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Julia Gillard Must Stand Down

In the mid 1990s Julia Gillard had a sexual relationship with a corrupt union official, Bruce Wilson. At the time she was a partner in law firm Slater and Gordon.

Julia Gillard has attempted to squash any discussion of that relationship, and of her involvement in setting up an illegally constituted entity – the AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc – into which stolen union funds were deposited. Pressure was brought to bear to have two journalists, Michael Smith and Glen Milne, sacked for trying to bring this to public attention. That in itself is scandalous.

She was asked to resign from Slater and Gordon, or resigned of her own accord in almost inexplicable circumstances – she was in a well paid position and had no other job to go to.

Gillard was either completely ignorant of the law relating to the setting up of incorporated associations, or if she wasn’t, she knowingly arranged a drop box for stolen union funds for her boyfriend.

Slater and Gordon’s credibility has been diminished by this. The media is taking a growing interest, and seems less willing to be cowed. This is not going to go away.

On the facts, Julia Gillard is either dangerously incompetent, dishonest, or both. In any case, the people of Australia can have no confidence in her leadership.

If the Federal Government is to continue to have any integrity (don’t laugh!) Julia Gillard must stand down until there has been a full enquiry.

More details in the latest Alan Jones interview with Michael Smith.


  1. boonee

    Yes but when??

  2. Rory macneill

    She wont step down – she has no morals plus that oversize arse is covered by a very thick hide.

  3. Peter

    yes, she is incompetent and is an embarrassment to Australia. It is time for her to be gone.

  4. DavidS

    After her recent disgusting and nauseating performances in Parliament and press conferences, that this woman continues to be the PRIME MINISTER of AUSTRALIA is a continuing insult to every elector.
    The only way to be rid of her is to ensure she’s not re-elected at the next election. As she’s sitting on a sizeable majority in Lalor that won’t be easy but I, for one, feel so strongly about it that I’d willingly take my four weeks annual holiday to go and work to that end in her constituency.
    There must be many others who feel equally disgusted, so let’s start something here!

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