ‘senior analyst’ title.

JBC’s website is still active, but is now pretending to be wider than merely stock trading software. It claims to be a comprehensive business development group, offering software development, employment services, and project management. No matter where you enter your details on this site, you will receive a phone call offering to send you a brochure outlining JBC’s services.

This will be an impressive looking, professionally designed and printed brochure intended, like their website, to give an impression of wealth and stability. You will then receive a follow up phone call, offering you one of a very limited number of licenses. If you express doubts, you may be directed to scam websites which appear to review other, legitimate home business or investment packages, and which give glowing reviews, or even awards, to JBC’s program.

All of this is true of CFS (I am not giving them a link). The same professional website, the same professional looking brochure, the same skanky con-men on the phone.

I suspect that cfs-live is simply a re-badged version of the JBC share price / stock prediction / share trading scam.

There are plenty of these swindlers around. The PCA (position cost averaging) system is another one, complete with its own fake independent review site at

JBC and CFS are the stock trading scams which seem to be most active in Australia.

I am not sure why regulators and police seem unwilling or unable to do anything about these thieves. But as long as they continue to operate, ordinary Asutralians are losing their savings.

I intend to get in touch with A Current Affair or Today Tonight and suggest they do a story on JBC and CFS.

If you have been contacted by these groups, and would be willing to share your story, please add a comment using your correct email address (not visible to the public), or contact me – see my profile page for my email address.


CFS is definitely still active in Australia. I have received emails from a gentleman who spent $8900 in January to buy their programme. For $8900 he got a disk and a booklet, and a folder to put them in.

From his descriptions, the CFS package is identical to the JBC programme.

The software gives a points value to different stocks.  You are supposed to look at the points value and decide what to buy and sell.

The points value appears to be based on sudden movement of stocks up and down. For example if a stock has been stable for a long time and then suddenly drops, it will get a high points value – that is, a buy recommendation – on the basis that it is likely to come back up again just as quickly.

These are frequently very bad recommendations.

The recommendations are bad because the programme has no idea what is going on the real world. A stock that suddenly decreases in value usually does so for a good reason.

Stefan left this comment at one of the earlier JBC / CFS posts:

I’ve been contacted by a chris of cfs. He was trying to sell cfs end of day trading software. he gave me the websites which have reviews of their software but the net has no links to these sites or to cfs which means they are all probably a bit dubious. His phone number was 1300 441 355.

GFMO and homebusinessprofessionals are  fake ‘independent’ websites, set up by JBC/CFS to reassure prospective buyers.

Referring prospects to fake sites to give an appearance of legitimacy makes it clear that the JBC or CFS packages are not  products offered in good faith.

Don’t fall for these scams!


  1. Tony

    I was contacted by Danny Cook this week (22/3/11) – he has been calling me for a number of weeks – he also pointed me at the homebusiness website. Apparently, they got my name through having people cold calling sometime ago and asking questions about whether you are active in the stock market. Thankfully I looked for reviews on CFS and found this one – they are still active – just saved me $8900 !

  2. Adam

    Thankyou you just saved me $10,000

  3. Adam

    I would also like to add that you’ll notice no where on CFS’s Product Disclosure Statemen is there an ABRN or an AFS licence number which is required by ASIC.

  4. Ben

    Same story for me. I was contacted by someone from CFS end of day trading and told all the crap listed above including 18-20% returns and the following websites: and to look at.
    He was very slick and told me there were only 10 CFS licences left for WA
    Thankfully I did some digging and came across this blog. Tell your friends and family CFS end of day trading software is a nothing but a sleezy scam.

  5. Fred Smith

    Note that both domains in Ben’s 7 April post were only registered February 2010.

    I understand they have a continual new batch of these ‘support sites.’ What happened to the post that named the Australian head scammers for CFS-live?

  6. Gordon

    Hi all, Glad to find this site. I received the very glossy, impressive, professional looking brochure from CFS the other day. Having researched a few of these sorts of things in the past, I recognised a number of warning signs with it, which is why I came to ‘Google’ it. I’m expecting a ‘follow-up’ call soon after Easter. I’ll mess about with the caller for a bit and see if I can learn any more about them, but they won’t be seeing any of my money!

  7. Lisa

    Hi, I was about to part with $8900 of my hard earned savings today but thought I better google it first – think you guys might have just saved me a big mistake, the certainly are smooth talkers and make it sound very legit. They mentioned all of the above and when I said I was hesitent they were going to offer me a 100 per cent money back guarantee. I told them I needed to investigate it further and they would ring me back soon. I wonder if they will? I’ll let you Know.

  8. Sonya

    Thanks for this site. My experience is the same as Ben above. Unfortunately I fell for it and paid the $8,900 on my credit card which was to an overseas organisation (silly me). To my joy and horror, my sister found this site. I’ve since phoned the bank and they have informed me the transaction looked a bit “dodgy” and most likely I will be getting my money back.
    I am so relieved. Will let you know if I get credited the full amount.

  9. Kelly

    Cfs-live is a big fat scam.
    I paid $8900 for this trading program as well.
    I am in the process of trying to get a refund, and it is not going well at all! I have decided to contact VCAT and go to a hearing on the terms it was an Unsolicited Consumer Agreement, as the transaction was done over the phone.
    I have decided I will hire a lawyer to guide me.
    I had no idea what a hole i was digging for myself.
    Do you have any ideas or recommendations that would help me in my trial or organisations apart from VCAT I could go to for help getting my money back? I am having trouble getting them to return my calls, as I need to know their ABN and ACN, which wasn’t even on the reciept.
    Such a scam! I feel completely ripped off 🙁

  10. sue

    Thank god for this page i will not wasting any more of my time tryng to find something good about CFS Cory Armstrong was his name same crappy story only 6 packages left in NSW $25000.00 return in first year will have paid off my $8900 in 4 to 6 months, you know computers can do alot of smart things but they cannot predict what nature or humans can do to this economic world.

  11. Sonya

    Hi again all. I am pleased to inform everyone I was credited the whole amount on my credit card by the bank. They were actually brilliant and I had the money back within days.
    And what may seem ironic to is, if the programme is worth so much, why have I still got it sitting on my desk without having anyone bother to contact me for its return!!!
    Kelly have you tried the bank yet? May save you a lot of legal costs? Goodluck

  12. myztry

    They’re still trying to pull this off. I just had a “private” message through our call centre from a Nigel Wilson of CFS from 1300 441 355.

    I now recall CFS trying to cold call me about 6 months ago. Such callers are quickly dismissed from my interest.

  13. Roly

    Bingo, Hello Myztry, 26May 2011 my 24hour follow up call. Certainly a brilliant scam,better than the Nigerian nonsense. The Question is,How many are they catching. I bet most feel to foolish to complain to authorities. Congratulations danny, you are very good at your work. By the way Danny shorting stocks on the ASX is not Illegal,tsk tsk. Enjoyed the chats, you are a proffessional,slimy though.

  14. Roly

    Just watched the MCI trading programme. What a blast from the past.
    Craig Duffy ( Australian Snooker Champion)
    Jaime pickering (Larry’s Son)

    Larry Pickering had the Horse racing tip sheet scam. was constantly in trouble with the law over this.(Great cartoonist) Seems son Jaime Pickering and Craig converted the System to a Share trading tip sheet which makes it respectable. This was Tomato Technologies.(Public company). Thay did really well out of that and bought a lot of Surfers Paradise Night Clubs.Hmm. Then tried to buy Casinos in various places. Vanuatu was one and USA. Tomato Tech was suspended on 7/5/07 and changed to Asia Pacific ltd which is currently suspended. Now this MCI tech business.Definately an Entrepreneur but not in the Bruce Small mould. Bruce, ex mayor Gold Coast. He would probably be quite surprised to see what Orchid Av (Clubs Strip) and Surfers Paradise have become.

  15. Kathy

    Hi Guys, Same to me, I also fell for it thanks to a Tony Gibb who as above was very sure that this was going to make $20000 in the first year. Only googling now as the data place I also have ‘welikedata’ is no longer letting me sign in to get the daily data required for the program to work, I have tried contacting cfs by email but it isn’t being delivered any more. I only paid half upfront and was supposed to be paying the rest once I hit the $20000. Still would love to find a way to get my money back, it has been 8 months already though.When I first was considering didn’t see anything like this on google – damn!

  16. Roly

    Watched the video. Craig Duffy, a local Surfers Paradise identity along with Jamie pickering. Craig was an Australian Snooker Champion. Jamie the son of Larry the cartoonist and Horse racing tip sheet scam artist. The boys also own Nightclubs in orchid av Surfers. They also started Tomato Technologies, a publicly listed company that was a Sharemarket tip sheet that was suspended which they changed to Asia pacicic Ltd which is suspended.They tried Casinos for a while, not sure of the outcome there, now MCI Startrading.Whether they are related to CFS or one is a copy of the other is unknown either way if it sounds to good avoid.There was no way that i would have considered touching such a scheme. So many danger signals but the con is really well laid out.

  17. Jo

    Russell somebody called us and Damien(?) Danny(?) yesterday… Must admit the glossy magazine that they sent caught my attention a couple of weeks ago when it arrived in my shop … Never said what it was all about though but made me sit and read over a cuppa… God knows how they got my business details to send it to .. They got onto my hubbie .. he was falling, had him hook line and eventually NOT SINKER …. As soon as hubbie mentioned $9k it would cost us and all you get is this software .. There are only 4 left in NSW … Bells started ringing .. Yeah Yeah Yeah .. Just taking a look at their website / magazine site / industry site .. could see through it TOTALLY .. Half-a-job Harry!!!

  18. Roly

    I think it is also clear that CFS monitor this Forum. Nobody here has received a follow up call after posting.

  19. Tim

    Had a message from a Nigel Wilson today (01/06/11) on our home phone. For me to contact him on 1300 441 355 with a pen handy to take down the ‘very important information’ he had. Needless to say I WON’T be doing that !!!

  20. Tony

    Had the phone call today-only 4 left in NSW & I was one of the lucky ones to be offered this amazing software.
    I’m really pleased there are sites like this- the offers always sound too good to be true but it’s always reassuring to know that we haven’t missed the opportunity of a lifetime!!!

  21. sharma

    hi sonya,

    which bank you are with. i am trying through commonwealth. plz let me know. i will be greatfull

  22. Sonya

    Hi Sharma, it’s Commonwealth. Goodluck.

  23. Erika

    Same story here. Got a cold caller checking for the address to send a brochure, than a guy ‘Carl’ sounding very proffesional (the senior trader helping out with sales), and only a few licenses left for WA. He offered even for me to pay half of the 8900, and than pay it off with my profit (‘just put a holding deposit down while’). Glad I made my mistakes in the past, I least I decided to do some research this time. Thank you for this website! He is gone ring me back on Monday: he’ll get a big NO!

  24. Michelle Kriening

    I received a very professional, glossy looking brochure, ignored it until a phone call – listened and it all sounded very good – almost too good. Wondered why, if they were selling only 400 licences Australia wide, they had decided to try to sell me one – I calculated how much they would make selling these licences – not a bad profit. While waiting for my third follow up call I am doing some online research, and, as I was beginning to suspect, a ‘too good to be true’ scam. Should be an interesting next phone call from them when I bring up my online findings!

  25. Stuart

    I also received the glossy brochure and the ‘Congratulations’ letter about a week ago. It’s all very attractive and appealling without telling you a great deal.
    I googled the website, and again not a great deal of information I’ve also had two missed calls from ‘Andrew Sinclair’ left on my answering machine asking to return the call.
    It has never ‘sat’ comfortably with me, I always get a little curious when there is no hint of the cost to you.
    I’m glad I’ve found this website.
    The old addage – ‘If it seems to good to be true or too easy – It is!’

  26. Paul Montoro

    I have been scammed, parted with $8,900 on the basis that I was given a money back guarantee if I didn’t achieve the equivalent of the purchase price.
    Requested a refund and they have delayed (apparently) reviewing my file and then they have forwarded the file to the London Headoffice. Need to find out what this companies legal name is to prosecute them? Can anyone assist, also has anyone visited their office, do they actually have staff working there? Would be happy to get A Current Affairs involved to stop this scam if needed.

  27. Tony

    I’ve had a follow-up call from George. Although he was very busy on the trading floor he managed to give up some time to ring me back.
    When I asked about a PDS he told me all I needed to know was in the brochure- why would I need a PDS? I also asked about an ABN & ACN number. He replied that he could give it to me & why would I want it. Then the phone call magically dropped off. Not surprisingly I did not get a phone call back.

  28. Robert

    I was contacted on a number of occassions ,with all the same claims as outlined above and was considering investing in the cfs program, until I checked this out. Chris was a very slick salesperson, and I,m still not sure. Can anyone tell me if there any succesful purchasers of their product, and also their company is registered with ASIC, WHICH HE POINTED OUT.

  29. Karress

    Nichole contacted me three times, first time I was too busy to talk. She rang back a week later and I was told the investment would earn $20,000 in the first year. I told her that it sounded too good to be true, otherwise why would the company be hiring her as a rep, and why were they not just making money with their fool proof system. She said she was not a Rep but she also was an investor and she received a commission on the profits my investment would make. This added to the profits of her own investments. She then explained how the program worked and that it graphed small changes in the stock market listings, which told you to either buy or sell. The system worked by not making big profits but by making small profits on lots of trades. She said if people followed the rules and did not become greedy holding on to stocks after they had reached their percentage growth, the system worked. She said she had a limited number of the software programs as they were controlled by ASIC on the number of Traders they were entitled to have join their program.

    I said the graphing of small percentage growths and falls made sense to me but I was not about to pay $8,900 for something that might turn out to be an empty box.

    She said if she could give me a money guarantee if it failed to pay for itself in 15 months would I be more prepared to invest.

    I said if there was no risk I would be interested. She then said she would speak to her supervisor to see if she could arrange a guarantee for me…moments silence…She then returned and I was then offered a guarantee if I did not make back the $8,900 in 15 months I would get a refund.

    Still wary about it being too good to be true, I put her off saying I had to go out and she arranged to call the next night.

    It was only at this stage that I started to look at the brochure in depth and noticed nowhere did it have the actual name of the company or ABN.

    Nichole called back two days later, this time she was saying the offer to purchase closed at the end of the day. I told her I could not find an ABN on the brochure, and would she post me her business card. She said the reason why the ABN was not on the brochure was because it was an international brochure, but asked if I had a pen and she started to give me an ABN and told me to check it out on ASIC. Not convinced to the legality of the brochure without an ABN on it and therefore the quality of the verbal guarantee. I told her there would be no way I would be agreeing to anything by the end of the day based on a telephone call with someone I had not met.

    Unfortunately, that interrupted her from giving me the ABN and the conversation ended…so I did not get to check it out on ASIC and am surprised that Robert above says that it is listed there.

    I was convinced at the end that they were frauds, more by the pressure to sign up by the end of the day…and the missing ABN but still it worried me that I may have been wrong so I decided to try to find something on them on the net….and then I found you guys.

    Same story as my experience…fantastic salesperson, where do they find them…and are they really listed on ASIC!

    Narrow escape for me, sorry you other people were burnt.

    I will certainly be doing an article on them in my next issue of Your Liverpool Magazine to alert people to the fraud.

  30. Karress

    Nichole called back two days later, this time she was saying the offer to purchase closed at the end of the day. I told her I could not find an ABN on the brochure, and would she post me her business card. She said the reason why the ABN was not on the brochure was because it was an international brochure, but asked if I had a pen and she started to give me an ABN and told me to check it out on ASIC. Not convinced to the legality of the brochure without an ABN on it and therefore the quality of the verbal guarantee. I told her there would be no way I would be agreeing to anything by the end of the day based on a telephone call with someone I had not met.

    Unfortunately, that interrupted her from giving me the ABN and the conversation ended…so I did not get to check it out on ASIC and am surprised that Robert above says that it is listed there.

    It was the pressure to sign up by the end of the day…and the missing ABN that made me pull out…but still it worried me that I may have been wrong so I decided to try to find something on them on the net….and then I found you guys.

    Same story as my experience…fantastic salesperson, where do they find them…and are they really listed on ASIC!

  31. Willy


    I can provide you with the names of the people behind the CFS-live scam both here and in the UK. I can give you the trading names of the ‘help desk’ people and the initial cold caller plus the location of the offices. I can also give you the names of the hard sell people.

    If you are serious about Today Tonight etc let me know and I will provide all the information you need.

  32. Willy

    I actually wonder if you people are real! What was the company registered by ASIC mentioned above? How could you track the owners when they pay people $200 a week to be dummy directors?

    Peter are you serious about exposing them or just talk?

    I made an offer and you have access to my email address so lets see if you are fact or full of it!

    ps. I think there are people at ATO being paid to look the other way

  33. Willy

    I should have said how small time you are all are. I hear some people have paid $80,000 for a Gold membership.

    Can you believe anyone is that stupid….. well yes they send money to Nigeria every day.

  34. Willy


    Can I assume that you are simply all talk? You have my offer and you have my contact details but you seem to have no interest in find out the people behind CFS-Live

  35. Mary

    Every credit card transaction for $8,900 should be a RED FLAG for the banks and credit card providers. Our financial services providers and regulatory bodies know about these scams and do what to protect their customers?

    If you’ve been ripped off, speak out! Contact your bank and ASIC and complain loudly. Don’t be embarrassed. You didn’t know about the scam but you can bet your financial services provider did!

  36. Mary

    Try googling IPI Pty Ltd. No mention of an Australian Financial Services Licence and the terms and conditions are… not very customer friendly!

  37. Paul

    I had an initial call with ACCC today and have a follow up conversation tomorrow to provide more details on this scam. Also lost $8900, offered money back guarantee and I am more than willing to take this to ACA. I will also be contacting ASIC this week and I realise my money is probably gone, but I want to close this scam and the people beyond this, at their apparent Sydney office who act as their customer service division and made several misrepresentations. In actual fact I believe they are not employed by CfS, but an employment agency.
    If you provide an email address, i will contact you.
    By the way, don’t spend money on a lawyer, without an ACN or registered company name, it is a waste of

  38. Paul

    Hi Willy & Peter,

    I was scammed by CFS, they offered a money back guarantee which I have been claiming for over 2 months. I spoke to a lawyer about this and without an ABN, which they dont have, it is pointless paying money to prosecute, given the company is London based.

    I have gone down the root of calling ACCC, I have a call with them tomorrow anf will then contact ASIC. I aim, to expose these criminal for what they are. I know that I am unlikely to get my money back, but want this scam exposed and hopefully closed.

    Peter, Willy and any other that want the same, please email me on

    I hope to hear from you soon and happy to take this to ACA.

  39. Paul

    Peter & Willy,

    If you are serious about taking this on, whether it be to ACA, ACCC or ASIC, send me your details to an email box I established last night
    I have lost $8,900; told at the time that my money would be returned back if I did not make profit equivalent to the outlay cost. Have been chasing this up for 2 months, spoken to my solicitor and without an ABN, which they dont have, then was told it was a waste of money pursuing through solicitors as there is no one to sue (a registered company here in Australia). But was told to take it to ACCC, ASIC and ACA to expose this scam.
    Willy, if you are serious, email me and provide me your details and would be happy to take this scam on.

  40. Willy


    I have provided Peter with the Trading names (Pty companies), names and photos of the people behind the scam, office addresses, home addresses and other detail.

    You could well be a paid phiser by them with that email address.

    If Peter does not want to provide the details to you let me know via this forum

  41. Willy


    You asked me if I was serious. What about you? Are you a plant gathering info for the CFS boys? Seems strange that after 5 days no response.

  42. Suzy

    So it looks like I’ve lost my very hard earned cash. We cotactedg the CFS service representatives for a refund the minute we received the folder. I thought we were getting somewhere when Gail found the time in her busy scheming schedule to phone back. She told us to email a letter stating reasons for our refund request, and also send a hard copy with the Folder back to CFS within 7 business days. Months went by playing continuous phone tag with a man named Adrian supposedly handling our complaint. Then a few weeks ago we received the folder in the mail again, and were informed that since we broke the seal on the side no refund will be given. Thay are not concerned about threats to go to court or to the police and heres why, I like many of you have been to the ACCC, they stated I don’t have a case since the program I purchased is not actually faulty and the package and program was in the state that was expected. Don’t know where to turn now, I put it on my Credit Card, and used most of my savings to pay that bill, the interest on that amount would have been phenomenal. But now we have nothing but bills and an empty bank account. I will help where I can to put a stop to this.

  43. Willy


    I think you are in the wrong place as I now believe this is a phishing site for the CFS boys. Even the names you have used makes me wonder if YOU are real as THEY do not use their real names but you have.

    The site moderator has all the information you need and anyone else. He has your email address so he could provide this to you.

    He claims he wants to provide info to TTN and ACA but does nothing because I think he is scared.

    Why don’t you get Peter to provide the home addresses for P & R so you can demand your money back in person? I suspect he won’t because he is a front to let you vent your anger but then do nothing.

    Now we have them back in the UK ripping off again.

  44. Alex

    And who are you, Willy? Peter has been publicly wanring people about JBC and CFs for at least two years, and encouraging anyone who has been ripped off by them to take action. If you are concered, go the authorities yourself and stop whining about what other people whould be doing.

  45. Peter

    Hi Suzy and others. It has been a while since I have been able to do any updates.

    I continue to be dismayed that the ACCC and state consumer protection agencies seem unable or unwilling to take any action against a very slick, ongoing, major scam operation.

    In the last couple of weeks I have sent information to Today Tonight, and A Current Affair, but without any response.

    I will keep trying. If you who have information or have been ripped of by JBC or CFS contact them directly, that will increase the chances that current affairs programmes will take an interest.

    Another possibility is to talk to your local MP and ask him or her to stir the consumer agencies into action. But I think pressing the current affairs programmes is the best bet, at least to make sure as many people are warned about this as possible.

  46. Ben

    Most if not all the stock market and share price prediction scams, as well as the horse racing prediction software scams are based on the Queensland Gold Coast. They claim that they are based in Sydney or London etc but thats simply not true. There is about ten companies with similar prediction software programs operating on the Gold Coast. Those companies normally change there name and contact details every six months or so to cover there tracks. The sales people are paid on commission and recieve $1500.00 or more for every sale they make, so they will tell and promise you anything to make a sale. The companies on the Gold Coast are very secretive and only certain people in the know, know where they are and how to become a “sales person” for the company. A number of people on the Gold Coast want to work for the scam prediction software companies because its very good money as most staff are recieving between $3000.00 and $5000.00 cash in the hand per week for only few hours a week on the telephone, so when you consider the money its very easy to lie to people to make sales and ingnore the fact that the software is bogus. It is near inpossible to get a refund, really the only way is to do a “charge back” on your credit card from your bank ASAP. A person would have more luck making money by spending $8900.00 at a casino than on the software prediction programs. Trust me, do not believe the sales people on the phones or the website/brochure.

  47. steve

    Willy, I also am in the process of trying to get my $8900 back from cfs,Can you please provide for me the information that you have given to Peter,Can you not provide it on this website so everybody can see for themselves what lowlife,scumbags look like or is it an invasion of there privicy!

  48. steve

    Willy,I am in the process of trying to recover my $8900 from cfs,Can you please send me the information that you sent to Peter about the company and peoples involved? Better still can you post all information on this website so everyone can see what lowlife,scumbags of no conscience look like?Or would that be an invasion of there privacy! Why should people of such low moral standard have any rights.Any help would be much appreciated.

  49. Ben

    Steve, The only way to get your money back is to do a “charge back” at your bank – it has worked for some people. This is a procedure where the issuer of a credit card – such as a bank, building society or credit union – charges a proportion of the disputed transaction back to a merchant’s bank. The proportion of the transaction charged back can be all or a portion of the disputed amount.

    A chargeback can occur for a number of different reasons. Some of the more popular include:

    unauthorised transaction – where no card was present and the cardholder’s permission was not granted;

    non- receipt of documents requested – where the merchant’s bank does not supply required information pertaining to the disputed transaction;

    goods not received – by the cardholder;

    cancellation of recurring transaction – where a merchant ignores a request from the cardholder to cancel a recurring transaction;

    another payment method used – effectively paying for the goods or service twice;

    services not rendered – merchant unable to provide agreed goods or services.

    You should also contact the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and advise them of the situation and the scam.

    Sadly if you are unable to do a “charge back” then consider your $8900.00 gone.

  50. Eileen

    Danny Cook. What a smooth talker you are. I actually enjoyed your chats. My con has cost 2 of my family as well. To think we were so honourable about the confidentiality agreement!! If only this site existed one year ago when I parted with our family’s hard earned cash. How can people do this to eachother?? My software folder is still on the bench. The practice attempts were so hopeless that I never made a real transaction. Thank goodness I didn’t lose more of our money. I too have been unable to get through on any of my support numbers. Danny Cook was never available on the number he gave me for first hand support. Oh dear. Must stick with my husband’s philosophy from now on …. If it seems to good to be true etc etc.
    Would love to expose these un Australian scammers through the media.

  51. Willy

    They are not stupid people behind this scam. By paying mugs to front as Directors they provide an extra level protection. Their names can’t be published directly here because they could claim liable as they are not named on the company records.

    The person dealing with the scam as ASIC is Jennifer Lindley Write directly to her.

    The person dealing with the scam at ATO is Jasmine Edwards, Write directly to her

    If you allow Peter to send your email address directly to me and I am sure you are not a phiser for them CFS guys I will send the other information directly to you.

    They have a guy almost full time monitoring this and other sites so they know what is going on.

    If you play football in Robina you probably know the ring leader!

  52. Louise

    My sister was contacted approx 14/15 months ago. As a result of this initial consultation, she, my brother and I all joined up. We were directed to the fake websites to verify their success.
    All in all – we have paid them over $25 000 AUD.
    I have only had success with one stock I have purchased – which was pure chance. It doubled in value from $1000 to $2000.
    I initially invested $2000 as suggested when I was first approached. I was guaranteed that I would make the purchase price (> $8000) back in 12 months or my money back. Despite my luck with that one share…my portfolio has now dipped under the initial investment of $2000. I have been going since Feb this year.

  53. Willy

    Perhaps I could post their Rego Numbers and people could recognise them. What do you say Peter?

  54. Willy

    If you are on the Gold Coast, Australia (I wish I was!) then I can give you the car regos to track them down. What do you say Peter?

  55. Sam

    I have just been reading through all the posts on this website and would like to add our experience.

    We were taken hook, line and sinker by CFS. We even checked out the ASIC website first after finding out their ABN. No warnings were found on that website so we proceeded with the purchase of software. Didn’t take long to wake up to the fact that this was a scam.

    Just to keep it short –
    After contacting them several times in writing requesting a refund it was obvious they had no intentions to return our money. Even claiming that it was an unusual request that they had not had before!

    After approaching our credit union and providing evidence to back up our claim, they then forwarded the information on to VISA and within a couple of weeks we were credited with the full amount paid by means of ‘Chargeback’ (I think it was called.
    I had paperwork to show that at some stage our ‘personal assistant’ was associated with Once I googled that it gave me the confidence to pursue the matter as has been a major problem in London.
    I reported it to ASIC, Fair Trading and ACCC.
    Have had no reply from the ACCC (so much for them), Fair Trading indicated that I should have checked out the ASIC website first (which I did)and were not really interested in taking it further.
    ASIC did show an interest and contacted me (Jennifer Lindley).
    Jennifer was good enough to listen to my complaint but after several months, I have just received a reply to say –
    “following careful consideration of the issues you have raised at a senior level, ASIC has determined not to take any further action at this time.” An extremely disappointing result to say the least.

    However, it is easy enough to lodge your complaint online and there is a good chance that if everyone supports each other and actually goes on line and fills in a complaint regarding CFS-live, then maybe we might see a bit of action. I did get the impression that it would be taken more seriously the more complaints they received. Please, for the sake of those already scammed and those still in the firing line, take the time to register an on-line complaint with ASIC or call and ask to speak to Jennifer Lindley.

    By the way, don’t be taken by their fancy address, I have good reason to believe this is what is called a virtual office – exists but not really – only leased short term with a room available for use if needed. Now that’s something else I find deceitful and misleading. And let’s not start on the validity of!

    Good Luck All!

  56. steve

    Hi, Peter, Can you please pass on my email address to Willy. Thankyou.

  57. Adam

    I wonder if the name Scott Brennan in this article is the same Scott Brennan from National Lending Group (the company name he uses) NLG2 Pty Ltd (actual Company name) which mysteriously “Phoenixed” from NLG Pty Ltd,( Company is in External Liquidation)I have provided services to this “Gent” without any payment forthcoming, be very carefull people!!

  58. Sierra

    Hi Peter, I was unfortunately scammed also, it was coincidense that I was starting to look at share trading the time I got the fancy broucher and phone call. With greed over riding my emotion, I took the easy option of purchasing the program. SUCKER born eevryday and that day it was me…
    I told was guranteed a 100% money back gurantee after 13mths if I had not made back the purchased price. After 12mths I was pretty much break even. I followed the program to the letter just to ensure that I received my refund.
    However I never really enjoyed share trading and found my passion in forex trading. I have devoted time, effort and hard work and have started to return positive results. I too have contacted the Financial Ombudsman. After researching and finding many websites like yours highlighting the fact its a scam, I realise my money is lost. An expensive lesson but I just want to warn others to avoid CFS and to invest in your education or find a reputable investment firm to do the work for you.
    Hi Peter can you also send my email to Willy, karma goes around.
    Thanks Peter for highlightng the scam and hopefully others will not get caught…

  59. Adam

    Sorry O spelt your name wrong Phil Travers

  60. Kiskay

    Myself and my husband have also been taken for this ride. We forked out $8900 for a CFS software program that crashed our computer. Lucky we never invested any other money into the stockmarketing side of it. We are currently trying to get our money back through our bank through a despute of wrongful jobs received, hopefully all goes well. it was april last year that they got us……if only we had of know about sites like this back then!

  61. Prawat

    I just wanted more income and was so stupid that time. CFS got my $8,900 last year around March. I have no idea how to take my money back. Today I got a phone call from a guy who work for ESLtrader so pls be careful coz he just said the same thing as CFS said to me last year

  62. Sierra

    Hey Adam, Who is Rhys Adams and Phil Travis. Are they the dirt bags behind the scam..

  63. Sierra

    Hey Willy…. can you please name and shame all tose involved. All details would be greatly appreciated…

  64. Peter

    I have just received the following email from Rhys Adams:

    Dear Peter,

    This morning I was made aware of a matter that requires your urgent attention. At about 9.30 this morning I had a gentleman at my door looking for the director of a company called CFS. After explaining to the gentleman that I was not the director of CFS, nor did I have any involvement with CFS he informed me he found my name and address on your website – Please see the link below:

    Your site shows that I am to be contacted for this company, but as mentioned, I am not the director and I don’t have anything to do with this company. After reading the information on your site it would seem there is some link to who after researching appear to be an organised gang with affiliations to the Hells Angels who had it’s directors arrested only days ago. See link below

    I don’t know why I am being wrongly targeted, but I have spoken with the Police and they advised I contact you to have the information removed. Any criminal offence committed against myself or my family could see you linked as an accomplice for providing the false information. Your site seems to be designed to protect people so it is worrying that it can be manipulated in such a way.

    I hope you can appreciate the seriousness of this matter and I request that you remove my name and address immediately.

    Thank you for your assistance on this matter, I would expect your full cooperation so I dont have to involve the police any further.



    I responded as follows:

    Dear Rhys,

    Firstly, if you are or have been involved with the thieving arseholes at JBC or CFS Live, given the misery and disruption to people’s lives they have caused and continue to cause, you deserve everything you get. JBC, CFS Live and ESLTrader are vile, and so is everyone involved with them.

    The note you refer to was not written by me but appears in the comments.

    I do have a rule about not putting people’s addresses or other identifying information in comments since I am not able to verify this information and there is a possibility of entirely innocent people being subjected to unwarranted questioning. It may be that this is so for you.

    The comment which gave your address has now been removed.

    Best regards,


    Readers please do note that while I cannot verify identifying information you provide, I may still be considered liable for it if it appears here. Please do not post addresses, phone numbers or car registration details – even if you know for certain they are accurate.

    Identifying information can be sent directly to me, and will be passed on to proper authorities.

    I would be interested to hear any comments on Rhys’ email to me.

  65. willy

    Must be a fairly common name as it is also listed here
    scroll right down.

    I would suggest Rhys has had someone else write the email to you Peter. I doubt with his record he would be going the the Police

  66. willy

    ESL Trader –
    registered 11-mar-2011

    On their site
    Since its inception, ESL has been a dynamic company offering access to exchanges around the world and providing its powerful suite of products and platforms to both private clients and institutions.

    Just a recent birth I suspect. Same registrant details as

  67. steve

    Hi Peter,I asked you on the 2/9/11 if you could please pass my email address on to Willy.Have you forgotten?Steve.

  68. steve

    Rhys,Bad things happen to bad people.It may not happen straight away but it will happen,name dropping motorcycle clubs has consequences + repercussions.

  69. steve

    Willy,Peter says your email address does not work,any ideas of how we can make contact. Steve.

  70. Brad

    I fell for it at the beginning of the year. Lost money from day one and they told me it was the market and it would come good. I stopped two months ago and have been tryiong to get my money back ever since. theyre head office in london is reviewing my request…i think that’s code for im no chance. warning – If it sounds too good to be true its because it is!!!!!!!!

  71. willy

    Steve what Peter should has said was that my email no longer worked.

    I think someone from Today Tonight leaked my email address to Rhys and his lot because I got a lot of hate mail and threats. No sense using that email!

    Peter has everything, Steve. He has names, addresses (home and business) photos, telephone numbers, car regos, support staff names and addresses. He even has the Larry Pickering backed racing crap distributors names.

    I agree with your comment about Rhys dropping the Hells Angels name. I think that will come back to bite his you know what.

    Never fear about libel Peter as their is enough evidence to tie Rhys to CFS and the rest.

  72. Roger

    Hi All,

    I’m sorry to read all the sad tales here and figure I should add my experience to help prevent the same for anyone else doing their research and coming across this page.

    I had a phone call and email today from William Bishop (Senior Analyst) at ESL trying to sell me their “Award-Winning ‘ESL Leading Edge Software’”!!!

    He claimed to have worked there for three and a half years and was a very smooth operator but also evasive at times.

    He did give me their ACN number (131814849) when I asked for their ABN number.

    According to the asic site, the company is known as …


    … but had changed it’s name from QUINOX PTY. LTD. on the 5th of July 2011.

    Their Application For Registration as a Proprietary Company was made on 24 June 2008

    See the ASIC page for yourselves …

    All the rest of his spiel about 400 systems for Australia, with WA and NSW already fully subscribed and SA having only a few spots left … sounds exactly like the claims and tactics made by CFS and GBC etc.

    They have two websites … and

    Both sites were registered in March this year … 2011.

    I also came across a couple of sites listing articles about how wonderful the software is … one in particular … supposedly by an Anthony Green from Citigroup may easily fool someone who was not wary …

    If this article is a total fabrication as I suspect, surely there must be something that can be done to hold them to account.

    My reason for posting all this is because I am relieved to have found this site with all it’s warnings before getting any more involved … and hope that others who are being targeted will find this also before they get conned.

  73. willy


  74. willy

    Thanks Roger
    To start Johnson Press don’t have and never have had a financial journalist by the name of Emma Prescott. Phone and ask them +44 131 225 3361

    The esl-corporate web site states “ESL-CORPORATE.COM is the official website of the limited company ESL CORPORATE” A search of company records in Australia and United Kingdom does not produce a company of that name.

  75. Peter

    Indeed. And neither is there an Anthony Green at Citigroup. The well known Anthony Green works at Macquarie. I have emailed him and asked him to respond to the ‘Emma’ ‘press release.’

  76. willy

    Surprise. No 131814849 ABN recorded!

  77. willy

    some gossip. According to a friend of a friend of Rhys’s mate Paul in London (Paul and Rhys both worked for Tomato Technology in London) the person who wrote the article is some one by the name of Gail who works in Oz. Now I notice in a previous post there is a reference to a Gail

  78. adam

    Rumor is you are coming to NZ for the RWC, Rhys. Better bring your refund card as I will be looking for you.

  79. Mary

    Has anyone had any success in getting ASIC (or other regulatory body) to take action against these scammers? I’d love to know how many complaints ASIC have on record.

  80. willy

    Write to Jennifer Lindley
    and ask her. Then ask her why she does nothing.

  81. G

    I was contacted by ESL today. I know they got my number from my business website as they referred to my business name by the title of my webpage (a brand I promote for web marketing purposes) & not my correct business name which is clearly stated in the text below …if they bothered to read it!

    The salesman (aka ‘senior analyst) was called Peter Nicholas with these details on his email to me following our chat; 1300 841 433 | F: 1300 795 811
    A: Floor 46, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney, NSW, 2000

    From what I’ve read here & on another forum, I was given the same spin & thought I’d investigate.

    My previous job was an Internet marketing specialist & I can quickly see how they tried to build their online presence around July this year (obviously not long after they registered their current site).

    The key thing we need to do is to get either this webpage or another to rank as high as possible on google for keyword phrases relating to their business. The more times we use their business name in text (& ideally link into this site from related sites) the higher this page will rank…so people will find our comments BEFORE they go their bogus site. So here goes…ESL day share trading scam, ESL trader review, bad press, negative, info, ESL software program, ESL dodgy, ESL computer program experiences, ESL trading Australia scam.

    Everyone should mention ESL day trading software scam as much as possible!

    Hope this helps & if anyone would like further web marketing advice to help others avoid such traps, I’m happy to help…(for the record, I didn’t get scammed luckily)

  82. willy

    They are looking for telemarketers to target suckers in the UK. email

    Notice how again they use free email services to hide.

    Peter you have their address in Surfers Paradise for people to visit

  83. Dave

    Rhys Adam (Im pretty sure it was Adam, not Adams) was the director of CFS in the UK.I know as I used to work there.I could probably post a picture of him if need be.His 2nd in command was a guy called Paul Giorgiou (fake name Paul Day).

  84. Dave

    I may have a picture of Rhys.Please post your email adress if you would like it.

  85. tony

    Would love to see his face!

  86. dravid

    Do you think he’s cute?

  87. wallace

    i have a pic of snoop dogg 2!

  88. Dave

    Hi Rhys/Paul

  89. Anne

    Thanks everyone, you just saved me $9200. Was contacted by ESL today and despite my better judgement was curious. Will be contacting as many people as possible to pass on information.

  90. Hater

    I agree we need to keep mentioning ESL so this page comes up in google searches.Then people will know its a scam.

    ESL scam
    ESL trader scam
    ESL software scam

  91. Grateful

    This blog has saved me wasting $9,200 on ESL software.

    It appears to me that ESL Software is the latest incarnation of this scam.

    ESL appears to be very impressive.

    A search on Google for ESL took me to:
    * The ESL website which was similar to the beautiful glossy booklet that ESL sent me unsolicited
    * The International Stock Exchange Commission from whom ESL have won an international award
    * The Small Business Guide which contains a glowing review of ESL
    * eshare magazine that lists ESL as one of the top 5 performers

    I sent an email in reply to their message and requested their ABN plus AFS licence number.

    I received a phone call and was given the ACN as 131 814 849. This was listed on the ASIC National Names Index as: ESL INVESTOR SERVICES AND QUINOX SYSTEMS PTY LTD.

    ESL informed me that as ESL were selling the software ESL didn’t need an AFS licence.

    I was also told that ESL was selling a limited number of ESL software licences so that ESL couldn’t manipulate the market. ESL are full of themselves if ESL think 400 amateur traders are going to impact the market more than the institutional investors. I guess ESL would only recommend dogs and so they may have a chance of effecting those share prices.

  92. adam

    Interesting that the was only registered 5/18/2011

  93. Phil

    Interesting article

    pity it does not name Rhys & co

  94. Florence

    The ESL tribe are still at it – with the pressure to sign up intense. I’m interested in share trading, but this seems too good to be true – and it seems my suspicions are founded. So, my $9,200 is safe!! Their sales tactic is to hammer you to join, with nothing substantial to back up their promises, just hard core pressure – a real turn off for me.

  95. Suzy

    Can you just imagine the scum bags who work for these people. The people who man the phones, who create the fake websites with awards, who write the fake stories. They obviously don’t care that there are victims of this scam.

    I bet the low lives think they are good citizens

  96. Phil

    Peter, Willy says you won’t accept any of his posts. Why not?

  97. Peter

    Hi Phil,

    No that’s not the case at all. All of his posts have been approved, except for a very few which seemed to me were unfairly critical of other commenters, or which included names, addresses, etc of people allegedly involved in the JBC/CFS/ESL scams.

    Willy may be right about who they are and their contact details, but unfortunately it is too legally dangerous for me to publish them.

    I am happy to put people who want that information in touch with him directly – except that the email address I have for him no longer works.

  98. Josh

    That would also be illegal Peter as you have no proof and these so called know it alls could take action into their own hands which would be make you liable, a very illegal matter indeed!

  99. Dale Gillham

    Recently I spoke to someone who bought ELS Trader. They contacted me regarding thier interest in our accedited course on share trading so they could learn to trade. Their story was similar to many on this post and to what I have heard hundreds of time before. Gvien this they were not happy with my responce as to the quality of the software in question. After doing some research I rang the person back to advise them they had lost thier money and be careful about using the software in an attempt to trade the market.

    Today I found this fantastic blog and have posted a link to it on our facebook site asking my clients to forward it to all thier friends. I have also sent a message via my twitter account which goes to a number of media personalities and jounralist that I know. I was also only talking about this sort of thing to some journalist only a week ago and will now forward the link to these people.

    If everyone does thier bit then maybe we can stop more from loosing money as this blog has already started to do.

  100. Tim

    I too had the same thing happen to me. I had a woman call asking to send the brochure, to which i agreed just to get off the phone.
    When the brochure arrived i threw it straight in the bin.
    i had a guy call today using the name George Summers pressuring me to sign up and to disregard my wife’s opinion. Everytime i mentioned ‘risk’ he tried to tell me there was no risk what-so-ever and quickly changed the direction of the conversation.
    Left me his call back number which is the same as above.

  101. Edward

    For the past 2 days I have been speaking to a Senior Analyst – Adrian Moore at ESL. He has been trying to convince me that $9,200 for the ESL software is money well spent and that there were only 2 spots left out of the 400 licenses. But having been in the banking industry for many years, “easy money” usually means trouble/scams.

    This blog just confirmed my suspicions and have saved my hard earned money. Thank-you all for the insights and investigations.

  102. Margaret

    Someone called Adrian was the same person who spoke to me. Same story, only two licenses left. He really tried to make me feel he was doing me a favour holding on to that license while I dithered when there were other people lining up to get it. So glad I didn’t fall for it. I don’t know how these people can live with themselves.

  103. Nigel

    I have no idea what these people are talking about, I use the system and it works great!

  104. harry

    I dear say competitors Nigel, this site promotes and advertises forex programs, typical corporate sledging, nothing new. Can you get me a copy of the programme, they have sold out in my state?

  105. John

    Glad i came to this website.
    when they called, it sounded just like a boiler room style.Watch the movie and you’ll see what i mean. He was pushy and called every day in an attempt to get me to sign up. even saying “it’s up to you in the end” but then went on and on pushing the “sale”. Besides, if the returns are so good, why bother selling the product and concentrate on making the money with the software. also the arbitrage or whatever they are saying just evaporates then if everyone knows what you are doing.

  106. Dave

    Nigel – if the system works so well, prove it.Post some of the buy/sell alerts the system gives you, and we will watch to see how the shares perform.

  107. Peter

    In two minds about whether to remove the posts by ‘Nigel’ and ‘Harry,’ which are fakes/shills.

    The over 100 people who have commented on this post and others on the same subject are not disgruntled ex-employees of JBC, CFS or ESL. They are people who have been ripped off by shameless con-men.

    Nor are the people who have had their money stolen competitors. Nor does this site promote or sell any forex or other financial products.

    Posting fake comments is typical of JBC, CFS, ESL practice, which is to tell whatever lies are necessary to make the sale, and then to abuse anyone who dares complain.

    And incidentally, this website records commenters’ IP addresses. The ‘Nigel’ and ‘Harry’ comments were both posted from the same computer.

    It has also recorded the IP addresses of computers from which abusive and threatening comments have been sent.

    So ‘,’ ‘’ ‘’ etc, just keep in mind that police are able to trace your IP address to you.

    If you call dishonest and unscrupulous people to account for the harm they do, they are likely to respond in dishonest and unscrupulous ways. But these bastards will get their comeuppance eventually.

  108. Suzy

    Without the ability to provide names and addresses it is all a bit pointless. Is it possible to display a link to a site that has that information so the scammers can be identified. They are active in both the UK and Australia but the top two run both.

  109. Dale Gillham

    Everyone posting in this blog about their experiences should congratulate themselves fortaking the time to do thier research. Know that for every post there is about 10 others who just read, and as such you are helping many by posting. I agree with Peter that Nigel and Harry are fake, if you are. Not please email me as I am a professional trader, fund manager and educator who has never seen a software program that can do what ESL and others promote. My email is Dale Gillham at if I can sack my expensive analysts for a software program then please share with me. I warn you though I have heard all the BS from companies like these for decades so won’t be easy to convince. Unlike you, people can google me to see who I am and email me personally to verify who I am.

    If anyone reading this post seriously thinks that they can make money buying this overpriced software, then they need to do two things. Firstly visit the ASIC website and visit scams in their Money Smart section of their consumer website. Secondly email me and I will give you a reality check for free, so you can keep your $ 9k

    Further to my post last month I have sent continued to send information to media about this subject and suggest others do too as this is a fast way to stop others getting stung.

  110. Suzy


    Can I suggest that you add ESL Trader to the title of this page. That will allow Google to crawl the page and index it with the ESL Trader name in the scam warning.

  111. Peter

    Good suggestion, thanks. Done.

  112. Dale Gillham

    Whilst not a software program the Sydeny Morning Herald article I found today is interesting reading for anything looking at attending investing/trading/wealth careation seminars. Watch out for the spruikers.

    In short do your own independant research, talk to ASIC and if in it sounds too good to be true don’t do it!

  113. Suzy

    The ESL Trader title is not in your header.

    It is a shame that this blog has gone tame. You have Phi and Rhys on the run and scared. You had the feature writer wondering if she would be sued. In fact you had done a good job.

    Now they think they are safe.

    A shame really.

  114. Peter

    Suzy I added the words ESL Trader to the title of this page as you suggested. Perhaps I misunderstood you. Did you mean something else?

  115. Suzy

    ESL Trader is not in this wordpress header title

  116. Peter

    The post title is JBC Global, CFS Live, ESL Trader Stock – Share Trading Scams,

    The permanent link to this post is:

    If you enter esl trader scam into google search, this is the number two listing.

    I am not sure there is much more I can do!

  117. Nancy Long

    So much for being an ‘independent conservative blog’ this site appears to only publish one side of the story.. The feedback i’ve tried to post a number of times is not granted a post. Dubious indeed!

  118. Nancy Long

    I came across this site as I have a friend running the ESL Program and I was searching some further info on the company. Rather disconcerting to see so much negative feedback on ESL, considering I am interested in buying the program myself. I wonder how much of this is in fact heresay and written by people genuinely running the program. Given his experience with ESL I can’t honestly see how it can be called a scam!? He received everything that was described pre purchase, was promptly delivered the program and has had ongoing support ever since.
    It’s been very interesting to watch his progress especially as I have a large portfolio managed by a broker. Over the past 6 months my managed fund through my broker has gone significantly backwards, trading mainly a blue-chip portfolio. During the same period my friend has achieved a good steady return using the program, albeit there was one month that didn’t go so well with the US Debt Crisis impacting the entire market. Since that time he has been achieving a good consistent return and my managed fund has been subjected to a fair amount of ridicule. He runs two settings, one on medium to high risk and also one focusing on blue-chip stocks.

    Now considering I pay a lot of money in fees to my broker, as opposed to a modest cost my friend paid to purchase the ESL Program, I am very impressed. He has regular contact with his one on one advisor who has guided him through the process from day one and is at his beck and call as required. He’s not running the program ‘fully automated’ or anything silly like that, but at the click of a button, the program does all of the charting and analysis resulting in a list of options each day to invest into. He applies his own input then into the decision making process and once he makes his selection he can track the stocks through the program which, based on his preferences, will recommend when to sell. His preference is to manually buy or sell through the broker, rather than placing automatic orders.

    I think that I was a bit pessimistic initially, especially with the claims about its historical performance, however having seen first-hand that it can outperform conventional methods of trading and am seriously considering an opportunity to get involved myself. I will however certainly be getting him to ask some questions about the content of this website before I proceed.

  119. Peter

    Not a good start ‘Nancy!’ No one with your name, or using your email address, has had any comments rejected. You are welcome to post comments. Just check – the only comments from you have all been approved. Don’t assume because comments from a first time user take a little while to be moderated that they are being censored. That is not what we do.

    If you really do have a success story to share, then by all means share it.

    Don’t just say ‘This works for me, you must all be doing something wrong, or ‘A friend of mine has this and it works for him.’

    Show us that the program recommended certain stocks to buy on a certain date, recommended to sell those stocks on a certain date, and that the wins you had outweighed the losses.

    If you can do that, I am sure everyone would be interested.

    Until then, the reality is that every genuine user we know of regards this programme as a deliberate scam.

  120. Nancy Long

    Thank you Peter, as above I am most grateful for your site bringin to my attention the negative aspects of this company/program. I felt that by not posting my feedback that you were being somewhat biased, however I see now this is not the case. I will talk to Greg about logging the recommended stocks through your site. (Please note that there is a double up on my post where I tried twice to log the entry)

  121. Roger

    Just had a call from Peter from ESL, spent a good 20 min hard sell on the phone, I must admit he was a very good sales person, having had some experience in that area, I would have to congratulate him on his abilities, and awesome sales script but he was too good! Peter was a highly trained and experienced cold-caller not a trader and why was he pushing so hard on the sell with a product that should be making him a fortune! Then came the punch line – the “Fear of Loss” close with only 4 licences left @ $9000. Ahhh thats pay dirt for a good salesman, I would hazard he would get around 50% commission. But dont worry – if you cant afford $9000 up front take 50% up front and pay the rest when you make your first $20000! so you only get ripped off $4500! still not a bad days work for Peter – SCAM!

  122. Ed

    I have been approache by a number of people from esl and unfortunately curiosity got the best of me and I paid 4900 for a piece of crap software that seems to be picking stocks at random. Hit rate of a good trade is less than 1 in 20. Do not buy anything that sounds too good to be true . There is nothing called easy money. I have contacted them for a refund but they are giving me the run around as you would expect. I will waste their time if I don’t get my money back. I will take them to tribunal and then they’ll be forced to settle.
    I will keep everybody updates with the latest… We’ll see if I ever get to someone in “accounts” to issue a refund.

    Do not buy anything from esl.

  123. Suzy

    Nancy writes well doesn’t she? After all she has to do those fake interviews, invent awards that are years old for sites created yesterday, make up testimonials etc.

    I presume the hardest thing Nancy has to do each day is lie straight in bed.

  124. Peter

    I don’t think that is quite fair Suzy. Nancy probably genuinely is trying to work out whether ESL is legitimate or not. It did take me a little longer than usual to approve her comments, so it was reasonable she thought they had simply been censored or ignored. Amongst all the hundreds of people wo must have bought this scam software, there may well be a few who had a winning streak up front, so talking about a positive experience is OK. Of course that no more tells you this is a genuine product than the first few wins in a dodgy poker game. ESL CFS and JBC, and all who sell them, are still, to use the words of Han Solo, a slimy worm ridden piece of filth.

  125. Suzy

    I am sure I know who Nancy is Peter, so no I don’t think I am being unfair. Look at the way her posts are written and Rhys’s email to you… look similar?

    Unless we can exposure these people with their real names, addresses and even photos we are not going to get far. If you saw the lifestyles they lead at the expense of others you would be much more angry than you are now.

    Didn’t Willy give you the office addresses? The leads and support companies in Surfers Paradise have the two head rats there each day so it would not be hard for persons wanting to discuss refunds to reach the right people.

    Unfortunately they tink that sticks and stones may break my bons but words will never hurt me. So we can call them all the names we like but they will just order another bottle of Moet (that is if the waiter understands what they call ‘Moeea’ actually is)

  126. Suzy


    Here is a suggestion for all the people who read these posts. You all know that the scammers hide behind ‘Private registration’ domains.

    We should register some and using wordpress allow people to post content including addresses, photos, phone numbers etc.

    Now I will suggest some names which are purely fictitious as we have no reason to believe the real people are associated with this scam.

    But:,,, could be used until such times as domains that identified the real slime behind the scam.

    What do you think?

  127. suzy


  128. Jane Russell

    Satan whispers in Ears but God shouts to the heart!

  129. Suzy

    Jane, exactly what does that mean?

  130. Shimmy

    These people seem to think they know me and I writing stuff about them so I thought I would have a look.

  131. Suzy

    Jane if you were a true Muslim supporter (based on your quote above) you would not condone the stealing of money from people by these scammers. You would regard them as Satin.

    To the scammer sellers I say, in Jane’s name “If an evil impulse from Satan provokes you, seek refuge in Allah. He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing. Remember Allah and try to live a pious life. By arming ourselves with the weapon of dhikr and ikhlas (sincerity in worship of Allah), we can defeat Satan.”

  132. Abu Ali

    In Sharia thiefs hands are chopped off. Sharia law is very bad, I am glad to have get away. But someitmes is a good answer to stop theiving.

  133. Chris

    ESL and all the others are SCAMS, very impressive and very elaborate, being from a sales background myself i stood some chance of knowing about closing and last minute limited deals and having to talk to superiors, “”i’ll just look that up on my invisible typewriter” rattle a few keys etc etc. I must say they are ballsy trying to drag $9200.00 out of you in one phone call and a glossy brochure. I too don’t know how these people can sleep at night – probably on top of a pile of others peoples hard earned cash – disgusting really. Just another bit of information, there is over 110 deregistered companies with similar intitials and names to ESL, they keep getting shut down and just open another company with a similar name. Take care everyone – off to do some real work. CK

  134. Margaret

    Perhaps some chopping off hands would not be such a bad thing.

    I have never been a violent person, but ESL cost my husband and I the money we had saved for most of the last ten years of our working life, which we hoped to use to buy a campervan and travel around Australia. We have both worked in low paid jobs, and this was going to be our retirement, the reward we had planned for, and scrimped and saved for.

    We thought ESL might be a way to extend our savings, so that we could travel for a little longer. I was given all the websites and checked them and it all seemed OK. Now that dream we worked for for years is gone.

    What amazes me is the ACCC can fine Harvey Norman for putting something in the fine print they thought should have been bigger, but they won’t do anything about these thieving scum.

    I don’t think I could actually chop someone’s hand off myself, but I would be happy to sit on any of these people and hold them down while someone else does.

  135. Watson

    Police swoop on Gold Coast call centre

    Authorities have shut down a Gold Coast call centre believed to be at the heart of an alleged investment scam.

    No charges have been laid but police are urging anyone who has received unsolicited contact from a company known as West Trade or Atlas Lead Generation to contact them.

    Perhaps people could call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and report the ESL, CFS-Live scams. I read above in a post that you have been given the Company names and addresses for these scammers Peter. Perhaps you could pass that on to Crime Stoppers.

  136. Dave

    I would just like to say that yes CFS etc and ESL are a total SCAM. I was unfortunate enough to actually work for them as a sales person.

    Just to be clear at that time I was in real need of an income due to a family split, when I look back now its obvious to me, but at the time I convinced myself it was all above board.

    Thankfully I was not as good at the pressure sales techniques used so only made a few sales, also, these were all done on a credit card so I can actually sleep at night knowing that no individuals will have lost money.

    Rhys was the guy who headed up the uk side, and a guy called Paul was the Manager so to speak. I believe Paul owns and runs a restaurant in chigwell btw for anyone who wants to go searching.

    Bottom line is almost everyone who worked there was a scumbag, and people shud stay well clear.

  137. ESLscammer

    If you want to see how your scammed money is being spent or where to go for a refund visit

  138. Don

    Are these one and the same as MCI/Tomatoe Technologies and all that Star Trader stuff from the late 90’s mid 2000’s ?

    Wasn’t Larry Pickering involved in all that ?

    I thought they’d all be behind bars by now serving lengthy terms.

  139. Don

    This got me thinking and I just did some digging. Didn’t have to look far.

    Makes you sick that Anna Blight would entertain this old mongrel.

    Why am I not surprised though.?

    And to think that this is the same two faced woman shedding the tears over the Qld floods.

    Now she is fraternising with a known criminal scumbag who has ripped off hundred of hard working Aussies.

    She is disgusting.

  140. Don

    What is it about Qld (the Gold Coast in particular) that makes it a mecca/home to just about every con man and 2 bit crim in the country ?

    Every time I see a company is based on the Gold Coatht I run a mile. What a corrupt and vice ridden dump.

    Larry Pickering appears to be the ‘Godfather’ and mastermind behind all this crap.

    Isn’t it time he faced the music? What on earth is wrong with the system up there ?

    He’s been getting away with this stuff for years.

    Wake up Qld.


  141. Don

    …..Reading even further I wouldn guess that quite a few Qld Pollies, ATO staff and Qld Police etc ect are all on a kickback.

    I’m starting to think the corruption in the State Of Queensland runs deep.

    If this was exposed, half of Qld’s Gov, Police, ATO etc ect would all end up doing time. (They’d probably have to borrow some interstate magistrates as half of them would be implicated too).

    I bet old Fanna Blight hereself is on a nice fiddle with Lazza Picklebottom.

  142. Rick


    I think you’ll find it was Jamie Pickering that ran MCi Technologies and Tomato Technologies, they are still around. Jamie recently baught a penthouse for 2.5Million, and team mate Craig Duffy was his right hand man

  143. Taylor G.

    Hi All, my opinion after some research is that this originated from the US. Has anyone else looked at the company’s operations overseas? ESL Incorporated was founded in the US and engaged in software design, systems analysis and hardware development. The main men behind this are William J Perry and Joe Edwin Armstrong.. They also appear to have links back to the White House, gulp!!

  144. Don

    Thanks Rick,

    It’s all a web of intrigue that needs a criminal investigation.

    And Taylor G,

    Yes, the corruption around all this stuff runs deep. Very deep.

    Thats my theory as to why it just goes on.

    There are obviosly certain individuals who have a lot of clout (among the pigs, ato, gov etc) who are all on the take.

    So this monster has tentacles that go right back to the good ole USA eh ? That doesn’t surprise me either.

    Just hope enough people read stuff like this so at least we can put a large dent in these scumbags profits.

    If everyone was educated and wise to these con men, they’d be finished overnight.

  145. John

    Thank you for the information on this site. I was about to make a silly $9000 mistake by the looks of it.

    “Sarah” and “Tony” have been trying to sign me up for a few months. I started to suspect after the lack of depth in the websites i.e. ESL (not even an address, CEOs name etc) and which mentions ESL but seems to have only ever had one e-issue, in 2009, even though the website was transfered to a new web-hosting service on 21/6/11 – strange.

    Their physical address of Level 46, 1 Farrer Place Sydney is the address for Waterfront Executive Offices which rents small “workstations” for small companies with a shared receptionist.

    ESL was also deleted from wikipedia on 27/10/11 on evidence of it being dodgy.

    Thanks again to all who have given their experiences – you saved me.

  146. Dale Gillham

    Just checked in to see if this post is still alive and well, and was pleased that people are still posting and reading comments.

    To update you I am the only person who has put their full name an email on this thread with the intention of having anyone that has used this program successfully other for that matter to contact me. To date no one has contacted me. Enough said!!

    As a professional trader, a program like ESR would save me a lot of time and effort if it could make the money they promise. To this date no one has proven to me that it or any other over the top expensive program works better than what is on top of my shoulders.

    So think about it, if a professional won’t use it why should you? So stop dreaming of riches, the best investment you can make, is in yourself.

    Dale Gillham

  147. Peter


    I have not been able to log in and post or check comments for a few weeks.

    I will leave the comments suggesting sharia type punishements. No one is going to take them seriously as a call to action, and it does no harm for the perpetrators of these scams to understand how deeply ordinary people are hurt, and how angry, when the money they have struggled to put aside to make their retirement a litte more comfortable, or saved for some special purpose, is stolen by a bunch of sociopaths who live in Gold Coast mansions and tool around in sports cars.

    I will, however, remove the links to his site from Dale’s two comments.

    I am glad to have input from people with knowledge of the stock market and financial industry. But it is important that there be no suggestion that this blog has an interest in or benefits in any way from promoting any particular scheme, product or service.

    The only links to any products on this site are to books on Amazon, and the only advertising is Google ads, the content of which we have no control over.

    We receive threats and blackmail about criticisms here by me and commenters about JBC, CFS and ESL. We receive no financial benefit whatever.

  148. Margaret

    Hi Peter, welcome back. I am so glad I found this site, it saved me $9,000. They are so smooth. When I wasn’t sure he told me about awards and testimonials. I was given lots of places to check. This one almost convinced me – I don’t understand why the police aren’t doing anything about this.

  149. John McLoskey

    Fake press releases – another weapon in the fool the suckers ESL plan. There was one a while ago pretending to be by Anthony Green at and another one gradnly advising that ESL had acquired a company called Quinox Systems at Maybe they hope people have heard of Equinox Systems and will think this is genuine aquistion of a reputable company. Definitely not.

  150. Quentin Pierce

    This is a good blog in exposing ESL, but unfortunately many comments seem to be from the people behind this company. They are a very devious lot so be careful what you choose to believe. Peter be very wary of ‘Willy/Suzy’ as they have been leading you on with a hidden agenda. Please follow this link for more information.

  151. Real Stock Trader

    To all those people asking if this GET-RICH-QUICK scheme is kosher or not …

    NO !!!

    You WILL lose youre money !

    Can it be simpler than that ???

  152. ESLscammer

    Well, well Quentin you have made a great effort to divert the attention from the real scammers. Using the extra s on the wordpress URL.
    Also interesting how you make reference to an old person being at the Robina address. To help others out I will post Rhys’s photo on the true site just so you can identify the occupant!

  153. Quentin Pierce

    Well, well Willy/Suzy/ESLscammer etc haven’t you done a fine job of setting up Rhys and co for the blame behind ESL. What shred of evidence have you supplied other than photos and addresses of these people? For an ‘innocent party’ to all of this you seem to know an awful lot of intimate detail. Sounds to me like someone with a grudge and what better revenge than to frame them for your devious scam. Well the good news is that due to my investigative skills I know exactly who YOU are and have happily passed this info onto the other parties including the police. I’m sure they will be visiting you soon to discuss further. For everyone else wanting more detail visit

  154. Dale Gillham

    Hi Peter,

    I am not sure what links you were talking about in my posts as I did not put any in as I agree with you on why they should not be there. Maybe it is one of the three box’s when you leave a reply. 1. Is my name 2. My email 3. My web address I would have thought only my name would appear in the post.

    In the decades that I have been in this industry, when talking to people about programs like this and educators, I find that the majority do very little research and this is why companies like ELS and the marketing educators with the free seminars and DVDs get away with what they do. I know we get people coming in the door to check out whether we have an office and to meet my staff and I to satisfy themselves as to our legitimacy and credibility and I am very fine with that, but the vast majority to their detriment don’t.

    So here is what I say to anyone looking at software providers or education providers in the share market.
    1. Always quantify what they say
    2. Always qualify what they say
    3. Stay away if they have a one page website with very little information that promotes getting something free if you register.

    i.e ForpPoints 1&2 If they say that are ASIC approved (which by the way is impossible) ask them how are they ASIC approved? secondly ask them to prove it. Once you have this you can then do your own independent research to check it out for yourself.

    Lastly just to protect yourself call ASIC or the ASX and ask as you never know it might just save you $9k.

    Just an update: I have still not been contacted from anyone who has made money from ELS or any other trading software program.

  155. Beth

    Hi all….

    Yes you are right this is a scam, Rhys Adams and Phil are the idiots who run the operation from the east coast. They have virtual offices in Sydney and there is little chance you will catch them. The best way to get back at them is the tax man. The company only sells software that dose not work and is worth a few pounds nothing more. The are all unqualified losers with nothing else in their lives apart from scamming people and drugs.

    ESL, CFS, JBC and many more before that will continue going under different names, taking in at least 400,000$ a month !!

    the police and fraud squad are interested in them you should all pursue them !!

  156. Liesel

    I used to be the accountant before they all ran back to canada, still oweing me 400 pounds i might add!

    I don’t know why they are getting such a wrap here, if it is bad stuff the tax man won’t be able to do anything, i can say that is one thing they were very fussy on was paying that. Maybe try consumer affairs?

  157. Justin

    I have personally traded using ESL trading systems for some of the worlds leading trading companies. They have been developing technology for the global stock markets for years. I find some of these allegations very hard to believe, unless there is some sort of take off product out there. This is the stock market we’re talking about so there is always a human element to any trade, in which case there is always a margin for error!!

  158. Beth

    Oh Justin……… I know the company, the sales pitch, the people who work there…you have not made a penny using this software…..the games up ! please when you comment on this site again how about you use your real name and post how much money you have made from scamming all these people.

    Liesel…. You must remember what you don’t know dosent hurt you….and they have never been to Canada

  159. Justin

    Oh Beth, Willy, Suzy, how about you use your real name and post how much money you have made from the scam you are running…. A typical post from a competitor, disgruntled ex employee or jilted lover. Either way you seem to have nothing better to do than badmouth a reputable company. Beth, love – I haven’t used this software, but as above I am a professional trader and have utilised ESL systems at a commercial level. Do the research people!!

  160. Dale Gillham

    Hi everyone, I think the proof about this software is very simple. My full name and email address has been in this forum for months asking for anyone to contact me who uses it and knows it works. To date not one email….enough said!

    The reason? I am a professional trader and educator that anyone can google freely to find out who I am, what I do the licenses and qualifications I hold. As such I can make an honest assessment of this software using my knowledge rather than emotionally. Most people buy through lack of knowledge or being bullied by high pressure sales people, this cannot happen to me as I know how to trade and will immediately know what is BS and what is not.

    When and if I get real proof it works I am happy to post here, and anyone would be welcome to contact me. However I suspect this will never occur. I am sorry Justin but words from faceless people means nothing. Once again anyone thinking about this type of software would be very wise to visit the ASIC website or better still call them or the ASX.

    Just in case someone who has used this software wants to talk to me, my name and contact details again are Dale Gillham

  161. Beth

    Oh Justin…….it’s great how you try and hide behind abbreviated names with websites that are so shallow a child can see through them……do you really think anyone is buying your rubbish…….how about you own up to this and then I won’t post photos, addresses, and your really great scripts and training manuals on here…..let’s say I give you a week to come clean….or you will really see what can happen….I guess we won’t be hearing from you again…..but please if you have the balls then do and how about giving us 1 site about this amazing software that the banks use……or shall I say……the reason that there’s no history about els trading software is that after we have designed it the banks rebranded it as their own…….yeah right

  162. Ando

    Why can’t I post on here? I’d like to speak my bit but it wont print

  163. ESLscammer

    It seems strange that everytime an independent makes comment and is then challenged they lump the same people together as threats to ESL. Willy/Suzy/ESLScammer seem to be a group of three now I see that Beth has been added. I wonder why?

    Perhaps the independent (Justin) is in fact someone working for ESL. Certainly it seems that the letters in this case stand for English Second Language, similar to the news release content quoted on Page 2 of this blog.

    Justin case I am wrong (sic) perhaps ESL could nominate a real person to respond to challenges in this blog.

    PS. The UK office is like a sponge for information!

  164. Peter

    I agree.

    I have received several comments over the last few weeks from ‘Justin’ and a couple of others, claiming to have had great results with ESL, or that ESL is internationally recognised and accredited, and therefore that everyone else who has commented is lying or has a personal grudge against ESL, CFS, etc.

    I have deleted comment by those persons, believing them to be shills for ESL. I have also emailed them back each time, explaining why I have done that, and offering to reconsider if the person gets back to me with some evidence for their claims.

    I have had no replies, and suspect that all the email addresses given are fakes.

    Some months ago a commenter posted Rhys’s name and address. A week or so later Rhys rang me to say that he wanted his address removed as he had nothing to do with ESL, and was being harrassed. I removed the offending comment because I had no way to check whether the information posted was accurate. I also told Rhys that if he did have anything to do with ESL he was a lying scumbag who deserved everything he got.

    All this, and some of the recent comments from other people show it is clear that the ESL name is now so foul smelling that it cannot be redeemed.

    As a consequence, two things will happen.

    First, those involved will attempt to distance themselves and to blame or point the finger at others.

    Secondly, the product will be rebadged, as it has been many times before. If they go according to form, they will pick a combination of letters which is familiar from another context, or is the name of a genuine but unrelated firm. So we will end up with a name like TNT Financial Services, or PMA Global Investments, or NEO Stock Trader.

    Beware! And let us know if you find out what the new branding is.

  165. Justin

    There is some confusion here. Firstly as mentioned twice in my posts I have not used the aforementioned trading software specifically, nor do I work for ESL. However I am a professional trader and have used systems designed by ESL to trade international markets for years. There is obviously some offshoot software out there that is causing confusion in what I am saying. Just look at the wikipedia site for ESL Investments (the US hedge fund) which makes specific reference to ESL International, the stock market investment technology company. As such I found the comments on this site to be most unusual and most likely a concerted effort to discredit a reputable company. This is a growing problem on the web so forgive me if I am wrong.

  166. Peter

    I will let this comment stand.

    But if you are genuine Justin, why use fake email addresses, or not respond to my emails to you?

    The ESL scammers people are talking about here have a history of faking names, business contacts, etc. There is no reason to think they are connected in any way to any legitimate company. If what you are now saying is right, it is clear that what you are talking about is completely unrelated to the complaints made here about a group of Gold Coast scammers.

    So how are your comments helpful or even relevant?

  167. Alex

    I bought the ESL program foolishly for $9200 in October 2011 and have been paper trading with 5 – $1000 trades.I am now down to 2 – $1100 trades so losing around $2800 up till now.I was told by Mike Peters
    of ESL that the program was hitting at 85%.Got a glossy brochure with
    a list of trades over a 2 year period turning $2000 into something like $65000.Would love to get my money back but I doubt it.
    It is hard to understand how they can legally operate from within Australia.Do not by it or you will be as sorry as I am.

  168. ESLscammer

    I wonder if the people who are behind this, and you know their names and the company fronts, would provide a list of the friends and family who use this software and make the kind of gains mentioned above?

    It is hard to imagine that they would not share it with their loved ones. Or perhaps they know it does not work and therefore even these scumbags won’t inflict it on those close to them.

    Can’t imagine they would have many close friends if it is known what kind of scum they are.

  169. Dale Gillham

    the links below are yet another example of a company making big promises to make you successful as a trader and not delivering. The sad thing is that ASIC has only gotten involved once they became insolvent. Again please do your research before spending money with any company promoting something that seems to good to be true like easy riches, proven system, guaranteed returns, proprietary trading system etc etc. The fact is that it is just better to run the other way as in my nearly 30 years financial arena I have never seen one that actually delivers on these big promises. If you think you can get rich quick from these sorts of promoters then do yourself a favour and put your money back in the bank.

    Article from Smart Company website.

    ASIC Website link below

  170. Leanne

    I too was scamed by this company, however I live on the Gold Coast where this company operates from and I only had to mention my story and I was given a phone number to call to get a refund. Turns out a mate though a mate worked for the company who were based in Surfers Paradise but have since moved since he worked there. No idea of current location. I dialed the number he gave me and it went straight though to the call centre manager who organized for a refund, which I got deposited into my bank account a few days later. The manger was suprised at where I got the phone number from, and claimed that this was the first time anybody has had problems with the software. Anyway the phone number too call is 0755124200. They are likely to play dumb when you call, but trust me that’s the number I called and I got the refund. It was lucky that the phone number was still live two years after he left. Good luck, don’t tell them where you got phone number from otherwise they try and shut this website down.

  171. Dale Gillham

    Hi Everyone, below is a link to a new post on the ASIC Money Smart Website. Anyone even mildly thinking about purchasing share trading software should read this article first. To be very blunt no software will bring you riches! If you cannot trade successfully now then there is absolutely no software in the world that will help you get rich. To give you some idea or way of comparison, I am a professional trader and fund manager and the software I use to trade the markets costs around $1,400 and it does not come with big claims (read lies) of making me rich. Learning and knowing how to become rich is my job, the software is just a tool to assist me to apply my knowledge and skill on.

    To give you an update on the progress from my previous requests, I have in the past few weeks had a few more people contact me, with one being a former employee, and all confirm the same story as you have been reading in these posts. Please do not waste your money on this software.

  172. Seve

    I found this site doing some research into a very similar sounding trading software. Again they promise large profits, this time with an annual fee in the thousands. Apparently started in the US now available here in limited supply etc. Goes under the name CoolTrade with website as follows A rehashed version of the same?

  173. Julie

    Yeah the mongrels got me! I now have a certified money order from CTTT but don’t know where to send it! This all suks. I’m a single parent and right now I could scream! Hope they get what they deserve! I’m going to get on to ASIC and see what’s next. I have the directors address in QLD We could rally at his place and give this thief/loser a scare. I’m at the library or I would have posted it.

  174. Julie

    The name of the Australian Director for CFS is
    BRUCE xxxxxx Sorry Julie – much as I detest these bastards, I cannot have names and addresses posted online.
    Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

    It’s ashame they can’t use their cleverness for genuine business. I hope these people are black-listed everywhere! I mostly dealt with an Adrian Barnes- seemed so helpful and honest!Apparently a bunch of losers and thieves!

  175. Julie

    I was sucked in by CFS working out of Pitt St Sydney

  176. logical

    They are still at it. They say it is a fully automatic program so should have a fixed outcome, yet when you ask how it performed in the year following the graph in the brochure they can’t tell you. They say performance will depend on how the user uses it. So how did they produce the graph in the brochure? It makes no sense.

  177. jin xing

    Fascinating website. I use ESL for 18 months now and am doing ok. Surely some real comments probably by people that are somewhat misguided. The software I use is a great TOOL for assisting my trading. It’s not some magic formula and I apply my own knowledge to the process. Those that think otherwise are kidding themselves.

  178. Peter

    “Jin” sent this comment from a computer using anonymizer to hide his real ip address. I would take this with a very large grain of salt!

  179. William

    I to think Jin is a fake as the programe will not run without the data it has been shut down “welikedata”makeing the programe useless .even a quicker way to lose money than with the GFC

  180. Jon

    This is only half the business they do which is unethical or unlawful. These people are low life crooks that think they are untouchable. There is obviously some of them with brains in there to avoid the law for so long!

    I will have to ask Peter what I can put up and what not for legal for obvisous legal reasons.


  181. Jon

    Mind the mistake in the second paragraph.

  182. Leanne

    To avoid being contacted in the first place by a telemarketing scam, it’s a good idea to put all your contact phone numbers (including mobiles) on the federal governments do not call register. Once your details are on the “do not call register” telemarketing companies cannot call you for six years, unless you have requested that they call you. Charities can still call you. The website to list your phone number on the do not call register is here:

  183. Jon

    Everyone seems a bit quite keep the pressure on these guys they will crack and make a huge mistake.

  184. Jon

    jin xing can you please tell me what ESL stands for?

    I received a call from a telemarketer claiming to be from OP Solutions after quizzing the lady on the phone on how she obtained my number and receiving a bunch of lies I asked what the OP stood for which she had no idea. I did eventually asked for a brochure to be sent out. A couple of months later I started receiving calls on the brochure.

  185. 5o

    hi there!

    i used to work for an esl company call op solutions. when i first started it was called op solutions. due to unknow reasons…we changed names to o.p.s. when first employed i was told nothing about what i was telephone marketing for. what we did was cold call australian businesses & residential home owners. just saying to people that we are mailing a brochure out and to confirm details, names, addresses, and if they had access to $8k. we all worked on abns, the business name ops and op solutions doesn’t exsist. the sales team where our qualified leads went to, traded under several different names. they worked downstairs underneath us. I often saw some of the sales staff, and now know that one a few of the sales staff have been friends with rhys for years, they have taken holidays together. and have been seen in pictures together posted on facebook over 3 years ago. even though ops only started business last year. when we would call people to qualify warm leads, if someone asked me where i was calling from i was told to lie and say sydney. we didnt have an office in sydney. the director of the company, rhys adams. from new zealand. would come into the office most days when he was in town. apparentely he is doing the same thing over in u.k. the call centre i was working in now cold calls the uk offering the same deal. before i quit my position at ops i mailed myself out one of these so called brochures. it arrived. sure enough with the logo ESL. i researched the company website. very new website was only made last year. they have all the legit things on there. i also called the number. sure enough it was a 1300 number, which went straight to a mobile. a young lady answered, and it was the receptionist downstairs. I knew all along that this place i worked at was all shit. but untill my supervisor quit randomeley i didnt know how bad it was. these people have brought an algarythym for a asoftware program, to allow people to trade there money daily. it doesn’t work. the algarythym is all shit. it makes out like u have turned your 50k into 200k in 3 months. but then u go to pull your money out and ohhh nothing… u cant. the point of this story is. my boss wasnt a boss. everything was secretive. they are a scam. they take money off dumb asses all over the world. if u have any common sense u will stay clear of any sort of telephone marketing calls.anyway op doesnt stand for anything. its just the two first letters that popped up in their heads. if anyone has been ripped off by these guys, and wants there address. u can find rhys and phil and the boys on surfers paradise blvd gold coast qld. inbetween the anz bank and australia shop. level 1 is where rhys spends most of his time and apparently this is where the sales are made. and level 2 is the marketing section. where all the cold calling is. if anyone gets a call from this company. ask them for their address on the gold coast, not the made up address for crows nest in nsw. anyway i never seen any corruption nor theiveing behaviour while i worked there. but i know my boss didnt quit just for the hell of it. my bodd realised who he was and didnt want anything to do with him or the company. as did i.

  186. Keith Rowley

    Thanks for this page. Their brochure is quite amusing, citing as it does ASX performance over many decades. It us thus a good ad for broadly based, multiple sector unit trusts – not software that somehow ‘picks winners’! Furthermore, any software capable of performing this miracle would have to be fed a constant stream of contextual market information which would then be processed through an extremely high powered artificial intelligence that could exploit (and generate?) value patterns. I doubt such a machine is available. Banks and large investment houses on the other hand use extremely fast software based on trading patterns and transact in milliseconds, often at small, incremental and transient trends with performance a mere human could never ever match.
    This is an exploitative and evil deception that should be shut down.

  187. ESLscam

    Adam not Adams

  188. R. Ralph


    No, I DO NOT wish my name to be used publically regarding this matter — however I would be happy to assist with evidence if anyone ever gets serious about law-enforcement! Thus:

    (1) One key item is that the system produced advice to Buy-AND-Sell the same stock on the same day! I think I could probably reproduce that virtual-transaction.

    (2) I systematically manipulated the data (leaving most figures unchanged as the days went by), and the resulting advice was clearly inappropriate and inconsistent.
    I still have the fake data used for that purpose.

    I suspect that any “reverse engineering” of the software would reveal its processes to be akin to random-number generation. If so, surely no further evidence would be needed!

    On reflection, of course, there is little chance that such an amateur system (with its overnight delay) could systematically beat the professional market — even if its formulae etc were well founded.

  189. Dale Gillham

    Here is a link to ASIC where they report on another company called Connaught Investment Group that according to ASIC is attempting to scam would be traders into futures and other markets. Be very wary of cold calling as they call it cold calling for a reason.

    Oh and I am still waiting for someone who use this ELS software succesfully to trade to contact me. The only contact I get is from people who have been scammed.

    Dale Gillham

  190. ESLscam

    A quick look at the ASIC site shows that OP Solutions mentioned above and another company previously mentioned (ESL Admin) has one shareholder and director. The person whose first name is Adrian is most likely just a dummy (in more ways that one) for the people really running this scam.

    Interesting that the UK ESL Admin was allowed to be dissolved thereby leaving any tax or VAT debt behind.

  191. Jon

    It makes you wonder why they have dummy directors?

    For the people on this site saying how great and legit it is tell us why wouldn’t they be the director’s the people that running this so called great program.

    Or maybe the directors are the funders and running the business but thats something I strongly doubt.

  192. ESLscam

    Here is a laugh! I was doing some research and stumbled across this blog.

    Obviously some stupid idea to divert identification by Travers. Do they not realise how long it would take for the search engines to even find this let alone rank it highly.
    They will go to any means to hide behind people and companies.
    I will have some very personal information on the main two scammers later.

  193. Dave C

    Adrian is his real first name, but his surname will be fake.When I was working for CFS they all used fake surnames.

    The company will be registered under a dummy managing director.I heard in the UK they paid some random polish guy 10k to use his name for registering everything.So some innocent guy is probably in a lot if trouble now.

  194. ESLscam

    Peter the co-operation of contributors is great. I have had some great pics of the arseholes behind this scam sent to me. They can be viewed at

  195. Dave C

    I can confirm that is indeed Rhys and Ryka in those photos. I have another small pic of them I can send, if you give me an email adress.

  196. ESLscam

    Dave C can you confirm a rumour that may or may not be true.

    Do Rhys and Phil also run a scam Cancer Treatment rund raising BS business using the telemarketers?

    Now this would be lowest of the low but I have reason to believe it is true.

    Did they also run a scam on Solar Heating where the door to door salesmen took a deposit and that was the last the customer saw of them

    Hey… and I hear the parents enjoy the benefits that millions of dollars on non tax, scam dollars produced. Can you confirm that too?

  197. ESLscam

    Hey – I phoned the only Adam listed in the phone book (thank G for voip phones that dont cost) but was told quickly they were no relation. Indicated they knew the parents of a Rhys Adam and though they were in the phone book.

    Why have the parents gone from the phone book?

  198. Steve

    I too have been scammed by CFS-live. I paid the $8900.00 in November 2010. I wasn’t going to purchase the software but then they offered the 100% money back guarantee. If I traded for 13 months without making at least the purchase price I would be fully refunded. Of course after the thirteen months I can no longer contact them.

    CFS-live representatives John Moore and Gail Taylor guided me through the program. They also set up the data account with also no longer exists). They set up a CHESS sponsor and bank account for me to trade. I was assured that no one had ever failed with this programme. That is why they were so confident with the 13 month guarantee.

    Does anyone know of Michael G. Howard who is on the third page of the CFS-Live brochure who gives it 5 stars endorsing the product or Christopher Johns the alleged CEO.

  199. Steve

    The name John should be James in entry

  200. Paul

    or kevin maybe

  201. Steve

    I left an entry on here at 9.05am this morning. Just wondering why hasn’t it been posted?

  202. Paul

    Shortly there will pics and life stories available to all that have been tarnishing the names and setting up Rhys and Phil for their acts, including the names of the director of ESL and family members names, shames and pictures. Hang tight. Apparently one has done time!!!

  203. Peter

    Both your previous comments are up, Steve. I don’t know why you can’t find them.

  204. Peter

    I don’t know who runs JBC/ESL/CFS or whatever they are calling themselves now. Whoever they are, they are scum of the lowest order.

    The most reliable information seems to be that Rhys and Phil are responsible. It is right that they should be named and shamed as long as they continue.

    But whoever it is, don’t buy it this dud product, don’t fall for the lies.

    And Paul, threats are not welcome. Your comments will be moderated from now on.

  205. jon

    I’m not going to believe anyone thats says they are making alot money out of it! But if some can show evidence that it does help and money has been made I’d like to see it due to the price of the program its a big gamble. I didn’t purchase due to the fact it sounded to good to be true.

    I can’t purchase the program now anyway but it is interesting in but I still like to know what these people were offering and if I was close to being scamed?

  206. Dave C

    @ESLScam – I can’t comment on that, never heard anything about it.I would certainly be surprised if Rhys was running another scam, because I don’t know where he would find the time…he seemed to spend most of the time down the pub or *************** (snipped) .He is certainly heartless enough to do something like that though. He has no empathy at all, and I suspect is a psychopath/sociopath.

  207. jon

    “Paul” looking at this site I think these is more than one family out there that has a problem with these people…? I don’t think Peter would have put this up otherwise! It just seems that Rhys and Phil names come up too often to be a coincidence.

  208. jon

    How many years has this program been sold for?

  209. jon

    I hope one day he’s a receiver in prison! And his mates aswell looks likes he ruined many lives.

  210. Nigel




  211. eslscam

    I see Nigel would be a great user of the program. English certainly must be his second or third language

  212. Alex

    Methinks NIGEL = Rhys = Psycho Dickwad

  213. Tony B

    I was nearly caught by this scam. I got the phone calls, brochure, phone calls, more phone calls. It all sounded very convincing, till I started to do some research. So Nigel, Rhys or whoever, I don’t believe this –

    I hope they do affect your daily business, because you are a thief and so is everyone else who works for JBC ,CFS or ESL or OP Solutions or whatever other fancy names you dream up in the hopes of ripping people off. There is such a thing as karma, and you and your buddy slimes have a massive pile heading your way.

    Anyone who has had a phone call from these lying bastards, do not believe a word they say. There are no systems for playing the stock market, any more than there are systems for playing the ponies. Any money you put onto JBC, CFS or ESL, you will lose.

  214. John

    Lol at Nigels rant. It seems he became completely insane by the last paragraph. Is that even a language? wtf is UONRCTBERRJHRNN ?

    DAILE BUDINRDD (Daily Buggering?)

  215. jon

    “Nigel” rant sounds like they are threatening defamation well that would be good because they would have to come forward and show their faces and prove they are not involved. And it also sounds likes like they are having a laugh at the money there making.

    I think this site is just a minor inconvenience for them!

  216. Jodie Thompson

    I have been conned by CFS in australia. I Paid $8900 in November of 2010 for stock market charting software with all the promises in the world. On top of the $8900 for the software and technical support I also had to pay $350 for access to daily stock prices to download into the program. We played around with it for a few months without much success, then it got put on the backburner as work increased. On the 2 July 2012 I went to start using the software again and found that the website that is used to download the daily stockprices no longer exists, which basically renders the software useless, which by the sounds, it already was. I rang CFS in Sydney Australia and got a recorded message to email, which I have done with absolutely no reply, and obviously no real hope of getting one either. I would like to add my name and story to any sort of education for the general public not to get involved with these scam artists. Savings are hard enough to come by without unscrupulous people trying to take them from you. I was burnt badly and would like to see them out of business and hopefully paying back the money they have stolen from people.
    Jodie Thompson

  217. ted

    thank god for blogs, bloody wogs

  218. David

    It seems they all drink down at fiddlers in surfers paradise wuth some lot of horse racing software sales jokers! They are talking about all the bonus they make! ugly bunch they are too, lead by some pommy english twat!

  219. Rhys

    Couple of brothers I understand. One with Rhys and Phil and one providing the software to them. Must be a payback to the Pickerings somehow in the system.

    I understand Immigration are looking at the Pommie brothers status and also looking at the Sth African/UK Passport holder wife of Rhys.

    Now who knows Phil from the round ball club in Robina?

    Been a while since we had a Rhys/Phil clone post something Peter are you making them feel not at home?

  220. Wizard

    Wow another Rhys!

  221. Peter

    I haven’t blocked comments from them. They have been trying other tactics to shut us up – threats, abusive phone calls, offensive web posts, etc. Sad, really.

  222. Tony B

    They are nasty minded a&$#holes. I have a friend who worked there. and left when she realised what it was about. Take care.

  223. jon

    I was informed by an old blogger on this site( I will not release the bloger’s name) that Rhys Adam is a New Zealander and apparently he has convictions in his home country for fraud. Mind you this is apparently so this should not be marked against his name until proven. If anyone his any information on this or who to obtain this information legally please post it up.

  224. Dave

    I Can confirm that Rhys is a New Zealander.

  225. ESLscammer

    As far as legally getting any records for Rhys, you would need to know some one inside the Police force there, but I don’t think that is legal, unless he was going for a job and an employer requested them with his consent. But if he is involved in this scam then it wouldn’t surprise me in the least!

    Rhys tell us more about the the Pickering comeback? Is that a play on words? And name and shame the ‘Pommie brothers’ can we get pictures and names of these guys too, we are getting closer now….

  226. Wizard

    Wow really two Rhyses!

  227. Ann G

    I was conned by CFS also in August 2010. My story is practically the same as Jodie Thompson. I had another call about a month ago from another company selling the same sort of program, I didn’t get details I just hung up on them. I hope they get what they deserve.

  228. Rhys

    Gee Wizard you are very clever. Perhaps there are more than 2 Rhys persons in the whole world – thought of that? No? Well good luck with your next sale to another sucker. And just to help you out there are probably more than one Phil in the world but only one Phil Travers who scams through ESL and other bogus deals.

    Peter get the Police to trace the phone calls and lay a complaint.

  229. Julie Boyce

    Hi I won the right to get my money back off CFS but the address in Austalia Square is false! So the sheriff wants me to pay more money to try another address! Does anyone kmnow where the sheriff can find these people???? How come they seem to get away with this? Julie Boyce

  230. Alex

    Hi Julie, you could try OP Solutions, Lvl 1/ 3163 Surfers Paradise Blv,
    Surfers Paradise, which seem to be the new location for CFS and ESL. They’ll probably deny having anything to do with it. You will have a hard time pinning them down. Good luck.

  231. jon

    Level 1/3163 are the sales people and or customer services and the telemarketers are on Level 2/3163 I went up there the other day pretending I was lost and poked my head around.

  232. jon

    Had to have a look while I was down can’t believe that its right in the middle of Surfers Paradise! There’s a company thats soughts out foreign students accommodation on the 2nd floor aswell don’t know if that own by them or not. Right next to the ANZ on Surfers Paradise Blv. 1st floor couldn’t see much apart from people walking around with head pieces.

  233. Matt dew

    Well I guess I am one of the suckers.
    Brought the CFS trading system 18 months ago and have tried to battle on with it and failed to show any profits.
    The lack of support and and time commitment ( a lot more than the 25mins per day I was sold on), left me feeling very disapointed.
    So i decided to give a rest, today i tried again to get the system up and running, only to find i am locked out of the software & require a code.
    Have called CFS five or so times. No answer.
    So tried to locate them online.No website that i can find so far. My search led me to this blog and my fears confirmed. Is CFS still out there somewhere ? Is there an ombudsman I can contact ?
    Whats the next move?

  234. jon

    If you live in the Gold Coast “Matt” or know someone you might aswell go there. The address is posted above. I don’t think its against the law to go to the place of purchase to at least speak to someone about the product. If it’s so legit as they make it out to be I sure they will be able to help you! (like hell they will). Sorry to hear you got scammed.

  235. jon

    This cracks me up believe this is Phil Travers just having a look around

  236. Dale Gillham

    I think it is great that Peter keeps this post going as it is allerting people to what is our there and why everyone needs to be careful about Financial Guru’s promising riches with little or no effort. Follow the link below to another dubious organisation that ASIC is taking action on.

    Update on any contact from sucessful user of ESL or any other trading “System” that works. Not one, only ones that have lost.

    Again if anyone can prove to me that these systems work please contact me.

    Dale Gillham

  237. Peter

    I have been asked to remove a comment purporting to be from Paul Ryall. Although I am usually reluctant to remove comments I have done so in this case. There is a real Paul Ryall, and he is known to Rhys and Phil. I have been told the comment did not come from Paul, and may be an attempt to implicate or cause trouble for him. The poster, or the real Paul, is welcome to contact me to clarify.

  238. jon

    Its seems Phil is quite an entrepreneur so why does he need to hide behind dummy directors. I like to see his fortunes and how it was made!

  239. Dale Gillham

    As a professional trader, I tend to not get approached by dubious companies promising riches, however I was contacted out of the blue recently by a company called Avantech Trading, which I researched and talked about in my own blog. I was going to post about it here, however I hope you do not mind Peter but it is much easier if I put a link to the post I have already done.

    Further to my surprise I have only been approached yesterday with yet another one called get rich quick trading scheme called which I have yet to investigate, however from the email it looks as doggy as you can get (I may be wrong here but I very much doubt it). Maybe I am now on some sort of database for dubious marketers with get rich quick schemes trying ot get thier next sucker. Once I investigate I will post again so everyone is aware of what to look out for with these companies.

    A good website to visit and complain about approaches by these companies and or being scammed by them is;

    This is an Australian government website full of great information and support services.

    Dale Gillham

  240. 1 4 ALL

    Well after reading these most recent posts I am INFURIATED that this SCAM is still going on!

    I have not had a chance to read all your stories but I can confirm that ALL your fears are WARRANTED.

    I know because I too used to work there, thankfully waking up to the SCAM, having a conscience and leaving earlier this year.

    I actually was so enthusiastic about the job and the potential of the program. I thought it would provide me with financial freedom also.

    Would you believe that the staff, including myself NEVER EVER saw the Program.

    Upon making several requests to see the program, the response from the manager was….

    ” No you can’t see the program. Because the program sells on simplicity. If you see it, them you will only complicate your “SPEIL”.

    That’s right Folks! You were all delivered a very polished 25-40min SPEIL, culminating in …..

    “So any Questions? No? Well the cost of the program is $9200 would you like to put that on MasterCard or Visa?”.

    As staff, we also were not allowed to purchase the program.
    REASON? It was deemed as a conflict of interest or insider trading or some BS excuse.

    The fact is if any of US dropped $9200 on a program that promised 30%pa and received NOTHING then the S#*T would hit the fan.

    This is when alarm bells started to ring for me.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the long standing staff there are driven by pure greed and just plead ignorance.

    Full well knowing that they are RIPPING YOU OFF!!!

    These are the facts:

    1. Phil Travers & Rhys Adam are indeed the partners behind this Bogus Operation.
    2. Previous Company names are JBC, CFS,ESL & OP Solutions. When they cop serious heat. They shut down the old product and rebadge it as something new. Simple!
    Those whom have tried to contact customer support will have experienced this.
    3. The address of ” Farrar Place Sydney” is indeed BOGUS. It is a VIRTUAL OFFICE ONLY. Secretary at reception that oversees several small offices for lease. There is No official signage. No staff at all.
    We falsely stated that we were actually based and calling from that address. Definitely not the case!

    There are actually two (2) offices but both are based in QLD. Surfers Paradise & Springwood.

    4) Whenever we had a customer that wanted to SEE the product (i.e Come in for a demo) We would invite them to come in. However they were asked to come in immediately or within the next hour as the “Senior Analysts” were flat out and would be returning to the “TRADING FLOOR”.
    If they they were not able to do this then an ONLINE DEMO could be arranged.

    5. The sites : , esharesmagazine and other reviews etc are 100% FAKE WEBSITES and Reviews. We were trained not to make a big deal of the reviews. Rather use them as a throw away. “Yes! We’ve had some encouraging reviews but….”. Play it right down.
    The idea is that you would then do your due diligence. Be suitably impressed by the product appearing in the “FAST 5” alongside, ING, ANZ etc, feel rest assured and then hand over your CCD for $9200.

    A Marketing Sales technique that is very effective and legal.

    That is IF, the Websites & Reviews are Legit!

    Simply put! ….THEY ARE NOT!!!

    6) To create urgency you were no doubt fed a varied form of this…

    “So we will only ever release a total of 400 programs. We released 100 in ,(years will vary) 09’10’11 & the final 100 over these past few weeks”.

    Another technique that proved extremely successful.

    I say successful because this well crafted SPEIL and the expertise of the staff there saw them making $1000 per sale.

    Earning between $9k to $42k per month.

    All from a BOGUS PROGRAM that YOU paid for.

    7) Oh! Your “Money back Guarentee? Another blatant lie!
    Never going to happen! It was not worth the paper you received it on. Again! Those that have tried to obtain one know what I am talking about.

    I do sincerely hope that you are able to obtain a refund from your merchant though.

    So what now? What are you all prepared to do?
    I find it outstanding to hear that ASIC will not act appropriately. What other measures have been taken to expose these FRAUSTERS?

    I can only think that “A Current Affair , Today Tonight etc be contacted as well as the Police and informed of the whereabouts of these BOGUS OPERATIONS!!!


  241. Dave C

    This is exactly the same setup as CFS in the UK had.

    Don’t forget they will also charge customers for the data feed which updates the programme – they will usually get the customer to pay for a years supply when they sign up. What the customers don’t realise is you can get this data elsewhere for FREE.

    They will also assign someone posing as a qualified ‘analyst’ to get you set up and ease your mind when you call in to say that the programme isn’t working. In reality they are just another conman in a suit, who has done a bit of research on the stock market and can roll with the jargon.

    The company also keeps any ‘deposits’ people have given to secure a license.

    I don’t think they will be caught, they cover their tracks too well. The only way to catch them would be for a cop to go undercover, pose as a salesman (it’s not hard) and work for the company so they can see what they do.

  242. Paul Ryall

    ESL international limited and API limited. Paper work Phillip Travers and RA

  243. Neutral

    Seeing how easy it is to post on here, surely competitors could be quoting bogus claims? …too confusing to know the truth…
    Major reviews on what seem like reputable website, or reading comments on a forum? Hmmm

  244. Paul Ryall

    Seems to be a reptuable website Neutral. Dates when the company was established are false, the awards they have won do not exist. Welcome to the future were there are blog sites as well as scammers who would steal from a dying grandmother so they could have a cinema instead of a tv.

  245. Paul Ryall

    It seems that there was a period off a week in which their was no ESL director. I wonder if they were trading during that time.

  246. ESL Scammer

    You are on to it Neutral. It must be reputable. was registered 17th July 2012 so that is a really old domain! Can’t seem to find the others on Google. Many ‘blog posts’ saying how great they have been removed and most of the Award sites were registered after the awards were won.

    Can you name one ‘reputable website’ that has favourable comments?

  247. Paul Ryall

    Phillip Travers sems to be the main player in all these scams i hear you calling people losers. Hey ck tony and troy jd

  248. Mark

    Hi Ive been approached by ESL and they are calling all the time, Is the office in sydney fake???

  249. Maestr0

    Thank God for you guys!
    We’re an Australian business that has been targeted by ESL also, and my curiosity was piqued for a few hours until i finally found the confirmation I needed that ESL is up to no good. You thankfully have saved me from this pain.
    I was actually similarly scammed by a UK internet advertising company last year ( scumbags!) and still can’t get my $2300 back from the bank..
    I’m now wondering if i’m on a list of potential suckers that gets passed around between various scamming organisations..
    Thanks again for taking your time to warn us.

  250. Dale Gillham

    Lifestyle Trader is another company that has been in trouble with ASIC and has an order against them. I have provided a link below to the ASIC order.

    They have now changed their name, or as they say entered into a contract for Investment Capital Systems (ICS) to run thier education,training and software business. See link below

    As you are away from the many posts in this chat, changing the name of a business, so you now have a “clean reputation” is a very common way that allows you to keep doing what you were doing before. that is until ASIC catches up with you again.

    Again, always do your research before entering into paying money over to those who promises great returns for little effort.

    Dale Gillham

  251. Jon

    Nothing ever happens to these they probably having a good old laugh! People have to be hard nose about this do something go to there offices and speak to them.

  252. Paul Ryall

    ‘paul’ I think If someone is setting Rhys and Phil up, you should call for legal advice if their good names are being tarnished they should sue. Do you know who it is? Looks like a mirror!

  253. Jon

    Peter seems to have other projects going at this time but people still should keep posting if the find out any infomation.

    Just recently I’ve found out some more infomation on people involved I will asked Peter what I’m able to put up.

    Some infomation on a man named Adrian (I’ll leave his last name out for the time being) and his connection to OP Solutions and his connection to Rhys and Phil.

    I’ve had someone send a message to my email aswell so I believe someone I talked on this site leaked it.

  254. john

    I have been contacted by a “Roberto” from ESL offering me the ESL trading software for $9200 with a guarnateed full money back refund after 12 months if not satisfied with the product.

  255. Cheryl

    We have just invested with the same speil by a company called Eurosoft who we spent a couple of days researching and googling and couldn’t come up with any negetive information at all about. Every aspect of the sales pitch is as described above. The day we received the package, one day after paying 9500 on our credit cards, we were spending time with a friend, who just nodded, and said yes, yes, all through my discussion about a new investment. She had invested in CFS earlier in the year, to have the software work for 3 months (with no gain in capital, then all of a sudden the company wouldn’t return calls, emails, software no longer worked. We immediately cancelled our cards and have put a dispute in on the transactions with the credit card company and once we mentioned to Eurosoft that we want a refund, there is no contact, they won’t return calls, emails etc. Does anyone know if these companies are related? My husband finally spoke to a James today at Eurosoft who said we need to send the product back with a letter requesting refund. We will do this registered post with trepidation.
    Is there any hope to get money back through credit card company? Thanks

  256. Dave C

    Having looked at their site (, and all the blog posts they have done, I am pretty sure this is the same people who are responsible for CFS/ESL/JBC etc. Their spiel is exactly the same, as well as the tactic of posting online pretending to be people who are inquiring about the product, and then responding by posing as someone who has used it. Undoubtedly, it’s a scam.

    They even do the same things on their site, such as a ‘secure login’ to make it look more official.

    They have also set up fake third party websites, such as It also is running in the UK and Australia, just like all the previous companies. This is a textbook setup by the same scammers.

    The company will use every delaying tactic they can when you ask for your money back (including just ignoring you). This is because their goal is to sell as much of the product as they can as quickly as possible, and then disappear.

    Does the software crash when you use it? The easiest way to get your money back from the CC company may be to show that the software is faulty.

  257. Robert

    Do some research.

    1. There are several EuroSoft companies registered: Eurosoft Consulting Pty Ltd/Worldwide Pty Ltd/Services Pty Ltd

    The sole shareholder and Director of Eurosoft Services Pty Ltd is a Mark Thomson who’s it seems was born in Portugal in 1992. So he is 20 years old and what a great Portuguese name. I would suspect he is like the rest of the fronts for Rhys Adam and Phil Travers – a paid dummy director and probably one from overseas.

    This company was registered 13/09/2012

    2. The domain was created 2004 so it has been waiting in the wings for some time. The registrant is named as Paul Taylor who supposedly lives at Unit #### Ebury Bridge Rd, London SW1W 8QX. Have a guess what this address is? PostBox Direct – yes a postal drop address so he does not live there. Typical scammer cover.

    However in Australia I have read they offer a money back guarantee. Well make is simple just make contact with sole shareholder and director (dummy front) Adrian Breckon. Now company records show he lives at #####, Surfers Paradise – The Circle on Cavill apartments. These same records have a telephone number of 0449 1##### but I doubt that is correct.

    But there is more. A Google search shows that this Adrian Breckon owns a company in New Zealand which in turn owns property. Now the address for the company seems to be his parents.

    Now you know that a good son would not deprive his parents of the opportunities this amazing software offers so I am sure they must use the program.

    Perhaps we could find out the contact details for Adam and Traver’s families and ask them for a recommendation.

    In the meantime get hold of this guy Breckon and ask for your refund.

    Note from Peter – I understand the frustration and anger, but we need to be very careful about putting private information including addresses and phone numbers on the internet. Contact details for family members are definitely out! Having said that, business addresses and phone numbers are fine – the more and the more detailed the better. If you have specific information, contact police and current affairs/news programmes. Even telling your story here will help make it harder for these pigs to keep getting away with it.

  258. Cas-Gas

    I have a money order from the CTT against ESL, which I now don’t know what to do with. No point wasting money trying to serve it at Farrier Place, they only exist there when it suits them. ie the return mail they don’t want saying they have moved but keep the stuff they do. I was interested to read that there was a post mentioning Eurosoft as the newest incarnation and Adrian Breckon was the director of that company, He is also the director of ESL admin Chatswood which was the company that processed the credit card payment for the ESL purchase. The Chatswood address for that company held with ASIC however appears to be bogus. Breckons address is listed as Unit #### Avenue, Surfers Paradise. The previous director of this company was Paul Daniel Ryall. Any suggestions how I might proceed

  259. Dave C

    Rob – I expect the $18900 is their starting figure. They usually then make you an offer that you can pay half up front, and half at the end of the year when you have made lots of profit. This is an attempt to make people think they are getting a deal, and of course to imply that the company will still be around in a year. However if they think you have a lot of money, they might try and take you for the full $18900.

    There is a guy called Adrian who used to work for CFS as a salesman, however he was no good so he got put in customer service, as he was one of Rhys’ best friends from home. So it does not surprise me that someone called Adrian is involved in the Eurosoft scam.

  260. Peter Brown

    Below is the Facebook pages of some of the people behind the scam:

    Troy Moncrieff –

    Rika Adam –

    Dave Oneil –

    Phil Travers –

    Also it’s not just us Aussies who have been caught out by the scam, there is plenty of British people who have been ripped off:

  261. Robert

    Gas Gas you have Adrian Breckons address so serve the papers on him. Addresses have been posted for Rhys Adam so serve him or track his rego RA1 and serve that address.

    Just look at the work done on the Eurosoft BS:

    It seems that this rubbish plus the slanderous posts and blogs about people who expose Adam and Travers and Breckon are written by a member of the Customer support team – a Gail Tagarro. Google her and find out more.

    These guys put a lot of effort into scamming but then again they make millions, pay no tax and ave family and friends look the other way.

  262. Robert

    Peter, do we have selective nomination of people involved in the scam now? Moderation or censorship?

  263. Peter Brown

    Robert, those were the only Facebook pages of some of the scammers that I could find. I would have posted Rhys Adams Facebook page if I could find it, so instead I posted his wife’s Rikas facebook page as she works for the company, and in my opinion she’s no better than her husband Rhys.

  264. Dave C

    Chris Kelly who is one of the salesman, and a part owner in the company, can also be seen in Troy’s pictures.Looks like they have been made private now though.

  265. Robert

    I understand that Rika Adam is a shareholder in the hairdressing salon vogue@robina – a good way to hide some money. The address is : Shop 10, The Rocket, 203 Robina Town Centre Drive (corner of Laver Drive), QLD, 4226.
    Perhaps you could call in there and ask for a refund?

    Tell me would the parents getting their mortgage payments made by these scum be up for proceeds of crime confiscation? Perhaps we should ask the police?

    Thanks for the Chris Kelly confirm Dave. CK eh?

  266. Peter Brown – A great website dedicated to Harry Omeros and his Gold Coast investment companies. Well worth a read.

    Also Gold Coast former Pastor Alan Davenport (an ex-bankrupt) who previously headed Reach out For Christ in Perth was arrested at his luxury waterfront home on the Gold Coast after a lengthy police investigation. The arrest came 11 months after detectives raided the Gold Coast offices of Mr Davenport’s WTS (World Trade Systems), and the homes of several employees. Police said the investigation followed complaints that “large numbers” of WTS investors from around Australia had lost more than $10 million in the sports arbitrage scheme — in which customers were offered “guaranteed” wins by spreading their bets on all possible outcomes with different bookmakers. WTS investors allegedly were offered a low-risk and tax-free income and invested an average of $20,000 to $80,000 in the scheme. WTS offered investors a “100 per cent money-back guarantee” and its website proclaimed it was “impossible to lose your money with WTS”. The court was told Alan Ernest Davenport had previously served a jail sentence for two counts of fraud in Western Australia. Alleged victims included a Gold Coast pensioner who said he had invested almost $50,000 in the scheme. Source: and

  267. Jason

    I have had two guys calling me from Eurosoft Sharetech who were offering the same package originally at18900 and then tried to get me over the line at 5500. With the guarantee that if I didn’t make 30000 in six months I would owe nothing and my money would be refunded. The big pitch was to get you earning 150k and become a day trader. It was the same high pressure sales technique, at the start it sounded too good to be true. I’m glad I found this page, it reinforced my concerns about these guys.
    The account managers name is “Roberto Lucciano” and their operating address is Level 12 Bligh St Sydney, 1800 797 036. I have some mobile phone numbers too 0424048636 and 0404076811, the other number belonged to an English guy calling himself Simon.
    I hope this helps some of you who lost out to these guys.

  268. jj marshy

    Peter Brown…you need to think before you write, don’t believe the lies written about Harry Omeros on the internet, they are all embellished. I worked for Harry for two years and in that time I know that he looked after his clients very well. There has been a hate campaign run against Harry for years, people are out there saying all sorts of things about him which are not true. It is a blatant attempt to discredit him and it runs right through to people in the media. There has been lots of heresay but nothing has ever been proved against Harry. Why? Because he hasn’t actually done anything wrong, it’s just junk being said about him on the internet and probably because those people are jealous.

  269. Rob F

    Nice try, Harry.

  270. jj marshy

    I’m not Harry, my name is James, but that’s typical, people would rather slander Harry than admit he is a legitimate businessman. Peter Brown and Rob F, do you actually know Harry, or are you basing all your opinions on what you read somewhere on the internet?

  271. jj marshy

    Just to add, I actually know Harry Omeros and he is a stand up guy. If you don’t know him than you shouldn’t just jump on the bandwagon because you read somewhere that he is doing the wrong thing. For all we know the stuff you have read and are basing your opinions on could have been written by a business rival, a jilted ex-lover, the ex boyfriend of a current girlfriend, a disgruntled ex employee or anyone that might gain by tarnishing his reputation or is just plain jealous. When you then write stuff based on the lies you have read it just compounds the problem. The people who know Harry know that it is all rubbish, but unfortunately that doesn’t stop the people who don’t know him that well from believing the lies and forming an opinion based on the misleading statements of a few cyber bullies.

  272. Mitch

    it’s interesting that the main player is yet to be mentioned. This is microcorp all over. I don’t know much about Harry Omeros, but if he has a share in Omeros Brothers Seafood restaurant than he must have done ok, but he is small fry compared to Jamie Pickering. Jamie Pickering kicked off Tomato Technologies and made millions from selling software. Tomato was a publicly listed company, how do you like that…Jamie was behind microcorp and still has involvement in a number of companies. You can’t read a newspaper without seeing him mentioned for buying up penthouses and night clubs so business must be booming for him.

  273. MW1

    censorship is a joke…i name the main player and you don’t publish it…is this one of your forums jamie?

  274. MW1

    5th attempted entry…keep naming the main player but my entries don’t get posted. jamie from tomato tech all over…check it out. unfortunately my other entries with more detail don’t get published. jamie likes to keep his nose clean.

  275. Peter

    Sorry Mitch. Not censorship. Certain names and words are set to go to moderation, and I had not had a chance to check entries for the last few days. Cheers, Peter

  276. Peter

    I agree. Julia Gillard is certainly one of the worst Prime Ministers Australia has ever had. But for columnists to rely on or even refer to Larry Pickering when criticising her or her policies does nothing for their credibility, and simply makes them look lazy or dishonest by association.

  277. Robert

    Lets not take our eye of the ball here. I suspect Gail and Phil Travers have arranged this little diversion so Eurosoft is not talked about.

    The structure as I understand it is Larry Pickering through Dave O’Neil sells the ‘product’ to Travers and Adam. So Larry is still in the action.

    Rumour has it that Adam has returned to the UK to look after Eurosoft there and gone into business with family.

    Travers, Breckon, King and Moncrieff will take care of the Australia.

    The reason the change is a belief that they can’t get caught for missrepresentation because once they sell the 400 licences they change the brand. Mind you each 400 licences is worth, to them, $3.5 million which is easy money but not for the victims.

  278. Peter

    Just in case anyone has missed it, I have written a new post more spcifically about the new Eurosoft version of this scam.

  279. Norm

    Did some searches on Google and found this site:

    Look at some of the UK directors associated with Eurosoft.

    Short name – Adrian Breckon
    Director ID : 917171794
    Year of Birth: 1981

    Short name – Rhys Adam
    Director ID : 911493392
    Year of Birth: 1980

    Short name – Rhianwen Adam
    Director ID : 913648041
    Year of Birth: 1982

    They also have UK addresses available.

  280. Norm

    Found this other site which seems to be the same person who wrote the defamatory stuff about Peter. Certainly worked for Adam and Breckon in customer support.

  281. Dave C

    When I heard Rhys was back in the UK, I thought I would check to see if Eurosoft are recruiting. Found something interesting straight away:

    No company name given? Check. Looking for people with finance knowledge? Check. Vague advert appealing to money-driven people? Check.

    Not saying it’s definitely Eurosoft, it could easily be another shady company, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  282. Peter Brown

    Here is an online advert looking for staff for there Surfers Paradise office:

  283. Peter Brown

    Norm and others. I have visited Gail Tagarro Facebook page: and she is Facebook friends with Rhianwen Adam and Merrilyn Adam who both have Rika Adam listed as there Facebook friend, SURPRISE SURPRISE. Just incase you don’t know, Rika Adam is Rhys Adam’s wife who works for the company. So it’s no surprise that this Gail Tagarro would be involved in the scam.

  284. Norm

    Do a search for Gail Tagarro and it confirms the above listing. She proudly lists OP Solutions as her current jobs. OP Solutions owned by Adrian Breckon employs the telemarketers and salespeople. Adam and Travers are ’employed’ byt this company.

  285. Peter Brown

    I was under the impression that Adrian Breckon is simply just a telemarketer for OP Solutions who happens to be close friends with Rhys and Rika Adam, not the owner. Sure your correct? As I don’t believe he is the actual owner of OP Solutions. Anyway here is his Facebook page, there’s also pics of him on his page:

  286. Peter Brown

    I’ve done some quick research on Op Solutions. I went to the online white pages and typed in Op Solutions and in the business listings it comes up with two telephone numbers: first is 0755262377 and the second is 0755923755. I typed in the first number 0755262377 in Google and in the search results second from the top is a website called the diggy guide directory and it lists a company called “Gold Coast Card” with an contact address, here’s that diggy guide website: – So I went to the Federal Govt ABN lookup website and typed is Gold Coast Card as the company name and it brings up a listing with the trading name called: Roll Promotions and the entity name is listed as: Mark Tippett as an individual/sole trader, and the post code is listed as 4218. So a quick search of Mark Tippett on the Gold Coast brings up this guy: – So who is Mark Tippett? And what is Roll Promotions?

  287. Norm

    Peter have they somehow disabled your submit action or was my link just not acceptable?

    Peter Brown, Breckon is the owner as far as ASIC is concerned. As you know Adam and Travers have others front so if there is trouble they are not involved. They select ‘friends’ for this honour.

    I wonder what the friends and families think of the way these scum work? Do you think they understand or know?

  288. Peter Brown

    Norm – People will do anything for the right amount of money, these sales people and managers are likely to be earning at least 150 grand a year for only working part-time hours. Once they start making sales, the money is so good that they can’t stop no matter what there conscience is saying.

  289. Norm

    Peter it is disappointing you did not allow my last post with the url link. I think it important that people know who Rhys,Rika,Gail,Phil,Troy,Chris,Dave,Adrian et al are and they can see for themselves who they are dealing with.

    Those interested in seeing the scum bags in photo do a search of Rika Adam on Google and you will see her pics and those with Rhys.

  290. Peter

    Not sure which comment you are talking about Norm – I don’t think I have disallowed anything you have posted. It may have got caught in the spam filter. Try again if you like and I will check for it.

  291. ?

    who’s dave?

  292. ?

    is that sally’s husband?

  293. Norm

    Why don’t you tell us? Great name by the way

  294. Norm

    Peter Brown, what are your suggestions for targeting the Adam family in Europe with Eurosoft? I understand from one contributor here that the whole family is involved. We have the sister (I presume) listed above as a director so probably the whole dang lot are involved.

    The FSA must have an interest surely.

    Let us not forget that Travers and co will still be scamming in Australia. Moncrief and King have been doing this for years so target them. I hear King is a little wimp.

  295. Norm

    Sorry I should have said subversive for Travers.

  296. Peter Brown

    Norm and Robert, who is this “King” person you are referring to?

  297. Norm

    Chris King – aka – CK. A close (if you understand) friend of Travers! He has been with the scam for many years.

  298. Norm

    Dave said previously “Chris Kelly who is one of the salesman, and a part owner in the company, can also be seen in Troy’s pictures.Looks like they have been made private now though.”

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  300. Reporter

    Hot penny stocks is a below what standard Eurosoft can offer, you may as well flip a coin, david Heward and sally Heward are very much in the mix of the whole operation, they together sell horse racing predicting software, something kevin robinson runs from abroad, no doubt with RhysAdam and Phil Travers as well. There is a brother involved to I have been told off line, he may be in Thailand with his wife though.

    I will get you pics of all involved shortly

  301. Reporter

    It’s Chris Kelly by the way, He has directorships in the UK after searching the former link for company direcors

  302. Peter Brown

    Dozens of AFL footballers are among investors feared to have lost up to $1 million in betting syndicates run by a smooth-talking horse racing industry figure. Some of the biggest names in the game are furious after ploughing money into the punting schemes.

    Gold Coast Suns veteran Campbell Brown is known to be one of a number of players owed as much as $20,000. As many as 50 players have been hit, including possibly a dozen each from St Kilda and West Coast owed money. The biggest creditor, a star among the game’s elite performers, is said to be down $200,000.

    Michael Doughty, recently retired from Adelaide Crows, also is owed thousands of dollars. Players and coaches nationwide are becoming increasingly frustrated by a lack of returns after being lured by the Queensland-based operator’s promises.

    Some investors believe bets were never laid on their behalf, generating speculation they were the victims of a scam. Many players have given up hope they will get their money back.

    Many were lured into the scheme after exchanging tips with the man that were often successful. They were then advised to invest a sum of thousands of dollars, of which 10 per cent was gambled each week. Their initial investments grew weekly, with detailed accounts information emailed to them each week.

    But suspicions grew when some horses were listed in incorrect races, with many believing the bets were never laid. Players say the operator has for months refused to answer calls, promising returns on specific dates then failing to deliver. One former champion said some had lost six-figure sums.

    “We started winning with him but we couldn’t get our money back. After a while, we realised this just wasn’t adding up,” he said. “I haven’t got a cent yet. A couple of clubs had syndicates of 10 or 12 players. You just keep hearing more stories.”

    Mum and dad investors have also been left out of pocket. Some are understood to have contacted police and sought advice on how to recover their money through civil courts.


  303. Beth

    Are these scammers back in the uk………

  304. Norm

    Who knows anything about a person called Tamika (spelling may not be correct). She is the accountant and bag lady for these scum bags

  305. Norm

    I had an interesting discussion with the AFP last Friday. It took 2 months to get to this point I might add.
    We discussed proceeds of crime and how it may relate to the CFS/Eurosoft scam. The AFP are aware and are looking at the scam and the people involved including those who have moved offshore.
    We discussed University fees for daughters and sisters and how they could be clawed back and if the Universities should be warned that the fees could be in breach of the law (they say a warning could be made by a member of the public as it would then sit on the record for ever). We discussed parents money laundering and having household improvements paid in cash. We discussed paying mortgages offshore and how those could be held to be illegal. In particular we discussed Travers entre into the Gold Coast Nightclub scene and how the DJs being sponsored etc and other activities could be classified as proceeds of crime.
    It seems the investigations include Australia, NewZealand and England.
    I have been told, off the record, the investigations now include Australia, England, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Belize. Adam, Travers, Heward in particular are under the scope.

    If you have any information on the above describe it here.

  306. Mike B

    Let’s hope these scumbags get bought to justice.

    I have dealt with Adam and his crew in person and would be happy to help investigations.

  307. Reporter

    LOL, seriously RHYS A* and TROY M* and PHIL T* with the JAMES or DAVID H* gang going into the nightclub business! Phil weighs less than a pint of light beer, ADAM got booted for smashing over H* and now Mo*married some columbian who is with a Lawyer called Finn, I think, Might be Belinda.
    along with ADAM after he has left his wife, some investigators you lot are. It’s ADAM’s baby!!!!

    ***** Clipped

    Comment: On request I have removed some personally identifying information from the above comment. Accusations of criminal behaviour leave the accuser, and anyone who transmits the accusations, open to legal action if the claims are unfounded.
    The person who made the request claims that while Paul was a director of ESL, he has not been a director for some months, and that none of the others named in the two sentences I have removed ever had any association with CFS/ESL/Eurosoft. If this is the case, then it is not fair that they should be publicly named and associated with this scam.
    If you have evidence of criminal behaviour, please go to the police! If you have evidence that certain people are involved in the CFS/ESL/Eurosoft scam, please email it to me privately. I will add it to the collection, and continue to forward information to police and other authorities, and to media organisations. Or contact news organisations yourself. Or go and confront the bastards.

  308. Peter Brown

    Reporter – thanks for the comment regarding the user Norm. I knew from his comments that he was intentionally placing misleading information on this website in an attempt to muddy the waters and to cause confusion as too who is really behind the scam.

  309. Peter Brown

    Check out this website:
    And compare that to the ESL website here:
    Then checkout:

    They all seem to be exactly same. All of the claims they make are virtually the same on all three websites. Even all three websites look to have been designed by the same person with mostly the same graphics etc.

    Anyway on the ITS website it lists an 07 contact phone number: 0730235051, so I typed in that QLD phone number into google and it came up with the phone number registered to: Crocodile Tyre Sales Pty Ltd – anyway here is the website link to Crocodile Tyres:

    Could ESL and ITS and Croc Tyres be all owned by the same person? Other wise why would the Croc Tyres phone number be on the ITS website? All just a strange coincidence, I think not!!!

    Comment: I wouldn’t necessarily jump to that conclusion Peter. It is entirely possible that the ESL/Eurosoft/tisaus scammers simply put in a random phone number.

  310. Gail

    Can’t say I feel sorry for Rika. What were you thinking girl? You know Rhys lies for a living, he lies to his friends and family. You went along with it. What would ever make you think he would treat you any differently?

  311. Peter Brown

    After doing some research on ITS, It seems obvious that ITS is ESL with another name. I’m certain. This website has some info on ITS:

    Also ITS (I Trading Systems) is located on the same floor as Croc Tyers in Brisbane:

    ITrading Systems, Level 20 HSBC Building, Brisbane.

    Crocodile Tyre Sales Pty Ltd
    HSBC Building, Level 20/ 300 Queen St, Brisbane QLD 4000

    Also a number of people have claimed that after purchasing the “investment” software claim the Credit Card payment shows up as OL Multinational. And also a quick search on google for OL Multinational brings up this website:

    Now finally an online search on OL Multinational brings up this website from the New Zealand Consumer magazine warning New Zealanders not to invest with OLM, check it out here:

    So that is my justification for believing that ITS is ESL with another name!!!

  312. Lorna

    If it helps, my visa card stated that the money went to Cyb/ but the internet has very confusing entries which do not relate to this company.

  313. Peter Brown

    Another update guys, On the ITS website it has an 1800 phone number: 1800886590. Here’s the ITS website: Anyway the 1800 phone number is registed to Peterpan’s Adventure Travel, see here: A quick search of Peterpan’s Adventure Travel on google brings up the ACCC website where Peter Pan’s Adventure Travel Pty Ltd was found to have breached the Trade Practices Act 1974 for misleading information on pricing etc, see here:

    So what we have is on the ITS website the 0730235051 phone number is registed to Crocodile Tyre Sales Pty Ltd in Brisbane and the 1800 phone number is registed to Peter Pan’s Adventure Travel Pty Ltd. Peter Pan’s Travel is also located in Brisbane at Level 4, 340 Adelaide Street. The ACCC lists Peter Pan’s Travel directors as Mr Matthew McCourt, Ms Mellanie Coppin and Ms Prue Coppin. The Managing Director Croc Tyres Pty Ltd is listed as: Bernie Fahey:

    Lorna, could you please provide more info such as the name of the company that they called themselves when they contacted you etc. The more info you can provide the better. Thanks

  314. Peter Brown

    More info on ITS, which I believe is ESL/CFS.

  315. Peter Brown

    Also OP Solutions is now listed in the White Pages as being at:

    69 Ann Street,
    Brisbane, 4000

    69 Ann Street is the North Bank Plaza building, with a number of offices located in it.

    There is two 1300 phone numbers: 1300728944 and 1300889255

    Here is the OP Solutions new website: The website claims they are located at: Level 22, Northbank Plaza, 69 Ann Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 4000

    It’s very interesting what you can find by just typing a contact phone number into google.

  316. Lorna

    CFS was the company name and the brochures were very well done. Information on internet confirmed that they were a company who had won many awards for helping individuals to earn money. We did not realise till they wouldn’t return calls that there was no BSB no on invoices and no company directors name or photo in the brochure. Needless to say there is no company listed and all info has disappeared from internet!! Sorry I can’t be of any more help.

  317. Peter

    Thanks for sharing this Lorna. I guess you have realised by now that information on the web they told you to check was all part of the scam. This is part of the way they work, pointing people to positive reviews, awards, etc. But none of the awards really exist, and all of the reviews were written by them. Each time the name changes, new awards are invented and new reviews written. Very slimy.

  318. Peter Brown

    Lorna – CFS is still in business, they are just operating under another name with different dummy directors etc. Call the SCAMwatch ACCC Infocentre on 1300 795 995.

  319. Reporter,d.d2k

    A link that should should put these lies to rest, Peter if you are not afraid of a suit yourself then leave this post to stand, anyone can write anything on the internet, your site doesn’t even ask for proof of a valid email address, but a court can warrant an ip address for a massive law suit!

  320. Reporter

    Proof straight away, I just copied another user’s name, a legit forum would deny the identical username of another forum user, this site is owned by Jamie Pickering..absolutely!

  321. Peter

    Ahhh… You don’t need to register to post, so there are no registered usernames.

  322. Jon

    Has anyone look into the involvement of Emy Stewart and Mel? They seemed to be running OP solutions office. I queried how my number was obtained and why did they want to know how much money I would have If I was ever going to invest in something. Both claimed my number had came up from recent investment (whatever that mean’t) but only Emy Stewart (If that’s her real name thats why I have a full name) seemed to know that it was about a sockmarket investment programme.

    I’m sure some of the office staff now more than let on.

  323. Jon

    This is about 2 years back probably long gone.

  324. Jon

    Well reading the posts which I haven’t done in long time looks like he’s back in England. The amount of people to scam over there is endless.

    Has anyone alerted AFP or Customs for the next time he arrives back so they could have a word with him. I’m sure he’s not mean’t to be able to live over here Australia (a lot of that is here say).

    The money he will make over there will make him a very wealthy scam bag.

  325. Tony

    this is his new pad in london…. apparently he bought the place on stock market rises? a major return on the systems no.1 selection on BHP Oil last week…

    how do these guys always come up winning???????

  326. Jon

    Haha! I think someone will stop them soon…

  327. Jon

    God someone funny using my log name to put up some pic up. Did one of the group get a bit paranoid?

    Well who ever this is would you like to meet me to talk about whats offending you?

  328. Peter Brown

    The following websites are well worth a visit, looks like the company has changed its name to: IGS Investments Pty Ltd. Same scam with a new name. Weblink: and other weblink:

    Has anybody heard of or had dealings with IGS Investments?

  329. Peter Brown

    Tomato Technologies, floated on the stock exchange in January 2001 by Larry Pickering’s son, Jamie.
    Tomato sold stock-picking software that reportedly bore a resemblance to software packages circulating at the time, which were supposed to be able to pick the winners of horse races. The company denied the allegations, but listed just as the dotcom bubble burst and hurt its bottom line. It declared a $5 million loss in 2002. While it recovered and did reasonably well for several years, by the end of 2006 the company was again struggling. So it decided to change shape. Jamie Pickering ( sold his shares and left the board, and Asian Pacific Advisory, a financial services business associated with Gold Coast veteran Ric Hayter, was backed into the company. With the company renamed Asian Pacific Limited, Hayter and Brisbane Broncos founder Barry Maranta joined the board. Tomato director Ken Wybrow stayed on. Asian Pacific ran straight into the global financial crisis and was in voluntary administration by July 2008. And as a result everybody lost huge amounts of money.

    Read more:

  330. Peter Brown

    I’ve done some more online research regarding the horse racing investment scams, and I’ve just discovered that back in 2005 the Hon. NICK XENOPHON questioned the legitimacy of a company called NOVA INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD in the South Australian parliament. The following is copied from Hansard:

    Question:The Hon. NICK XENOPHON:I seek leave to make a brief explanation before asking the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, representing the Minister for Consumer Affairs, questions in relation to Nova Investment Solutions Pty Ltd.

    The Hon. NICK XENOPHON: I have been contacted by Neil and Elizabeth Hudson, a South Australian couple who were telephoned by telemarketers in mid-2004 on behalf of Nova Investment Solutions Pty Ltd, a company whose head office is based in Brisbane, Queensland. After expressing interest in the investment scheme operated by the company, Mr and Mrs Hudson received a glossy brochure referring to the massive returns of the `Logic 200 System’ with a number of benefits including `proven figures’.

    The scheme is, in fact, a horse racing tipping service based on a software program. The brochure goes on to state, `If you want to gamble, this is definitely not for you.’ It also boldly states, `If instructions are followed, the rewards are there for the taking.’ The Hudsons were also told that they were specially selected for this program and there were only two vacancies left to join the program nationally. As a result of representations both orally and in writing and a guarantee given by a company representative about the income they would receive from such a scheme, namely, that they would earn a $10 000 profit over eight months, the Hudsons parted with $3 000, their long saved for holiday money, as a downpayment on the program. After eight months in the scheme, not only did the Hudsons fail to earn the promised $10 000 but the $3 000 they invested was, in effect, worth*less.

    The Hudsons have been referred by OCBA in South Australia to the equivalent Queensland office, notwithstand*ing independent legal advice I have received from a commer*cial law barrister that the representations were made in South Australia as they were received and acted upon here. The Office of Consumer and Business Affairs web site provides a list of examples of such schemes, labelling them `scams’ but does not indicate what if any action has been taken against scam operators or any action to ban such schemes. My questions are:

    1. What steps have been taken to clamp down on such schemes, given the warnings on the OCBA web site?

    2. Why is there no warning on the OCBA web site about the company in question?

    3. How many complaints has OCBA received in the past three years about these schemes and what, in general terms, were the steps taken?

    4. Does the minister concede that OCBA has the jurisdic*tion to deal with such matters on behalf of South Australians stung by such schemes and would it be more appropriate for OCBA to take up the fight for South Australians ripped off by such schemes rather than referring them off to an interstate office?

    5. Has the minister considered making a formal complaint to ASIC over possible breaches of Corporations Law by the company and, in particular, whether there ought to have been a prospectus with respect to the offer made?

    Answer:The Hon. T.G. ROBERTS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation): It sounds to me like a pirating scheme that needs to be investigated. Bearing in mind that speaking like a pirate was two days ago, I am a little bit late. It is an important question. Scams like these are drawn up and operate generally out of either a Gold Coast address or a Brisbane address, and it is difficult for state authorities to track them down but, with the use of the internet and complementary legislation, efforts are being made to try to keep those scams from reappearing periodically, which is generally what they do. The pressure gets hot, they go to ground and then they appear again. I will refer that important question to the Minister for Consumer Affairs in another place and bring back a reply.

    So maybe we should contact Nick Xenophon who is currently a federal govt senator and advise him of the current scams mentioned on this qohel website. Here’s the weblink for Nick Xenophon contact page:

  331. Jon

    Well something needs to be done its about time for Rhys and Phil do some prison time.

  332. Peter Brown

    The relevant authorities don’t really care about these horse racing investment scams, otherwise they would have been shut down years ago. So I’d suggest contacting the independent senator Nick Xenophon and giving him a heads up on these scams. It would be the perfect opportunity for Nick Xenophon in election year to embarrass the current and former governments for failing to act on these scams which many have been operating for twenty or so years. So if you contact him please let me know what response you get.

  333. Peter

    It looks like ASIC is finally taking some notice of these scams and the damage they do. Global Capital Wealth looks like the latest incarnation, though it may not be connected to JBC CFS ESL OP Solutions or IGS.

    It is hard to keep up with the name changes, so the best advice is: If you are suddenly and unexpectedly telephoned by somebody trying to sell you a financial product, you should:
    hang up the telephone.

  334. Peter Brown

    Gambling ‘scam’ websites targeting Victorians, Read more:

  335. Julie

    I live in Perth. I was scammed of $20K by ESL Financial Solutions. I can no longer contact ESL on the customer service line, neither are my emails replied to. I have a letter that came with the 2 CDs I purchased which has been signed by an Edward Robinson. Tony Anderson and Jim Andrews are other names. Please do not publish my surname.

  336. Starr Gillett

    i was ripped off by them too

  337. Jenni

    I was ripped off by these people too and hope that justice is done to them. But obviously they have no morals. But i am more disappointed in myself that i always believe in the goodness of people… not to be scammed the way i was!!
    The names i had was Jim Andrews – Customer service manager, Brian J Chambers – Chief Operations Manager. Did they ever actually exist at their listed address or was that a lie too??

  338. Peter Brown

    Ive done some more investigating of these scams online and it seems the company may have changed its name again. I have discovered a company on the Gold Coast called “Guardian ATS”, here is the website: On that website it states “ELKK Enterprises Pty Ltd – T/A Guardian ATS is a Corporate Authorised Representative No. 424709 of Calibre Investments – ABN 18 136 960 775. Heres is the website for Calibre Investments: I have also discovered this website warning people of Guardian ATS, heres the website:

  339. Jon

    DTL GLOBAL LIMITED. Keep an eye for this company this will pop up soon with something to do with what’s running in the UK.

  340. Julie

    Anyone up for a class action against ESL? I’m finding that trying to tackle this alone is difficult and may prove to be unduly expensive. Don’t know if we can include all other ‘rebadged’ companies. Maybe somebody could advise. Please don’t publish surname. JT

  341. Julie

    Has anyone made contact with their MLA requesting he make representations on their behalf to whatever Minister in the government is responsible for Consumer Affairs/Fair Trading or whatever the portfolio is called in your state?

  342. folia ploterowa lubin

    What’s up, everything is going nicely here and ofcourse every one is
    sharing information, that’s actually good,
    keep up writing.

  343. Peter Brown

    GREAT NEWS!!!! After years and years ASIC has finally busted a Gold Coast scammer. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has banned Mr Wilson, better known as Aussie Rob, from providing financial services and is warning the public not to deal with him. Mr Wilson was a director of proprietary companies operating in the financial service space including Aussie Rob Financial Services, Lifestyle Trader (Trader) and Lifestyle Investor Services (LIS) which sold share-trading software. I would not be surprised if “Aussie Rob” is linked to some of the scams mentioned on this website. Read More:

  344. Nick Platt

    My wife and I were also scammed by ESL. We only lost just over $4000. I was sceptical back in May 2012 when I purchased this program. So they agreed that I would only have to pay half of the over $9000 fee until twelve months time. I would have to make a minimun of $20000 profit or I would get a full refund. After speaking with them in March 2013 after not making the profit s promised, I was informed that I wasn’t using the software correctly and given a further 12 months to succeed in making the promised profits. Jim Andrews was the person who made this promise. Jim was quite rude and abusive when I questioned him about the non-performance of this software. Over the last couple of months I have been unable to email my monthly reports to them. Email address does not exist. I tried to phone them today but their number has been disconnected. Julie, that made the comment about a class action against ESL on September 19 2013, I would also like be part of a class action against these fraudsters. By the way, I still haven’t made any real profits. Everyone should avoid these type of fraudsters.

  345. barbara quinn

    we are in a similar situation to Nick and been scammed by ESL.We purchased our programs last year and promised to make a minimum of $20000 profit or get the cost of the programs refunded Earlier in the year when I spoke to someone to check if I was doing something wrong they gave me some advise & i never heard from them again. Our twelve months is not up till next month but have been unable to email my monthly reports to them & I have tried phoning them and there is no response, just check the number. I would also like to be included in the class action against ESL and like Nick we have not made any profits.

  346. Scammed

    Hi David O’Neil: I cried when I read your letter about threats on you and your family’s lives, but not as much as when I realised I had lost my life’s savings and when I saw that others had been affected too. What about that poor old pensioner. You are so low that you could crawl under a snake’s belly. If you don’t want to receive the brunt of peoples’ anger, why not man up and name and shame others associated with your crime – and no the false names please!

  347. Scammed

    If anyone has been scammed in the past by ESL and its various incarnations, please contact the author.

    Please email me, Peter at and I will forward emails to Julie.

  348. Scammed

    A class action would be too costly, unfortunately.

  349. Jon

    Norm says:
    January 20, 2013 at 6:50 pm
    I had an interesting discussion with the AFP last Friday. It took 2 months to get to this point I might add.
    We discussed proceeds of crime and how it may relate to the CFS/Eurosoft scam. The AFP are aware and are looking at the scam and the people involved including those who have moved offshore.
    We discussed University fees for daughters and sisters and how they could be clawed back and if the Universities should be warned that the fees could be in breach of the law (they say a warning could be made by a member of the public as it would then sit on the record for ever). We discussed parents money laundering and having household improvements paid in cash. We discussed paying mortgages offshore and how those could be held to be illegal. In particular we discussed Travers entre into the Gold Coast Nightclub scene and how the DJs being sponsored etc and other activities could be classified as proceeds of crime.
    It seems the investigations include Australia, New Zealand and England.
    I have been told, off the record, the investigations now include Australia, England, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Belize. Adam, Travers, Heward in particular are under the scope.

    If you have any information on the above describe it here.

    This is so true what is done with large amounts of the money, unfortunately the successful DJ’s(who I’ll keep anonymous) would not know about it because they set up the manager with the office and money and they would not know that people like Phil and Rhys are in the background! It’s an ego kick for them.

    I also believe that Phil has some involvement in a solar power business. I don’t know if this is legit or a way to clean and make money very hard to trace.

    That’s why their money Lady should help the AFP because she will take a lot heavy fall than them be.

    England is meant to be set up massive before and they will pull the plug soon.


  350. jon

    Shaun Barker is the man that Phil Travis has been backing to get himself in the music and club scene.

  351. Dave

    I worked for one of Adams’ companies and will happily help any investigation.

  352. Scammed

    Proceed with caution if contacting anyone who claims to have worked with any of these companies and can offer inside information and help with any investigations.

  353. Peter Brown

    You need to stay two steps ahead of the scam companies, because if they realize that the authorities are on to them they will simply disappear and it will be much harder to find them again, or prove they are scammers. The key is not to let the scam companies realize, or know that they are about to be busted. So be very careful about who you are dealing with who claim to be ex-employees. Never revel your full name or address or any personal details which may identify who you are to the scammers. You will get even, you just have to play it clever.

  354. Jon

    Do they still have an office in Surfers Paradise? I’m in the Gold Coast and I thought I would just got up for a look all they can do is ask me to leave which I’ll do if asked if they choose to be violent? all the better because the cops will get involved and wonder why they were so protective when I’m checking an address where something was tried to be sold to me.

  355. Jon


    January 20, 2013 at 6:50 pm
    I had an interesting discussion with the AFP last Friday. It took 2 months to get to this point I might add.
    We discussed proceeds of crime and how it may relate to the CFS/Eurosoft scam. The AFP are aware and are looking at the scam and the people involved including those who have moved offshore.
    We discussed University fees for daughters and sisters and how they could be clawed back and if the Universities should be warned that the fees could be in breach of the law (they say a warning could be made by a member of the public as it would then sit on the record for ever). We discussed parents money laundering and having household improvements paid in cash. We discussed paying mortgages offshore and how those could be held to be illegal. In particular we discussed Travers entre into the Gold Coast Nightclub scene and how the DJs being sponsored etc and other activities could be classified as proceeds of crime.
    It seems the investigations include Australia, NewZealand and England.
    I have been told, off the record, the investigations now include Australia, England, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Belize. Adam, Travers, Heward in particular are under the scope.

    If you have any information on the above describe it here.

  356. Jon


    Norm says:
    January 20, 2013 at 6:50 pm
    I had an interesting discussion with the AFP last Friday. It took 2 months to get to this point I might add.
    We discussed proceeds of crime and how it may relate to the CFS/Eurosoft scam. The AFP are aware and are looking at the scam and the people involved including those who have moved offshore.
    We discussed University fees for daughters and sisters and how they could be clawed back and if the Universities should be warned that the fees could be in breach of the law (they say a warning could be made by a member of the public as it would then sit on the record for ever). We discussed parents money laundering and having household improvements paid in cash. We discussed paying mortgages offshore and how those could be held to be illegal. In particular we discussed Travers entre into the Gold Coast Nightclub scene and how the DJs being sponsored etc and other activities could be classified as proceeds of crime.
    It seems the investigations include Australia, NewZealand and England.
    I have been told, off the record, the investigations now include Australia, England, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Belize. Adam, Travers, Heward in particular are under the scope.

    If you have any information on the above describe it here.

  357. Peter Brown

    I wonder if AIC International linked to the scams mentioned on this website? Check out this website regarding AIC International: what do you think?

  358. Lisa

    Hi there, I purchased the so called software from Chris Davis at CFS supposedly situated in Plaza building Sydney. I received a disc and a booklet for $8900. We are a single income family and I had borrowed the money to get started in share trading to supplement our income and stay home with our 3 children. I have letters, glossy booklets, and a few conversations with a so called senior analyst. I am only just admitting to myself I have been scammed and have taken a long time to actually do something about it. Have contacted ACCC and Consumer affairs victoria and reported this. Please don’t give out my surname.
    Thank you. Lisa

  359. Scammed

    Lisa (entry 3/2/14) and Dave (entry 21/1/14)please contact me on 0415264021. I have gone much further than what Dave suggested and believe I may be able to help you both with these scammers. Cheers.

  360. Jon

    Who believes “Scammed” who going to put there real phone number on a public website?

  361. Gatto

    Anyone know real identity behind the bloke Simpson? Initials all that’s needed.

  362. Phillip

    Well Jon, you should know about who’s legit or not, like you also claimed to have worked with these scoundrels but don’t want to give any information about them that is credible.

  363. danny kerridge

    Hi, I have just come across your site in regards to Eurosoft services pty ltd in nsw. I too was scammed by these individuals, have managed to get an NCAT decision in my favour, now I am going through the process of enforcing this decision. I believe it is going to come down to (if they are still in business) The ASIC site states that they are, but they are avoiding registered deliveries, phone calls, emails etc, so they are on the move. As you have stated, they have changed their name a few times, even on the ASIC site, the same address but different operating names, some of which have been struck off and banned. My question to anyone reading this, does anyone have ‘Up to date’ information on Eurosoft services pty ltd or their software sales. I believe they will still be operating somewhere through some site selling the same stuff and some-one out there will know where. Please communicate any sightings. Thank you

  364. Andrew

    I belive these maybe the same people sound exactly the same and yes I have been scammed “ and allthe same look here look there we are all above board .Question how do they get on the intelligentinvestormagazine web site or are they using a name simalar to someones

  365. Nearly caught

    GTA is most definately the same group of scammers. Same method of operation: cold calls, pressure tactics and realistic-sounding trading advice (to a novice) by very persuasive, clever salesmen. Their endorsements, however, are completely false. Intelligent Investor Magazine has absolutely nothing to do with Intelligent Investor, a well-respected company (I checked and they told me to back out asap!) Further research revealed more information and advice from ASIC and SCAMwatch and other blog sites (google: ‘GTA scams’ and buried amongst the gaming references…nice touch!…are several references well worth reading!) We moved quickly and our money was refunded. Beware!!

  366. Mark

    Nearly caught tell me how you got your money back I just got scammed on 31st of July 2014 with these GTA scum bags. Please help me. I am missing 19.350 here is my number.

  367. Paul M

    I purchased this system back in early 2011, used it for 3 – 4 mths & then stopped.
    Have only learnt today, 7/11/14 – that this is part of a scam when the ph number 1300 441 355 didn’t asnwer and I then googled their name. I also paid $8,900 – is there any come back or anything we can do ?
    Paul M

  368. Pete

    Hi there, I was approached by PCA Trader based on the Sunshine Coast and some of these replies above look very familiar. I was given a trial account and asked to watch a week or so of trading with a $10,000 virtual account. Depending on which package I purchase determines what percentage I make. Seems like a scam to me “too good to be true”. Anyone have any experience of this.

  369. Lucia Bini

    I bought Eurosoft trading software in Feb 2013 for $10,000 plus Netway Solutions data for $700. I paper traded the software but it lost money so I never opened a live account. Periodically I have tried to contact the company but now receive no response. Their phone numbers 1800019490 and 1800797036 have an answering machine still active but they don’t answer.
    My package came with a ‘Performance Protection Plan’ promising a full refund If I did not make $30000 in the first year. However I never began trading so …
    Any advice?
    Thank you

  370. Karen

    Hi Lucy,
    You could try looking at the Global Tech Scam forum on Whirlpool (just google Global Tech Scam, it’s the first result). Eurosoft have changed their name several times and are now called Global Tech. Somebody on that forum managed to get a court ruling against them and get some money back. That might be a good place to start.

  371. Peter

    I too have had approches from PCA Trader. Same experiences as with Pete (January 7 2015). They have provided me with an “In2Markets” statement of one of their existing customers, but don’t know if it is legit. Shows a doubling of their investment in a 6 month period.
    Any comments or advice on how to check things out etc., to make a better decision, would be welcome.

  372. John


    Anyone heard of

    They seem to have the same package offering as PCA trader
    offering bronze, silver, gold ect level for a 5k-20k investment
    They use the auto trading software site.

  373. Jack

    I’m a reporter tat the Gold Coast Bulletin and am very interested in this story.

    Could one of you please give me a call or an email?

    Thanks so much,

    Jack Harbour
    07 5584 2393

  374. yvonne vollbrecht

    My Son was also scammed by these people to the tune of $8,900, they are pathetic …………time our government and Police did something about them. They seem to hit people who have had some sort of payout, so where are they getting their information from….

  375. Jon

    jj marshy your a total @#!@#!@ he will be bankrolled soon. Harry Omeros has just scammed two pople one with brain problems the other on a transplant list for a 6 figure amount saying he will help them.

    He has since stopped talking and contacting these two people who well one will probably pass away soon and the other is in a lost world.

    How could this scum do such a thing.

    Say he is going to help then just not be contactable again. I challenge you Marshy to get Harry to do the right thing and contact those two people and explain why he said it was a guaranteed income then nothing
    Total scum bag and i imagine you Marshy is no different.

  376. Peter

    Anyone who has commented on this post or been scammed by any of these variations of the JBC, ESL, Eurosoft, GTA, OP Solutions, etc scams , now is the time to act. Please see the most recent two posts, and contact:

    Queensland Police Service
    200 Roma Street
    Brisbane, Qld 4000

    Phone: 07 3364 6622
    Fax: 07 3364 6549

  377. Madonna

    I too have been scammed. Just recently Keystone Finance manager Alex Lombardi leered me into his scam saying that the information about Keystone Finance being a scam was all contrived by extorters who were asking for money to take down their scam alerts on the net — to be more clearer- it is about making you believe that targeted scamming was done by people, posting scam info. about Keystone Finance & then asking K.F for money to remove it from the net, so it is about these people making money themselves, from K.F.—-I believed this trivial & got bitten. It is active & they are still targeting individuals. Don’t know how they get our details. You will not be able to get any money back from In2Markets, believe me I have tried…This is fraud, they will take advantage of you, they will screw you & take you to the cleaners, they don’t care about you but only want your money, so don’t go there you will get trapped they are great salesmen, don’t be another victim just like me & regret it just like I am doing for loosing my hard earned money & trusting in peoples honesty & integrity too willingly & too greedily. This is their websit but the contact phone number does not work –

  378. Interested

    I note that the name Troy Moncrieff appears at times throughout the exchanges on the site. Can anyone please advise what involvement he has in these scams and if he is the same Troy Moncrieff that is connected with Mitre Wiz?

  379. Tony

    Troy moncrieff was one of the higher up people involved in the scam. Went from renting a unit to purchasing a 2 million dollar home and 200000 dollar boat ( all from proceeds of this scam). Anyone know if he has been caught ?

  380. Antony

    Troy Moncrieff i beleive sold his lavish home on the Gold coast. Not sure if he still kept all the proceeds or has been found out by the investigation. 2 campbell st Sorrento was the home. Probably fled with the proceeds.

  381. Lucy c.

    Troy is the same Troy involved with the mitrewiz. Im told he has an involvement with Phil Travers. One of his close friends and business partners.

  382. Brett

    he is selling his house for 3.2 million dollars this was one of the house addresses he had in the website
    also the other house he had noted in court rulings

    was sold in a private sale for 700 plus sale

    so if you want to visit him look at his mansion before its sold

  383. David

    Taking Harry to Court. Would like to know people who would be a witness that Harry is Peter Lucas or Phillips or Steve Young. We have a lot of people the link up i getting closer. would be interested to know who will smile when the court makes our day
    Just need help to consolidate our case against harry.

  384. Peter

    Good luck David. I will certainly be smiling!

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